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I'm at the joint legislative working group on #SQ788. In addition to two doctors, more than 15 residents have signed up to speak. They are allotted 5 minutes each.
Dr. Mike Mullins will testify first. He said he's representing no one but himself. He graduated from both pharmacy and medical school.
Mullins: "We have a very limited role. It is a role that is very short. It's not anything we have experienced before as physicians with our patients." We might never see the patients again. "It probably is more along the lines of a consumer-physician relationship."
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I'm at the joint working group on #SQ788. We'l be hearing from law enforcement today.
Rusty Rhoades, head of the Department of Public Safety. He is talking about whether employees should be allowed to use MMJ. He said troopers obviously can't. He said rules in his department will have to be black and white. "There's not a lot of grey area in law enforcement."
Sen. Paxton: Walk me through a traffic stop. No one is concerned about MMJ at home. But what about on the road? Rhoades: “Training has been in place for a number of years ... now, that’s expensive training.” “That’s where the lines get pretty blurry.”
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The debate is starting. You can tune in now. Kelly Ogle of OKC @NEWS9 and Terry Hood of Tulsa @NewsOn6 are hosting.
First question, Ogle: Do you believe Oklahoma is headed in the right direction?
Cornett: “The citizens of Oklahoma should be very upset.” Points to several economic and political failures and contrasts them with achievements in Oklahoma City. “i want to bring the same sort of success to all corners of Oklahoma.”
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Thread: I'll be tweeting some details from the #SQ788 lawsuit filed in Cleveland County today. Here's the link. If you want to read the complaint, find the PDF under petition. I'll upload a PDF in a but.…
Plaintiffs include residents who would be medical marijuana licensees or parents of minors who would qualify. Conditions include seizure disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, migraines and insomnia.
"(Plaintiffs) have been denied proper access to medical care and treatment by the arbitrary and capricious rules adopted by the DOH which exceed their rule making authority and which impair Plaintiffs rights under Oklahoma State law."
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Thread: The Oklahoma State Board of Health is considering final draft rules. Julie Ezell, general counsel is presenting. #SQ788
She is explaining several provisions. I'll tweet some highlights while retweeting other reporters.
Ezell: The rules ban outdoor marijuana cultivation. It's not only for the safety, security of the marijuana. "It's also related to pesticides, water runoff and stuff like that."
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OK, guys, here's a little thread that updates some of what's going on over the next couple of days with #SQ788.
The marijuana industry trade group, which supported 788, and the medical industry, which opposed it, have made similar call for a more robust regulatory framework than the one the OK State Department of Health (OSDH) built Neither criticized the agency, but Fallin, others.
Pro-marijuana stance is that in terms of administrative law, there are gaps that could get the state sued. Also concerns that it doesn't consider vital actors. Like it doesn't talk much about the labs that would conduct the extensive required testing. Also threatens litigation.
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Medical professionals are holding a press conference on some policies they said should be implemented re: medical marijuana #SQ788
Craig Jones of the Oklahoma Hospital Association said that we should look to other states, many of which place limits on the number of dispensaries allowed.
California researchers found the incidence of marijuana use/dependency-related hospitalizations increased by about 6 percent per dispensary added in a square mile. Other studies show too many dispensaries = less demand for medical, more leakage into the black market.
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I'll be tweeting about the press conference New Health Solutions is holding to push for a special legislative session to implement #SQ788.
Bud Scott is speaking first. He's the executive director of New Health Solutions Oklahoma, the trade group for Oklahoma's budding marijuana industry.
Bud Scott: #SQ788's language was meant to be a skeleton. We need a special legislative session to build the muscles.
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Just in: @GovMaryFallin says NO special session will be called to address #sq788, which legalized medical marijuana Tuesday.

@HealthyOklahoma will create emergency rules to implement, but this removes the potential for #okleg (this year, anyway) to severely rollback the new law
This likely was a smart political decision for #okleg Republican incumbents who still have to face a run-off or general election challenge.

Even the perception of undermining the law could've caused major blowback when pro-marijuana voters head back to the polls
One of the biggest changes that #okleg could've made in a special session would be restricting those eligible for medical marijuana to those with a set of "qualifying conditions" #SQ788
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I’m at @SQ788NotMedical’s Press event. They’ll be focusing on how much marijuana #SQ788 would allow residents to possess. (I’m told this is oregano and regular candy.)
Pat McFerron, partner at CMA Strategies, has been speaking for the organization of medical associations, business groups and law enforcement organizations. “I want to be clear and upfront. Our coalition is not opposed to medical marijuana.”
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