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Here’s what we learned so far this morning from evidence given by the @GBRFoundation Chair in #SenateInquiry about 9 April meeting in which Turnbull offered $444m of public money to the private foundation: Thread 👇
1. Turnbull’s diary secretary contacted the GBRF Chair only 2 days before to organise the meeting - the secretary told the Chair she didn’t know what the meeting was about.
2. The meeting took place in the PM’s Sydney ministerial office
3. Present at the meeting: Turnbull, Frydenberg, 2 ministerial advisors, & GBRF Chair. No public servants.
4. The private foundation chair wasn’t asked to bring any documentation to the meeting
5. Turnbull chaired the meeting.
6. Turnbull himself offered $444m in the meeting
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A Shorten Labor Government would invest these public funds for the Great Barrier Reef through the public agencies tasked to protect the Reef.

“We would do what the Government didn't, and that's take departmental advice," ⁦@Tony_Burke
Some of those programs will find their way through to farmers doing good work on the ground to try to reduce run-off. Some of the work will go directly to the CSIRO and the Australian Institute of Marine Science.” @Tony_Burke #ReefGate
”A significant amount of it, you'd have to imagine, would go to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority itself."@Tony_Burke #ReefGate
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This is a cracking piece from ⁦@_LisaMCox#reefgate 👇…
“but the documents supplied to Guardian Australia contain no due diligence work that the government says had been done by the department in March in relation to the almost half a billion dollar grant announced before the budget.”
“However, the first emails that discuss the almost half a billion dollar grant in the documents supplied to the Guardian are dated 12 April.”

This is THREE DAYS after @TurnbullMalcolm offered the @GBRFoundation the $444m in a private meeting with no public servants present.
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As @Aus_Scienceweek draws to a close it’s a good moment to refresh on what we learned this week about the unorthodox $443 million grant to @GBRFoundation by @TurnbullMalcolm #reefgate #auspol
On Monday morning the @FinancialReview reported that the @GBRFoundation was writing to Federal MPS belatedly promising full transparency and accountability for the grant. Accountability that should be a given, not a gift of course! #reefgate #auspol…
And @australian reported that the @GBRFoundation advertised for a financial controller to help “scale up” the charity, in the wake of the grant #reefgate #auspol…
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A morning media summary of #ReefGate 👇

Twitter, if I have missed some stories from this morning, please let me know so I can add them here....
In @smh - @p_hannam writes about how donations to reef charities are drying up, thanks to the Turnbull govt’s grant (exactly the opposite of what the goverment said would happen) - a result of no due diligence, says @Tony_Burke…
In @australian - @bennpackham reveals that CSIRO officials are concerned about the ‘layers and layers’ of bureaucracy the Turnbull govt’s decision to give $444m to the @GBRFoundation will create…
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We just saw in #qt how little due diligence the 🎩 Government undertook on the @GBRFoundation

Yesterday @JoshFrydenberg said the Govt gave the private foundation the $444m because of its “fundraising history”
So, I just asked @Birmo in #qt how much money @GBRFoundation has raised in its history from corporate and private philanthropy.

Surely if they did ‘due diligence’ - he would know this. #ReefGate
And he didn’t know.

@birmo couldn’t give a figure and took it on notice.
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CSIRO CEO on @GBRFoundation Chair Dr Schubert:
“Better we help than he burns millions on overheads."

Good on CSIRO for wanting to stop this private foundation from wasting millions of public dollars.
Turnbull should have just given the money to the CSIRO in the first place.
Under @TurnbullMalcolm - CSIRO is now reduced to “working on (the GBRF Chair) in the background”

What a great idea. Let’s get our public sector agencies running around to lobby a small private foundation chairman in order to get public money for public science. #reefgate
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“Mini-thread” update on #ReefGate , @InsidersABC and the @thepmo here 👇
Yesterday I asked these questions in Senate #qt to @MathiasCormann about the @thepmo ‘s attempts to interfere in the @InsidersABC coverage of #reefgate - including if the PM @TurnbullMalcolm stood by his office’s (now disproved) claims.

Cormann took them on notice
Today I received a written answer from @MathiasCormann

Well, “response” might be a better word than “answer”

He didn’t address the main points of my questions - especially why the @thepmo told @InsidersABC something that was patently wrong
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“Some folks like to get away,
Take a holiday from the neighborhood
Hop a flight to Bondi Beach or to Bali’s ‘hood
But I'm takin' a helicopter to Hamilton island time
I'm in a luxury weekend state of mind”
(With apologies to Billy Joel)
Truly this would be laughable if it wasn’t so damn serious. Farmers have to jump through hoops to get drought assistance. People with a disability can’t get their plans approved under the NDIS. There’s a severe shortage of Home Care packages for older people. #reefgate
But hey, if @TurnbullMalcolm wants to give a small, private foundation of miners & bankers half a billion dollars - and they promptly go on a luxury holiday - no problem. No application. No tender. Just take it. #reefgate
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Who in the Turnbull Government interfered in the ABC’s political coverage yesterday, this time (again) on @InsidersABC , and its coverage of #reefgate?
On @InsidersABC on Sunday, @JoshFrydenberg repeatedly refused to detail what, if any, due diligence the Turnbull Government undertook on the private foundation it gave $444m of public money without a grant application or tender process:
After @JoshFrydenberg interview, @lenoretaylor raised a point on the show:‘This process is ridiculous. How can the Govt claim that it did due diligence on this foundation, when the foundation itself said it was surprised by the offer of $444m from @TurnbullMalcolm
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