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Professor of Contemporary Archaeology @UniofOxford • Curator @Pitt_Rivers • Fellow @StCrossCollege • Tutor Art/Anthropology • Literary Agent: @CBrotherstone
May 16, 2018 42 tweets 19 min read
Was thinking of starting a small series with the hashtag #WorstAcademicDiagrams but worried that they'd all end up being from Bruno Latour articles. Prompted by this diagram, which has really got to me this afternoon #WorstAcademicDiagrams
Apr 19, 2018 11 tweets 3 min read
Is the idea of the "Universal Museum":

a) A genuine concept originating with the Encyclopédistes, or
b) The cynical invention of a gang of Museum Directors worried about repatriation & the status of their institutions as legacies of western imperialism.

Asking for a friend. (I'm just catching up with Neil MacGregor's account of "Welterbe und Besitz" in Der Tagesspiegel, where he is stretching the 'universal museum' notion to new limits)