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Adapted from @_rsc's… , which contains a prime sieve written in shell, but it's broken. I fixed it:

read p || exit
echo $p
while read x; do
if [ `expr $x % $p` != 0 ]; then
echo $x
done | filter

seq 2 100 | filter
Compare to the Go program:… . #golang

Same idea.

Note: This is not the Sieve of Eratosthenes. It's much more expensive. But cool anyway.
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i'm finally ready to share my personal story about this whole #golang dependency management process.
Consider it a counterpoint to the story Russ shared last month: . (Please note that he also publicizes private communications in that thread.)
Two weeks ago, i published a screencast that distills the single most essential technical issue (information loss) with the module system that shipped with Go 1.11.

Reasonable fixes should still be possible.
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Thrilled by the announcement ( of the portable #golang cloud APIs, but I feel the hard-fought lessons and wins from portability are being forgotten.
It was an immeasurably great improvement when my code would run anywhere, unedited. Unix and C pioneered that (really dmr and scj).
But now there are a million incompatible Unix variants and clones.
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Potential client: You have 1 hour to implement this concurrent #golang program in any language you choose.
Me: uhmm ANY language?
PC: well we have to be able to understand it so no BrainF*ck, no obscure Perl, no AWK
Me: Ok what about shell?
PC: you mean bash?
Me: No I mean shell
PC: isnt’ that BASH?
Me: no.. shell is.. *sigh* that’s like asking me if I mean a DeLorean when I say I want a sports car. In this case “sports car” == “shell” and “DeLorean” == “bash”.
PC: ok so what ZSH?
Me: uhmm something like that but different
PC: sure
Me: for the channels stuff can I use named pipes?
PC: what?
Me: fifos?
PC: You mean writing to the file system? No!
Me: <<debates explaining how named pipes actually work and decides to go another route>>
Me: can I do this in Korn Shell?
PC: isn’t that the same thing?
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learn How Compiler Works in 20 minutes…
What's the Difference Between BNF, EBNF, ABNF?…
#golang #haskell #lisp #python
this, still the best book on writing a compiler. Though, not as clear and broad as i thought.
there are thievery pdf versions online, but all code/formula are screwed. You better buy the real thing.
Dragon Book Table of Contents…
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Whenever someone from Java or C++ or C# comes to Go, they look for "class", find "struct", and stop looking. #golang
This misses two fundamental differences between Go and "traditional" OO languages. (But for "traditional" read "recent, mostly C-derived".)
The first is that it's not only structs: Any concrete type can have methods: ints, bools, slices, even funcs:…
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For every fave this tweet gets, I will give you one #golang fun fact
Fact #1: according to the go spec, build tools should resolve imports in alphabetical order in order to ensure initialization remains the sa
Fact #2: -128/-1=-128 in #golang, but only sometimes.
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