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Ok, I’ve been avoiding doing a thread on #LNGCanada but I feel that it’s my duty as a climate hawk to try to address some unfounded concerns /1 #bcpoli #cdnpoli
I’ll start with a hot take. #LNGCanada is not only consistent with our carbon mitigation goals, it is *needed* if we are area to reduce GHG emissions to minimize a global temperature increase of 2 degrees /2
To understand this point, we first need step outside of our provincial mindsets: the most critical immediate global action to lower warming is substituting coal consumption in emerging economies /3
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Today the First Nations challenge to #SiteC in BC Supreme Court resumes, asking for an injunction to stop work on the dam until the rest of the Treaty 8 infringement case is decided in court. A critical case for BC. Follow the #SiteC & #SiteCInjunction hashtags this week! #bcpoli
Heading over to 800 Smithe now for 9:45 entry. All are welcome to be in the courtroom - please join us. Latecomers not admitted; proceedings start 10 am sharp. #bcpoli
This final week of the #SiteCinjunction hearing involves lawyers from the Province of BC (we have already heard from @sage_legal on behalf of West Moberly & Prophet River FNs, and BC Hydro's lawyers. #bcpoli #SiteC
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#BREAKING Burnaby RCMP have descended on Camp Cloud and begun arresting protesters. Soon after this video was taken police told me and one other member of the media to leave the area and threatened us with arrest. #bcpoli #cdnpoli
Dozens of cops pulled up suddenly shortly after 5 am and began arresting everyone in sight. Two have been taken away on sitting stretchers. Seemingly for resisting arrest. #CampCloud #TransMountain #bcpoli #cdnpoli
A small gathering of supporters is watching on as police clear Camp Cloud. At least four arrests have been made.
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Scientists are supposed to get the science right in articles like this. Yet this piece misinforms about the relative effect on the boreal forest; on the toxicity of dilbit; on spill response; and on shipping and processing. #bcpoli #cdnpoli #abpoli @sjmuir 1/
The article implies that mining is a risk to the Boreal Forest. The area it is technically possible to mine oil sands represents less than 0.02% of the Canadian Boreal forest, less that 0.01% is being mined. More area burns most years than is mined #bcpoli #cdnpoli #abpoli 2/
The article gets the chemistry of dlibit completely wrong. Dilbit has much less benzene than a typical light crude oil and diluent is almost entirely aliphatic in nature. Don't get me started on her use of the word "tar" #bcpoli #cdnpoli #abpoli 3/
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1. Had the misfortune of hearing a full-on, old-fashioned white Colonialist diatribe delivered on CKNW this morning by Bruce Allen on his not so "Reality Check" .

#racist #classist #Transmountain #cdnpoli #bcpoli #protecttheinlet
2. Bruce delivered all the typical supremacist big business standard lines of comradery. Bruce was speaking about the Kinder Morgan protest on Burnaby Mtn & to his audience to keep them focused on the 'right talking points'.
3. Bruce spoke about the water & land protectors in the most dehumanizing terms he’s allowed to on morning radio. He called First Nations peoples DTES homeless derelicts “unaware of what they’re protesting anyway”, merely looking for a place to squat.
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Thanks for the call @bctoday appreciate the time to talk about the @BCCSU report on "Strategies to Strengthen the Recovery System in BC." An overall review is long overdue, given the situation - #overdose #bcpoli #harmreduction
and there is much to be encouraged by in the report. Dr. Wood states clearly that recovery is a process, by definition long-term, so more is needed beyond harm reduction and acute care.…
This is the bit that troubles me. I read the report closely and remember seeing a very early version of it well over a year ago. It's about "Therapeutic Communities":
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Shd go beyond money-laundering & look at broad issues: how did the BCLC board chair chair buy shares in Paragon while sitting on the board?

Which then bought Edgewater Casino out of bankruptcy. Then got major govt contract.

Then BCLC CEO takes job w same co.

1000 qs. #bcpoli
Why did Rich Coleman shut dow the coordinated police unit that raised the alarm over money-laundering & corruption?

Subpoena powers needed. @cduhaime #bcpoli
New Parq Casino is an outrageous land deal—public assets leased way below market to a 2-bit US casino player, then millions in construction subsidies.

After BC Lib fundraiser & BCLC chair Richard Turner bought shares.

