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Listen to Lord David James - A small part of the total, $15 trillion was allegedly laundered through 3 smaller transactions of $5tn ~~
$15tn = $15,000,000,000,000 ~ about 20 times the U.S. defense budget
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Evidence that as recently as 2015, the CIA's 'Five Star Trust' controlled literally $TRILLIONS gained from the worldwide drug trade they controlled.

It is alleged that they even pushed drugs to US Service personnel!

#Insigniagate @Ensin17… @AmDigitalNews
Watch a review of some of the drop by Eliahi Priest concerning #InsigniaGate here:

#ContactZero @thecontactzero
All this does seem incredible and the sheer magnitude of the alleged crimes makes it difficult to take in, but If you are still struggling to believe that all this is real, take a look at this:


#Insigniagate @Ensin17 @tracybeanz @909946zill
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QDrops August 27, 2018
Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe “It

was all a Set-up”
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For Sergeant Alexander John Priest
2/18th Battalion
Lest We Forget




#WatchTheCongo 🇨🇬✨💎✨💎




Today’s Insignia Project Drop includes a look at

#5StarTrust, Marion Horn, Bank Accounts; look at the

Names & Amounts; excerpt from “Crime of The Century”

Black Eagle 🦅 FBI doc and much more.

Let’s look at the 5Star Trust
Participants Name and ID BIC
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QDrops August 26, 2018

We Don’t Say His Name Edition






Suicide weekend?

Hands up?





We are in control.

BIG week ahead.

Now Comes The Pain!
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There is an interesting book pdf in the Drop Box that is very interesting, yet graphic, of the Japanese War Crimes Against Humanity.

The Japanese sold and hide the gold bullion and jewelry at the end of the war using US POWs to dig tunnels then blowing them up. The Japanese also fill ships with gold and then sunk them.
Look at the Peace Treaties between the countries involved in World War II. Dig on Richard Armitage and his connections to South East Asia after his re assignment and the Far East Company. I think the connections will be found in this research.
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Here are a few thing I found on the Internet on.....





#WatchTheCongo 🇨🇬

Five Star Trust

Page 1 and 2
Confidential Letter Given To Mr. Ernest Bay To President Obama.

25th day September 2009…
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Second Drop

Introducing #ContactZero

Dropping an interview of with Contact Zero with brief

introduction to the history of the information in the earlier

drop. Traffic was high and crashed the site so here is a

new link to the Drop Box.

Many thanks to L9 Production for helping out the team?









Contact Zero on Remembrance Day 2017.

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Unsealed Indictments in the news today:

Army Captain Indicted On Unlawful Sex Activity Charges With Minors




#WatchTheCongo 🇨🇬

Indiana Construction Union Officials Indicted on Extortion Charges…
Pittsburgh Man, Vernon Jackson Charged with Drug Law Violation…
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Security Clearance Organization Chart

Big Drop coming in a few hours from what hear.

Eyes WidevOpen on @Ensin17 account tonight!

Every wonder how they funded it all? You are going to find out soon enough.




That Drop has happened and it’s on my page now. Take a peek. 😉
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