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This guy's scared... GOOD!… All his former places of employment have been proved by me as parties to human trafficking/child trafficking, unethical human experimentation, retaliation against me, etc. and he trolled my Linkedin today. @GenFlynn @parrish4mn
@GenFlynn @parrish4mn #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking in Minnesota #FairviewHealthServices now partnered w/#HealthEast 2 create #HealthPartners. GERALD CLARK'S DAUGHTER WORKED AT BOTH, HIS ATTY ANDY BORLAND, VP 1997 MINNEAPOLIS #Fairview & Board member 2013 Fairview range…
@GenFlynn @parrish4mn #HumanTrafficking #ChildTrafficking in Minnesota #HealthEast now partnered w/#Fairview 2 create #HealthPartners GERALD CLARK'S DAUGHTER WORKED AT BOTH! SARAH JEAN WAS BORN @ ST JOHNS & BOTH ST PAUL & MAPLEWOOD WERE OUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS AS WAS FAIRVIEW!…
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2 Fairview hospitals in the Twin Cities have been cited by the fed govt for violating the rights of patients who showed up in emergency rooms w/mental health concerns. Double ✔ those complaints of mine @HHSgov @OIGatHHS @SecAzar #Hibbing #Fairview Range!…
@HHSGov @OIGatHHS @SecAzar They're commissioning a lot more nefarious and serious crimes against the populace!…!
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Get this Arrowhead Crime Syndicate peddling all things flesh cleaned the fuck up @jeffsessions they are a menace to society and a danger to public safety. Minnesota's entire healthcare system & public aid & legal systems abused to target, traffick & medically murder! #Freemasons
You got all the evidence you need, and then some!
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Makes you wonder bout those forcibly sedated w/Ketamine in Minnesota & not just Hennepin Healthcare but #Fairview Range of Hibbing also I was 1 such sedated against my will & patient rights, threatened by the nurse that a Security Guard who entered the room, would hold me down!
...and I was calm as could be the entire time and went in voluntarily after I was poisoned by Kelly Biondich, September 26, 2012. They claimed the tox screen found nothing illicit! My Verizon cell phone text records (to and from Biondich) after the fact say differently!
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Public Citizen, a consumer rights advocacy grp, has asked 4 federal investigations of paramedics' sedating people in Minnesota @SecAzar @HHSGov @OIGatHHS @US_FDA ya might look in2 the same @ #Fairview Range Hibbing 4 threatening w/security guard 4 refusal…
You predator piecse of shit in Hibbing St Louis County Minnesota are done abusing me! MARK MY FUCKING WORDS, YOU ARE!!
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@StarTribune @parrish4mn @GenFlynn @realDonaldTrump @amyklobuchar #Fairview is a agency of the University of Minnesota…👈Riverside, who's VP 1997, Andy Borland had me #MedicalKidnapped in 1997 in order to steel my kids, 5 acres & home in Vadnais Heights!
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Can RFID Be Used With MRI Technology? Experts Forum RFID Journal & my new dr @ Grand Rapids Essentia wants me to schedule an MRI & Xrays to be conducted at Grand Itasca Clinic aka #Fairview Good thing getting those scheduled is same ole sh!t different day
I have no clue what Hibbing Fairview Range did to me when I was out cold due to and injection I WAS FORCED AGAINST MY PATIENT BILL OF RIGHTS AND THREATENED PHYSICAL RESTRAINT BY A SECURITY GUARD! ...and then there's BIONDICH. 😏
I do have 2 prescriptions waiting for pickup one being a rescue inhaler THAT I NEED! A lot of good that's doing me. HONEST SERVICE FRAUD! @SocialSecurity @SecAzar @HHSGov @HHSGov @Rewards4Justice @SecNielsen I'm being denied proper health care by the same schemers retaliating
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Someone's culpable. #SocialSecurity incentive for my daughter removed via #MedicalFraud #MedicalKidnap, CLARKS current Atty, then VP #Fairview MNPLS. I paid child support deducted from my SS while she was #legallykidnapped & being #sextrafficked across country, I petitioned the
.@RamseyCounty courts for her return when she was 15. She would have lacked nothing, yet the judge with input from my now ex, then level 3 convicted sex offender husband those grooming her institutionally. *BTW it was kept under wraps that the ex had a prior sex offense with
a minor, that I just discovered within the last year, 20+ yrs after divorcing him. The offense I was aware of came after that one and he only did a year in a halfway house and as far as my attempts is NOT on any national sex offender registry, which I was told was up to public
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As w/#HealthPartners deal, the proposed #Fairview-#HealthEast merger will be scrutinized by the @FTC & @TheJusticeDept to ensure that it doesn’t artificially inflate prices & suppress competition. Lori Swansons dirty fingers all over this deal too!…
It certainly does simplify the criminal enterprises access to 411 of those they profit from in aid of trafficking in humans, children & organs, & gives the appearance of legit activity, when WHAT IT IS, is #Racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise
1 more way the gain control over their victims lives. In my case, discontinuing my @SocialSecurity for a permanent disabilty that I've been receiving for 15 yrs. by denial of honest service in cahoots w/my neighbor a #Rockefeller/Clark! And I'll show it, in thos thread! @SecAzar
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