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Chapter 10 in Wonderland.
The Lobster Quadrille.
What color is lobster when cooked? Red
Their lobster is cooked.
Kavanaugh confirmed, Indictments unsealed, grand juries unveiled
"No reasonable prosecutor would bring sexual assault charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh based on the public evidence"…
Why is Kavanaugh so important?
Treason cases against former high level govt employees (including Clintons and Obamas) will go all the way up to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh has already answered the question as to how he would vote.
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Last of the Salem Witch trial hangings were on September 22, 1692.
Seems like the witches are afraid of the harvest season
Through the Looking Glass
The Red Queen
The mirror of the White hats on Alice & Wonderland is
Hillary in Bloody Wonderland
Why the Red
RED connected to AIDS
AIDS connected to blood
Blood used for rituals…
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Welcome to Chapter 9
Alice finishes up croquet game , and realizes the Queens power is projected.
The Queen has the Gryphon take Alice to the
Mock Turtle
Public becomes more aware of Hillary's crimes.
More human trafficking camps are found
Last night, Q again pointed to the Alice & Wonderland theme
Drop #2050
Let's just call chapter 9
Hillary's bad month.
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!!NEW Q Drop!! 8/31/18 9:56…
Q asks what the odds are of the NSA Data Center being located in Utah!! Remember, Huber is in Utah too!! #QAnon #NSADataCenter #WeHaveItAll #ItsHappening #GreatAwakeningWorldwide @realDonaldTrump
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Last week of Chapter 8
They try to cut off the head of the Cheshire Cat but can't figure out how before CC disappears
Alice realizes that the power of Wonderland is an illusion, and sets out to destroy that illusion (by waking up)
BIG Week
Last weekend, Head of UN environmental program was in NK meeting with Kim Jung Un.
Same day, Trump announced cancellation of Pompeo trip.
Eric Solheim, Head of UN env program, who lives in Narobi, Kenya, seems very concerned about the US policy on Coal Fired power plants.
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August = Chapter 8 #BloodyWonderland

Yesterday, my thread detailed the bloodlines in control of earth.
Today, let's take a look at the red shoes these monsters are wearing.

What do they signify?
Do u want 2 know?

Q told us that #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall

Take a look at the #PodestaArt

Does this turn your stomach yet?

Remember the #Vanderbilt pool?

#AliceInWonderland #TheQueensCroquetGrounds

The pool with no drain?

Still watching #AndersonCooper on #FakeNews?
Time to disconnect
This reminded me of the time I was visiting the Palace of Versailles.

The picture of Louie XIV seemed odd.

Pedophelia has been around for centuries. Also, the royal bloodlines fancy keeping it in the family. That has more (gross) meaning that you want to know.

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What's in a name? 🤔
August = Ch8 #AliceInWonderland


Vanderbilts = family behind the "Queen"
Royal bloodlines want u 2 believe #RothschildZionists in charge.


But really, there are entities behind them. Who are they?
Let's look:
Gloria Vanderbilt and Marina Abramovic are Mothers of Darkness a group of illuminati women high priestesses of the satanic cabal.

How does this work?

Every demon needs a place to house it's seeds.

Think #LindaRamone (pawn in Hollywood - #MotherOfDarkness )
Here is an excerpt document from #NeonRevolt about how these #covens work. The order needs a mother to birth their spwan. Mothers must sacrifice, hence kill their young sometimes. Eat them too. Read carefully. This is how #pedowood operates. Cancel your cable now.
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Aug = Ch8 #AliceInWonderland
Q = Alice

The #QueensCroquet grounds can be found in the #Vanderbilt #BiltmoreEstate #AndersonCooper s home

Remember the #Murd3rPool Q posted?

What we are seeing unfold is the sickest but in the end,

Here is the "croquet" grounds on the #Vanderbilt property. Alice has to make her way through this #BloodyWonderland in order to save the three gardners - the 2, 5 and 7 from being #beheaded.


What significant do the heads have?

