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It's definitely time for bed. It's 9 minutes away from 24 hours since i got home from the Bath for Europe event last night and here I am in southern Spain getting ready for bed.. /1
on the rooftop of the penthouse apartment given to #3blokesinapub for our stay here.... (not quite given but cheaper than an air BnB thanks to the amazing support from the fine folk in this part of the world that also think Brexit is a catastrophic idea). /2
@everycountry and I have had some REALLY interesting meetings today in Gibraltar with some exceedingly high level contacts and finished the evening with the fine folk from Brexpats in Spain... 2 more episodes of #3blokes in the can and coming soon! /3
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Hiya my fine Followers, it's been a bit hectic once again as you saw from last weekend.... Dorset, Chester, Liverpool... back to London and Lancaster today. We've uploaded 3 new episodes since Friday and have more coming soon...
I'm in Trowbridge tomorrow evening and I understand over 150 people in the room followed on Thursday evening in Bath before flying to Malaga to talk to some UK ex-pats (immigrants) in Spain to find out what life is like there amid all the uncertainty..
From Malaga to Gibraltar as that's quite a special case before Episdoes of #3blokes in Dublin and along the border line and another in Belfast.... I am amazed at the level of access that is being granted to @EveryCountry and myself at some of the highest levels in Geneva...
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We had a pretty full on day yesterday. Met with people from EP, Commission and Council as well as UK chambers of commerce in EU. The message developed by #3blokes with associates in Geneva last week will be given to
2/ TM the PM tonight at dinner as we requested.

Donald Tusk outlined it in his letter to TM the PM in the Salzburg invitation.
3/ The EU27 are READY and expecting a no deal. Chequers is dead 100%. EU deal on the WA or no deal. TM the PM has run out of time. If agreement not in sight by Oct 18th formal summit then no kicking the can down the road.

We MUST stop Brexit. For all our sakes.
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Two short stories before I head to bed for a 3am start tomorrow... @EveryCountry and I are in Brussels tomorrow for a breakfast meeting for #3Blokesinapub fact finding at
2/ the European Parliament and Commission all day. Last meeting in a pub at 9pm... but I digress...

My Dad rang me earlier and said he went next door to tell his elderly neighbour
3/ that I was going to be on BBC News tonite.. then talked about #3blokes.... elderly neighbour says "What? Your son Is in #3Blokesinapub? I've literally just finished watching Episode 7 from Geneva, they're great."
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Project FEAR Is Now Project FACT. Are you Ready For Project CATASTROPHE?

That was the lead on our press release that went out on Saturday... it read as follows...

YouTube phenomenon #3Blokesinabub have just returned from a two day fact-finding mission to Geneva, Switzerland,
2/ a city filled with the world’s leading experts in international trade,
intergovernmental law and global geo-economics. The facts and evidence #3Blokes In The Pub come back to the UK with present catastrophic
consequences to the people in the UK far, far worse than previously
3/ as “Project Fear”. When UK mainstream media discuss job loses, it is likely underestimated by a factor of at least SIX. The evidence gathered by #3Blokes shows prospective economic devastation for the engine of the UK.
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So... planes delayed. We've just finished watching back the first part of #3blokesinapub in Geneva. We don't normally do that, we film and then @EveryCountry ​​ does all the behind the scenes dirty work like the hero that he is..... but this time
2/ we've met some super senior experts (there are a lot of them in Geneva) and we talked under Chatham House Rules in order that they could speak more candidly..... and oh BOY did they speak candidly.
3/ This next episode and the next part filmed this afternoon are explosive for the UK Government and the heads of the Brexit snake.

We have learned so much, even WE have been shocked by some of the stuff we've been told
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@mac_puck has inspired a new #3Blokes episode...

That moment when you invite the author of Article 50 to join #3Blokesinapub in filming an episode about ALL OUR TREATIES CEASING overnight.
2/ "We would also be really interested in filming an episode with Lord Kerr if he would be interested to discuss the legalities of Treaties ceasing as he highlighted in Para 3 of Article 50 TEU.
3/ We would like to talk about the effect on UK exporters who are currently licensed to export to the EU.

For example,  UK Farmers and
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