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President & cofounder: Democracy4All, Inc. #VaxxedX4 #WearN95Masks #TheClimateCrisisIsNow #CancelSinema #VotingReform #NoFilibuster #GOPAmericanTaliban #BLM
Oct 7, 2018 27 tweets 48 min read
@BarackObama @HillaryClinton @KamalaHarris @CoryBooker @JoeBiden @EricHolder @repswalwell @DevalPatrick @RepAdamSchiff @TerryMcAuliffe @MichaelAvenatti @SenJeffMerkley @SenGillibrand @RepJoeKennedy @RepJohnDelaney @SenWarren @SenSanders @amyklobuchar @ChrisMurphyCT @BilldeBlasio 1/ THREAD (Click on "Show this thread") Here is a revised Ultimate Presidential Candidates List for 10/6/18. Major changes at Tier One. Kamala Harris moves into first, followed by Cory Booker as a running mate. Joe Biden moves from first to third followed by Michael Avenatti.
Sep 30, 2018 13 tweets 31 min read
1/ UPDATED ACTION ITEM TO STOP KAVANAUGH; The ABA has issued a formal notice requesting that the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings be delayed pending a formal FBI investigation. In the meantime, the ABA continues to rate Kavanaugh as "well qualified." As no federal judge has ever 2/ been confirmed without a "well qualified" rating by the ABA, if the ABA were to rescind this rating (as it did once before in 2006) it could further derail Kavanaugh's confirmation. For all of you who hire lawyers or know lawyers please ask them to contact the ABA to urge the
Jul 14, 2018 12 tweets 23 min read
@KamalaHarris @JoeBiden @RepJoeKennedy @CoryBooker @EricHolder @SenWarren @MichaelAvenatti @SenSanders @DevalPatrick @CoryBooker @RepAdamSchiff @maddow @TomSteyer @tedlieu @SenSanders @SenGillibrand @SenWarren #TrumpMustGoResources 1/ THREAD (Click on "Show this thread") This is my presidential candidates list for 7/14/18. Changes: Kamala Harris remains top pick. Adam Schiff trades places with Avenatti. Joe Biden moves to third, & Joe Kennedy III moves to fourth. Elizabeth Warren remains at bottom of list.