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Longtime #GrabYourWallet supporter and Georgetown law professor Dr. Heidi Li Feldman 👇 has started a GoFundMe to help cover Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's security costs! She's already raised $1k in 1 hour. I just donated. You should too!
Wow. @HeidiLiFeldman has raised over $16k for Dr. Blasey's security in just two hours. I am dazzled. What better way to show her that we truly have her back? Thank you Heidi and also @warrenleightTV for adding early fuel to the fire!…
Just in case anyone is wondering if we mean it when we say we have Dr. Blasey's back. Thank you @HeidiLiFeldman for organizing this!
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Dr. Blasey has now moved out of her house due to death threats in case anyone out there is still pretending to be confused about why women don't just come forward.…
So many people on this thread have expressed a desire to show support for Dr. Blasey, that i wanted to share this GoFundMe started by a Georgetown law professor and longtime #GrabYourWallet supporter to help out w/ Dr. Blasey's security costs.
Yeah! Because of the high volume of support shown in a short period of time, Georgetown law professor Heidi Li Feldman has raised the goal to help out w/ Dr. Blasey's security costs to $50k! Let's do this!…
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I just added Bank of America to the #GrabYourWallet boycott list and every @BankofAmerica Twitter handle to the #BlockParty500 list. +
To encourage banks to avoid divisiveness in general I've also just added the world's 150 largest financial institutions to the #BlockParty500 list including @BankUnited, @Barclays, @CreditSuisse, @DeutscheBank and Silicon Valley Bank (@SVB_Financial).
Last Tweet on this for now: banks tend to sponsor a lot of big infrastructure and events. All their related Twitter handles, i.e. @BNPPARIBASOPEN and @BancStadium are being added to #BlockParty500 as well, our first foray into blocking any remotely content/ent. related channels.
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This seems impossible. But maybe we can crowdsource a list of alternatives.
Between the Buycott app, @slpng_giants and #GrabYourWallet, I bet we could come up with alternatives. @lachaeim did the first step.

I'm considering whether a shared spreadsheet is the next. Will comeback to it.
Non-genius project has a list -got this from the Buycott app.
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Once again: no I'm not boycotting or deactivating my account on Friday.

I don't know why it's hard to consult the major communities in here before picking arbitrary dates & decisions.
Of course this whole thread about alternate ways to protest was mysteriously deleted.

Anyway. This is a really good thread about why some of us can't/won't leave or be pressured into the kinds of actions that have impact contrary to our goals.
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Good morning! To encourage Twitter to drop Alex Jones, I just blocked the Twitter accounts of every Fortune 500 company w/ a Twitter presence. Ready to mass block Twitter's most lucrative advertisers with me? There are three quick & easy ways. Instructions are in this thread.
Option One: The quickest, easiest way is to use a free tool called Block Together. Using it, I created a custom block list to which you can subscribe w/ a few clicks. This doesn't negate/overrule your own block list. You’ll just be blocking my own list in addition to your own...
To subscribe to my block list, just click this custom link: Then click the button that says “Block All and Subscribe.” Then click the blue “Authorize App” button. Voila! You’re now blocking all the companies on my list!
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1. Disturbed by the influence of Capitol Ministries on the Trump administration? @alicekblue suggested to me this morning that the organization might be a good target for a #GrabYourWallet campaign, and I agree. Let's have a look at some of their board members. @slpng_giants
2. First up there's Steve Taylor (…), owner of the Organic Girl brand ( #GrabYourWallet and just say no to @organicgirl products!
3. Next up is Barry Meguiar, president of @Meguiars, which sells car care products. If you're opposed to Christofascism, #GrabYourWallet and take care of your car with products not tainted by an association with Ralph Drollinger and Capitol Ministries.

#EmptyThePews #Resist
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1/2. This reporting by @AndrewLSeidel on the content of Ralph Drollinger’s White House Bible Study helps explain the child separation policy and punitive Trumpist theocracy in general. Spanking infants to break their wills, Romans 13, it’s all of a piece.…
2/2. Seidel makes a very plausible case for the influence of Drollinger on Jeff Sessions, and in the process he lays bare the authoritarian nature of “the Biblical worldview.” To go deeper, read this with my latest for @Playboy and my essay “Escape from Jesus Land” (links below).
2-a. “The Book of Sessions: America Blearily Awakens to a New Theocracy”…

“Escape from Jesus Land: On Recognizing Evangelical Abuse and Finding the Strength to Reject the Faith of Our Fathers”…

#WednesdayWisdom #EmptyThePews
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Are you bothered by the hypocrisy of Ivanka Trump putting motherhood at the center of a brand while serving as a prominent part of an administration that's forcibly separating kids from their parents? Want to call that out in a powerful way? Here's how.... +
Step One: choose any well known children's clothing brand carried by Macy's, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, Amazon, and/or Dillard's.... (these are the major retailers that still carry the Ivanka Trump brand...) +
Step Two: take a screenshot of that brand's kids' clothing on the retailer's site then locate the brand's Twitter handle in order to send them a message...+
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Let’s look back at 2017 before heading into the New Year. Here it is, #TheResistance’s YEAR IN REVIEW, a collection of our greatest hits. #BestPartof2017ForMe
These are the wins that we got by calling, showing up, or creating massive public pressure. We could create another whole list of wins that the courts and national orgs racked up.
A modest yet robust pdf called the Indivisible Guide made the rounds and in January, hundreds of local Indivisible groups got organized.
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🔥RT🔥ENOUGH, Hannity! You were very clear when you defended Moore. Pedophilia nor statutory rape are ever TRULY "consensual". You are a VILE human & a hypocrite. If Fox won't remove you - WE WILL - via your advertisers.
🔥[see LISTS in THREAD below]🔥
(1) MAIN advertisers as of 11/09/17:
Australian Dream
CA Technologies
Dollar Shave Club
(2) MAIN advertisers as of 11/09/17:
Lending Tree
Liberty Mutual
My Pillow
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