Dig deeper than 💰 -laundering @Dave_Eby #bcpoli
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The real problem with the @TransMtn file is that the people involved have allowed themselves to be misinformed on so many levels This Guardian piece is the result of years of misinformation piled up on itself. It is hard to fight this type of message #bcpoli #abpoli @keithbaldrey
Diluted bitumen is not the most toxic type of oil, an analysis of the relative risks of the alternatives to the TMX (yes we do have to consider the alternatives) mean much higher risk to the Salish Sea, but we don't hear that because that is not the story the activists tell 2/
The activists pretend that if they stop the pipeline then magically all fossil fuels will stop. But the Puget Sound and BC will still need fuels and they will be coming in less safe means because they won't have the new NEB requirements 3/
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160 years of rampant land speculation and untethered state-led profiteering has finally paid off!

COME BACK WITH ME to 1858, when the BC real estate crisis began... #BCHist #vanre #bcpoli 1/
Meet Edward Bulwer-Lytton, colonial secretary, and James Douglas, the first governor of colonial BC.

BC as a colony was about 5 minutes old when these two kicked off the Great Land Grab of 1858 That Never Really Stopped. 2/
In 1858 BC was broke af. Douglas’ rash proclamation of sovereignty over all the gold turned out to be unlawful even by colonial standards (oops) and forced the creation of the colony before any cash flow existed. 3/
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Amused last night to be informed that:

"I just think you suffer from reductionist thinking"

As a practitioner in the natural sciences that is like being told you "suffer from being too attractive and too popular". As insults go it is one I can wear #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli 1/
In the field of energy and pipelines thinking in a reductionist style means recognizing that we will still need ambulances and firetrucks in any energy future so any solution I come up with needs to include those types of services #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli 2/
Being a reductionist (and a pragmatist) means acknowledging that sometimes you have to make the best of a number of imperfect choices because choosing not to make a choice is actually a choice, a choice to do nothing #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli 3/
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I find the most frustrating thing about talking to activists is that since none of them have any reasonable education in the field of environmental science/history that we don't have a common baseline for a reasonable dialogue 1/ #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli
These film students and political scientists don't understand the language of toxicity, they have no grounding in empirical science and have no understanding of what we have learned from the past. They imagine they are the first to have had ideas 2/ #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli
We advance science and other empirical fields by incremental advances in the knowledge-base. We build on ideas and research carried out in the past. This knowledge-base is passed on through environmental education 3/ #bcpoli #abpoli #cdnpoli
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Remember how people were warning about the housing crisis in 2011 & everyone mostly ignored it? I guess it's the default of people, & media, to assume that anyone issuing warnings is exaggerating & advancing some agenda of their own. Well, it's happening again with #SiteC #bcpoli
So this is not just a challenge to media, but an offer - in 5 years, you could be the one who can credibly say 'I warned you'. The cost of this unnecessary project will exceed $20 billion. #SiteC is geotechnically unstable & its treaty violation will bring consequences. #bcpoli
The #SiteC dam is not a done deal & BCers have undone many deals before. Whatever else you may hear, they're trying to build it on some of the most unstable ground in BC & it's creating havoc on site. The other 2 dams on the Peace River are in the Rockies; Site C is on sludge.
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Listened to @AJWVictoriaBC on the @CBCStephenQuinn and the number of errors he made was stunning. Alberta oils aren't even the dirtiest oil in North America that comes from California (Placerita oil field). The dirtiest oil in world is Nigerian (Bass oil field) #bcpoli #abpoli 1/
He keeps harping back to the RSC report but it is almost as if he hasn't read that report because it doesn't say what he keeps claiming it does… #bcpoli #abpoli 2/
He keeps claiming that diluted bitumen is "not oil". That is simply wrong. Certainty bitumen is an unconventional oil but by every definition under the sun it is a type of crude oil. I'm not sure why he keeps making such a demonstrably wrong statement. #bcpoli #abpoli 3/
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1/ Quick thoughts on City's Housing Strategy, presented at Council this morning. (Only had 4 days to read report & 5 min to speak so could only cover the basics.) #vanpoli
2/ Delighted City picked up on our idea of a #MansionTax which you call “applying differential property tax rates on residential properties." This is a fabulous way to get money for housing! #vanpoli
3/ City report says to strengthen rent control by tying rent increases in SROs to the room, not the tenant. Why o why not call for that same protection for tenants in the West End, Grandview, Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, Hastings Sunrise, Marpole..the whole city?? #vanpoli
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The BC government's credit cards have certainly been put to use at River Rock, including cards at the Ministry of Justice.
#bcpoli #vanpoli #casinogate #cdnpoli
Here are the charges with key events inserted. It's not so much about what some of the charges are for, as it is the ministries. Justice and Finace should have shown far more prudence, particularly after 2012.
Ministries need to worry about appearances and genuine conflicts of interest. From a Times Colonist editorial that touches on the subject from a different angle.

Just sayin'…
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