Remember #KateSpade ?
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Q has begun to show us the Gardens.
Who is Biljana Djurdjevic?
Gloria Vanderbilt "Girl in Garden"…
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The power of Q
In the Queens courtyard, Alice has become very powerful, even standing up to the Queen.
Q is showing us how powerful we have become, with daily news stories on Q and supporters.
Trust ourselves!
We the people!
What, or who, is Satan? Why
The world is quickly waking up to the fact that the Queen, and their worship of a non existing being, Satan, is simply a pack of cards.
Their whole structure is a house of cards, built without foundation.
Their power is deceit, and in a world of truth, they are powerless
When Alice entered the garden, she had hoped for a beautiful, peaceful place,
Instead, she finds a chaotic, dangerous place where the owner chops off heads like they are flowers.
The MSM response to Q chaotic too.…
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How much you wanna bet they get their walnuts from the garden?
Welcome, to chapter 8
The pineal gland
Makes great walnut sauce.
In chapter 8, Alice become quite powerful. The Queen yells to "chop off her head!" and Alice shuts her down.

'Nonsense!' said Alice, very loudly and decidedly, and the Queen was silent.

Alice knows now, they are just cards.
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What is the truth?
The truth is, people desire money. When they get that money, it's like the drug wearing of. So, in order to get their thrills, they reach into depravity.
Even if it means abusing, sacrificing and eating children.
Welcome to the Garden
Why paint the roses red?
Because the roses have lost their color, their youth, their virginity.
So, painting them for the Queen is like putting make-up on an abused young girl.
They have become so heartless, so hardened at heart, they play games with this. They make movies the kill these children, they gamble and bet on how long they will live.
Then, they use God's beauty like flowers and gardens for their sick games and laugh at us who R unaware
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It's time the world learned the truth.
Here we go, into the harvest season.
This year the harvest season will be like none other.
Follow me along, on another
#AliceInWonderland adventure
Q was quiet for [20] days.
We've learned the comms.
Who has the server?
Who has the keys?
Timestamp of post. :45
Who does Huber report to? Sessions.
Who does Sessions report to? @POTUS #45
Q+Anons+MI intel = Alice.
They are red in the face
but we are now very powerful.
We have quietly sown the seeds of truth in their gardens...
They are not happy, they are panicking.
They know we now understand Wonderland
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We are nearing the end of chapter 7, We have left the Mad Tea Party and are now entering the grand hall. At the end of the grand hall, is the Garden..
The world is rapidly waking up to the fact that pedosatanists exist and do evil deeds.
Times up
Suddenly, famous people are being outed. They've acted like this was perfectly normal. They've been arrogant, haughty they never thought she would lose.…
They can no longer hide it, so now they are trying to get people to accept it, but we know that will NEVER happen.…

We haven't even entered the gardens yet. Can you see how ugly this is going to get. Soon, they won't be seen in public.
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Apparently there was a tea party yesterday at Windsor...
Chapter 7.
What happen during the Tea Party?
The dourmouse is woken up.
Jeff Sessions.
Was in Maine speaking about Synthetic Opioids. People making this stuff are the Cabal. Also opens the door for sending in additional prosecuters into target zones.…
So, the tea party was at Windsor. Did you know there is a secret garden there, only open a few times a year to charity events, with small houses dotted through the garden, called Frogmore Estate
It's also a burial grounds.…
Chap 7
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This is the house POTUS will be staying at while in London...

Let me take you through the history of this property... and it’s a good one!

Ties right back into my thread on Satanic buildings in NYC...

Before the Winfield house was built here, the first house on the site was Hertford Villa, the largest 8 homes originally built in the park as part of John Nash's development (the architect that designed Buckingham Palace) at the Royal Regent’s Park.
The house was designed by Decimus Burton with financing from his father James Burton. Decimus has 2 brothers, one an Egyptologist and one a physician. They were members of the Athenaeum Club in London (and likely Freemasons as well).
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As we head in July, we are about to meet the Mad Hatter. The term Mad Hatter comes from hat maker who used mercury in making hats, making them insane.
In chapter 7, time stops at 6. Now it's always Tea time...What did we have yesterday? A party, a celebration. Chapter 7 is the most famouse chapter.
MH asks the liddle riddle, "Why is a Raven like a writing-desk?" A riddle we (Alice) are to solve. Key=Server
June 6 [RR]
At this point Alice=Q+Anons is about to morph into Q+Anons+Sleepy public.
The tea party (1st half of July) is loaded with Q drops to begin the awakening for the reveal of the Server (Key to Queens garden)
Trump meeting with Queen later this month?…
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