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THREAD - How about a bunch of blog posts on #Space and #Astronomy? Yes, I have more than you can imagine - especially since these are really just #physics topics. Hold on - because this is going to be a bit large.
2/ Here is an answer to my fav astronomy question EVER - "What would the phases of the moon look like if the moon was a cube?"…
3/ The great thing about the cube moon question is that it really tests if students understand phases of the moon rather than just recalling factual stuff. Here is my python model of a cube and spherical moon
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If you knew, beyond any doubt, that literally everything you put out into the Universe comes back to YOU (attitude, generosity, anger, hate, violence, patience, forgiveness, understanding, love, care, literally ANYthing & EVERYthing) would you behave differently than you do now?
Consider the FACT that you are a closed-loop, complete system in & of yourself. Literally EVERYTHING you do, eat, think, feel, say, etc., WILL manifest itself in your BODY in some way. What inputs are you feeding your body? Not just physically but mentally & emotionally as well?
Anger is a choice. Hate is a choice. Fear is a choice. Negativity is a choice. One can allow these emotions to INFORM their consciousness of a need or boundary to be addressed. Beyond that information, there is no use for these things, and they will only make you SICK, physically
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Expanding the #HertzsprungRussell diagram courtesy of @xkcdComic

#Physics #Astronomy #Cosmology

Step 1: Take an HR Diagram
Expanding the #HertzsprungRussell diagram courtesy of @xkcdComic

#Physics #Astronomy #Cosmology

Step 2: Add a Scale
Expanding the #HertzsprungRussell diagram courtesy of @xkcdComic

#Physics #Astronomy #Cosmology

Step 3: Expand the Diagram
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String theory is interesting and a worthwhile research topic. But I often wish that popular science articles about string theory were less hype and would also inform the readers of the shortcomings of the approach. Here is a reminder 1/10 #physics
String theory, as a theory of quantum gravity and a unification of the forces, has zero experimental evidence speaking for it. 2/10
String theory predicts additional dimensions of space which have not been seen. String theorists therefore conjectured that the unseen new dimensions are very small and compact, so they are unlike the dimensions we are familiar with - for unknown reasons. 3/10
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And now I present: a thread based on my love of #science, #scicomm, and #animals, and the fact that I'm a huge #nerd:
The other day at the library, I got this book by Ann Tompert for my 2yo (2/?):…
The premise: an elephant and a mouse want to ride a see-saw. #Physics has other ideas, so some other animals come to help. (3/?)
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