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Dear #MAGA Coalition, if you are on twitter , the most important issue we are facing is the #MAGAShadowBan & the censoring of center/right opinions.

Sign this petition & share with your followers.



I have seen it in business, in relationships, in sports , when people lose , it is because they get apathetic , lazy , smug and think that everything is ok . The election of Trump was only the beginning. The left owns the minds of young people. The future is not bright for US
Most conservatives are middle aged or old. Young people think dishonoring the flag is cool. They think socialism is cool . They think hating white people is cool. Wake up!!! Now is the time to fight , Now !
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Back in 2016 i would go on the President's tweets and all the comments at the top were protrump. Then twitter manipulated the system and now i only see leftists trashing him.

Then they manipulated hashtags. Now they have #MAGAShadowBan us. When will it stop? It's rigged !
Twitter says it wants "Healthy Conversation " Go on one of The Presidents tweets and see all the vile things that leftists say to him and to his followers! HOW TF IS THAT HEALTHY YOU HYPOCRITES !!!!!!! Healthy means not a Trump Supporter . #MAGA
I am Going to speak out about this alot and I don't care if people unfollow me. I will be like John The Baptist "A voice crying out in the wilderness " Oh well. I see the big picture here. Without freedom of speech we have nothing! #MAGAShadowBan #MAGA
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Why should it concern you that you are being shadowbanned on Twitter? Well , The President said that without Twitter and social media he would not be President. He said that he is able to combat fake news through this platform. #MAGA

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I don't know if it's because you don't know what a shadowban is or if you just don't care to raise awareness to this issue but i have noticed that my tweets addressing this are not getting much traction.
At first I thought it was because of the shadowban and to a large degree , it is. But then I have seen that other tweets that are not about the #MAGAShadowBan get alot of traction. So I have concluded that many of you on the right simply don't think this is an important issue.
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Its very disappointing how many
" conservatives " are refusing to speak out about the #MAGAShadowBan . I am most definately being throttled but i see that my non censorship tweets are still getting way more engagement than the ones about the QFD ban.

I thought conservatives loved to fight for the constitution? But here many of you are silent while many of your fellow right wingers are being throttled. I love you all to death but I am starting to notice very troubling things on our side. Learn to fight or lose America. #MAGA
I will be an ally with anyone who will help me destroy radical liberalism. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Taking the high road doesn't work anymore. We better learn to fight back ! Conservatism 2.0 or in the words of Stephen Miller "Hard Charging Conservatism "
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The left owns the media.

The left owns hollywood.

The left owns academia.

The left owns all social media platforms.

The left owns all search engines.

And they are all on a mission to silence anyone who is not a leftist.

So tell me how do we win long term?

That is not a question to discourage you but so that we can put our heads together and find out how do we change this and combat this.

Republicans should be fighting on our behalf but unfortunately they are spineless and slow walk everything. For example the #MAGAShadowBan issue. Bet they don't bring Jack to Capital hill until after the midterms. by then we may have lost the house.

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Your voices are important. Why should your opinion matter less than the opinion of a leftist? Why should someone else determine whether your tweets are high quality or low quality? Shouldn't the marketplace decide that? Please sign and share this petition.

I didn't get 76k followers because i have low quality tweets. And even if they were, people like to hear what i say. Yet a small 500 follower leftist with crappy content is at the top of the hashtag searches and isn't invisible ? Sign the petition above.

Another thing that's funny is people telling me that there is no such thing as a bias or a #MAGAShadowBan 😂

This is a fact that can't be disputed ! Easy to say that when you don't have " twaids " twitter aids = QFD ban

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If you are center / right, your opinions are not welcomed on Twitter! Even if you are a leftist who tells other leftists to cool it like Van Jones did to the cast on the view, they will shut you down.

#StopTheBias #MAGAShadowBan
We live in the United States Of America and we will defend our First Amendment! #StopTheBias #MAGAShadowBan
I am tired of seeing good center/Right accounts suspended or censored simply for supporting @realDonaldTrump ! Please feel free to use any of the memes you see on my TL. They are for the #MAGA community.

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🚨🚨We have all been censored and silenced by twitter . We can do something about it or just cry behind a QFD ban. This is a call to action. Please sign this petition and share with your followers. #StopTheBias #MAGAShadowBan

@tedcruz @DonaldJTrumpJr…
Please keep pushing this petition. Tag big accts. This issue is VIP for all sides of the Center/Right Coalition. The system is rigged. You all have seen your impressions go to hell due to the #MAGAShadowBan . Sign and share ! #WednesdayWisdom #MAGA
I have had alot of people tell me that the #MAGAShadowBan is not real. It is definitely real , so much so that the President tweeted about it and left wing outlets reported on it. This is a good segment on fox, about it.

#ThursdayThoughts #StopTheBias
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