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Earlier this week, as I was doing some prep for my @CakeWatchCast debut, I realised that today would, for me, mark *1250 days* of public pro-EU campaigning - since the EUref obviously also against Brexit and for citizens' rights. That is a long time and worth some reflections. 1/
What many of you probably don't know as you weren't following me at the time: it all began with a focus on HE and academia as the first thing I did was set up a pro-EU group for Academics. 2/
Since then a lot has happened and many things have changed - not least the number of my followers. I am very grateful to you all for taking an interest in what I have to say. 3/
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After last night’s Beehive in Brussels I spent today on #EUcitizensChampion: awareness activity to give people a glimpse of who #The5Million of us @The3Million & @BritishInEurope are. Big thanks to the nearly 500 of you who contributed to my “secret survey” so I could do this! 1/
It might not look all that impressive once stuck together, but this is us ❤️ It takes a long time to write hundreds of post-its and I couldn’t have managed it at all without the help of @mccanntb — thanks so much! 2/
A big thank you also goes to @GuitarMoog, @Dogtrouser, and of course @nickynoo007 for helping with placing them near the Palais de Justice and talking to passers by about what we were doing as part of #OneOfThe5Million today. 3/
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.@Nigel_Farage This is the moment you called for my deportation—that of millions of us EU citizens—if no deal. That is what your words here mean.
Two questions:
❓Got the guts to say it to my face?
❓Anyone up for hosting a debate between us so we can find out?
I’m ready. 1/
This comes from a Fox News interview @IanDunt discovered and shared today. The interview is a couple of weeks old but it still deserves to be called out for these disgusting words. Of course, unsurprisingly, the whole interview set up is also terrible. 2/
If you agree that this is wrong and beyond shameful—even for Farage—then please don’t just get outraged, please don’t applogize for him, and please don’t take pity! Take action instead and become an #EUcitizensChampion like @davidschneider here:… 3/3
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Over 10k people liked this tweet. But likes only go so far in helping us EU27 citizens in the UK. Fortunately it is really easy to take one more little step to do just that: all it takes is *YOU* becoming an #EUcitizensChampion for @The3Million
Go to ➡️…
Even just £1 from each of you 10k+ would make a real difference. Here is how: it would help fund the critical work of @The3Million, ensuring that no EU27 citizen is left behind because of Brexit. This work cannot be carried out without your help.… 2/
I appreciate that some of you may think that the best thing to do is to support stopping Brexit instead. If so, I would like to ask you to please recognise that EU27 citizens cannot just hope for that: we are affected *now* already. Hence the support work must continue now. 3/
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It’s back to the office for me tomorrow, and I think that’s true for many. What did you do this summer? Here’s the story of my summer: one of launching the #EUcitizensChampion campaign — and, sadly, also one of seeing EU citizen friends leave the UK.… 1/
If you haven’t become an #EUcitizensChampion yet, please consider doing so. Here’s why @davidschneider thinks it’s important.
To contribute to the fundraiser for @The3Million please visit… 2/
As I look back at this let me also thank those again who helped me so much with everything: @davidschneider & his team; @nickynoo007; @antoni_UK; @maikebohn; @DemarcationDSGN; @grrrahh; @Scotkraut; @AlexWatt6; @mccanntb; @HedwigH27; @Nocastus ... 3/
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.@The3Million are now #800DaysInLimbo. That is 800 days too many... and counting as rights are •not* secure. Please take a moment to watch the clip below. If you agree that this is wrong, please become an #EUcitizensChampion to help >… < Thank you.
The fact that this is true for @BritishInEurope too makes this even worse. So please make sure to support our British friends in EU countries too - the UK government made them collateral in the same way it made @The3Million collateral. We stand together, shoulder to shoulder. 2/
And a quick note on the clip: if you would really like to read the stories shared, then best use #OneOfThe3Million directly to go through. And while you are at it, please check out the other # activities for @eucitizenschamp too if you missed them earlier in the summer. 3/3
