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@StormIsUponUs I like this. But personally, I believe Q would want me to consider each post as disinfo. He said this. Blind trust is how we got into this mess long ago. I love what Q is doing but think #TheGreatAwakening is too important to close our eyes for anyone or any reason.
@StormIsUponUs What are the psychological implications of believing space is vast? Are we aware of how faulty the Big Bang theory is? If there was EVER a time to be critical it is today. #TheGreatAwakening…
@StormIsUponUs Did Q teach you to trust? Or did Q teach you to discern? Why did Podesta want to push this out too? Why would an alien race not have enough intelligence to recognize a psychopathic ruling class? Think! How many genes could you splice with $21 trillion?…
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1/ After posting my last thread on #Spirals & #TheSerpent I realized that I needed to cover more on this subject Matter... THIS IS PART 2
Part One:👉…

#Demons #Witchcraft #RedDragon #Satanism #Reptillian #Illuminati #Occult
2/ The next thing was a prayer looking for more answers and a witness testimony on these matters... Those prayers were answered today... But it began last night with this 👉…
If you look closely at the Magic circle, it’s #TheSerpent
3/ Then @BradFitzpatriot posted a Video 👉
As tragic as that Video is, I made some very interesting connections...
👉What was in that video?
1) An Occult Magic Circle
2) Great Seal Of the United States
3) 666
4) Q

@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #QAnon
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why did John Podesta want to disclose reptilians? What does belief in #reptilians do to your psyche? Psychology is the most effective and cheapest weapon to employee against a populace. Let's detech our beliefs from the hands of Psychopaths.… #disclosure
How did Johnson employ relativity to invoke fear during the 1964 presidential campaign? Think about the psychology that comes with E=MC2. The psychopaths have been our mental programmers for centuries. Think. Cleanse your mind and reboot what you know.
Quantum Mechanics is only a paradox under relativity. E=MC2 convinced you the Big Bang was viable and we've been living on our bellies as monkey pond scum ever since. Cleanse your psychology from the dark energy. #DarkToLight #TheGreatAwakening
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I wanted to make a thread over the “Spiral Symbology” I have been seeing everywhere... I believe it is a reference to #TheSerpent #Draco #Illuminati #RedDragon #QAnon #Satanism #Cannibalism @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
2/ A few of us have noticed these Spirals and for the most part we have been have chalked it up to regular #PedoGateNews but some of us have been thinking there’s more to it... and there is... #QAnon #Satanism
3/ then I watched a couple of RFB videos and started to connect a few dots... It seems that whenever there is a Spiral, #TheSerpent is present too...Also, someone is giving birth... @NULOOKREFINISH
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