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Ok, folks: there is clearly absolutely nothing more I can say or do. So I will leave you, for a while, with this piece I wrote - and a few PSs to it below.… 1/
Because no recording of my speech in Edinburgh has been shared, let me give you this. It's not exactly how I delivered it (the blue bit I definitely didn't say). But this is my speech. I would love to understand what on earth is such a crime about delivering this. ... 2/
Nothing, of course. Which brings me to this: a spot-on brief Twitter analysis by @LeaskyHT. In my view, from the other end, this is exactly how it worked and the right way to look at this. I am sure that, especially initially, a large number of bots were also involved. 3/
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For the benefit of new and old followers, here's one last update before I disappear for a while. After what has happened over the last 50+ hours, I absolutely must take a break so I do not break. This has been, by some distance, the worst experience in my six years on Twitter. 1/
Even now, 50+ hours later, the attack explained in the thread above is still going, direct emails, FB and all. I have never seen anything like this before: in my experience of 2+ years fighting Brexit, an 'attack' begins to die within about 12 hours. That was the case even 2/
with the one triggered by Arron Banks. This time it is completely different. Part of the problem is that followers are involved. That is also why protecting my account has not helped as much as it might have otherwise. What this does document though is that real peopler are 3/
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Delighted to say that I will be speaking at the Scotland #PeoplesVote rally in #Edinburgh *this* Saturday, 18 Aug. Please come join me and many others, including, for example, @gavinesler and @MitchBenn. For further details, please visit… 1/
Additionally, I will also do something for the @eucitizenschamp campaign after the rally. I hope to meet many of you for that too. As I said last week: we need your help. So it would be great if you came by to become an #EUcitizensChampion 2/
Whether for the rally, to become an #EUcitizensChampion, or - better still - both: I hope to see you in Edinburgh *this* Saturday. 3/3
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1/ We agree with @cliodiaspora - we need the British public not just to agree with us on #citizensrights for the 3.6m EU citizens but to stand up for us. That means taking action rather than pity. Some of these actions take very little effort.
2/ Action 1: Follow us
We are very grateful to the 21k very active followers here on Twitter. But to put this into context there are 13 million UK users on Twitter. 21k followers equal just 0.1% of the UK Twitter base.
3/ Action 2: Tell your followers to follow us
As simple as quoting one of our tweets you really like and just write: "follow @The3Million"
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After two weeks of relative silence and a lovely holiday I’m back in the UK. Time to talk about 🚨 REALITIES 🚨
They are realities that I find upsetting. They also make me angry. Alternatively, you could also call this my thread of desperation. 1/
🚨 REALITY 1: Apathy
Many tell me that the majority of British people are not against EU citizens and that we are welcome. I used to believe that. Can I still? It’s simple: if this were true, this majority would be with us. Visibly. Noisily. I don’t see nor hear them. 2/
Of course I know that we have amazing friends and champions. Of course I know many of you are. But this is Twitter and we have to recognise its echo chamber problem. Beyond it the situation is dire. I have heard so many stories about apathy I can no longer remember them all. 3/
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Not only will @The3Million of us be forced to apply to stay in the UK, our home, some of us could lose our actual place where we live. If you think this only affects a few ... well, it’s 66% of us. I am one of them.… 1/
3.7 million of us in the UK.
777 days in limbo today.
Our rights not secure.
Forced to apply to stay in our home.
No-deal an existential threat.
Still everyone’s punchbag.
Still silenced and ignored.
❗️Make no mistake, UK: history will remember what you did to us. 2/
If you are not ok with this, please help us. Please show us that you don’t stand for this. Please help me and @The3Million make sure that none of us are left behind. Please become an #EUcitizensChampion by making a donation here ➡️… 3/3
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Freedom of movement. Your right to study at universities in Salamanca, Siena, Stuttgart and Sofia.

#EUcitizensChampion @BritishInEurope

Freedom of movement. Your right to rent a car in Aarhus, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Athens.

#EUcitizensChampion @BritishInEurope

Freedom of movement. Your right to work in Barcelona, Bucharest, Bristol and Budapest.

#EUcitizensChampion @BritishInEurope

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#EUcitizensChampion a week old, launch activities finished:
▫️beautiful #OneOfThe3Million at Speakers’ Corner
▫️250+ #StickAround on Trafalgar Square and many more conversations
▫️80+ #HomeIsWhereTheRibbonIs on The Mall
Please support campaign:… 1/
All designed to raise awareness for @The3Million. But it was so much more! I learned a lot about kinds of activities we need to pursue to change minds: can’t just keep doing what we’ve already done for 2+ years!!! Big thanks again to all who helped! 2/
While it was all fantastic, the memory I will perhaps cherish the most is this one: a young Muslim girl tying a #HomeIsWhereTheRibbonIs on The Mall in solidarity with her EU citizen friends from school 💛 3/
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I have spent over two years fighting Brexit. I have had death threats for doing so. I think of @BritishInEurope all the time and have expressly mentioned them in all my writings. 1/
I am currently working on a policy brochure on citizens’ rights and I made it a condition that, while it is aimed at EU27 states in relation to their citizens, there must be space to say something about Britons in those countries. 2/
And when I was working on the #EUcitizensChampion campaign I asked David Schneider to please include a reference to them — which he did. .... But excuse me, I must have dreamt that all up. .... 🤦‍♀️😞 3/3
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Ok, folks: let’s talk a bit of shop as this is really getting rather upsetting now. The situation of us 3.7 million EU27 citizens in UK is *not* the same as that of Britons here. Yes, we are all EU citizens at this point. But the issues are not the same. Please respect that. 1/
*All* of us EU27 citizens, under the *best case* scenario have to:
- Apply so we can stay in our own home.
- Undergo a criminal records check even though we are here legally, with children 10 years + to be matched against government watch lists.
- Pay for all this. 2/
System for that:
- Will work only on Android phones. What other application routes will look like remains unclear.
- Won’t be fully developed for some time (only being trialled for the first time next month).
- Would have to be able to cope with 1000s of applications a day. 3/
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According to @LordCallanan, if there is “no deal, obviously there will be no Withdrawal Agreement so we’ll have to look again at’ rights of EU citizens in UK. Our limbo continues. Please help by becoming an #EUcitizensChampion like @davidschneider…
The above quote comes from an interview for @ta_nea. Key issues below: “pretty much as before” is not = as before. And being reassuring really doesn’t work like this. No deal would be catastrophic for millions of people. 2/
As @chrisgreybrexit recently noted in this (tragically) excellent blog piece, we EU citizens have been reassured for two years that we are a priority and that all will be fine. Now we face the real possibility of the exact opposite being the case.… 3/
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I really would like to know what is wrong with people: I think #EUcitizensChampion this week was wonderful. In light of all the hate, all the crap, we stood on the streets of London to change minds and give hope. And I know that we did. I know from the tears and the hugs. 1/
So how dare you criticise me for it. How dare you criticise anyone who chose to support me? I was told more than once this week that it’s right I should have to appy to to stay in my own home right *into my face*. I was told I’m a “bitch” on the streets of London. 2/
Told that I need “a dick up my arse”
on the streets of London. So how dare you criticise anything I’ve done this week. How dare you criticise anyone who stood with me. 3/
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We’re on The Mall for final #EUcitizensChampion activity. We‘ll be here till 8pm. We didn’t know how topical today’s activity would end up being... In solidarity💛 with @The3Million we’re tying yellow ribbons round trees— #HomeIsWhereTheRibbonIs Here’s first tied by Beth. 1/
Want to join in? Then ...
💛 Come by in person to do it.
💛 Tell us who to tie a ribbon for. Use # below ⬇️
💛 Do it yourself *where you live* and post a photo — can we make the UK yellow in solidarity? Use # bellow ⬇️
#HomeIsWhereTheRibbonIs & #EUcitizensChampion 2/
For this final activity I have to say a big thank you to @grrrahh as it was his marvellous idea — he’s an amazing #EUcitizensChampion 💛 3/3
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.@The3Million have done an amazing job to protect the rights of us EU citizens in the UK. But there is so much more to do. So today I am proud to launch the #EUcitizensChampion Campaign to help with that. @davidschneider is one already. How about you? 1/
For more about the campaign, visit 2/
To make a donation and learn more about why this is needed and what the funds raised will be used for, visit… 3/
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