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Battle 7.1: Pants Planet In the Beginning
**Battle 7.2: Rubber, Plumbing, Roadsters: 20th Century Pants**
Battle 7.3: Everybody Else Is Doing It

Long promised, fully overdue, women & trousers.

The 20th c is massive, because this is when we start wearing them.
Sunday, we talked about several thousand years of garment history that basically condenses to this: trousers are an inefficient garment if you don’t have
good heating,
good plumbing, or
good fasteners.

When we have at least two of the three, trousers start becoming universal.
(How do I know this? Places where trousers were more common had less cold, wet weather than Little Ice Age Europe & invented better fasteners/fabrics much earlier. Shalwar kameez & Mongolian riding trousers and Han/Manchu ku and most of the pueblo-building Native peoples, and...
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**Battle 7.1: Pants Planet In the Beginning**
Battle 7.2: Rubber, Plumbing, Roadsters: 20th Century Pants
Battle 7.3: Everybody Else Is Doing It

Long promised, fully overdue, women & trousers.
I will consistently use the term trousers to refer to the outer garment consisting of two tubes of fabric that join at the torso. I will use culturally appropriate terms when referring to specific garments, but mostly, they’re just trousers.
While pants has fewer characters, it means undergarments for a considerable part of the world. Less ambiguity in language, please. A legging means a long tube garment that covers from waist/hip to foot; leggings include the crotch seam.
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MetaBattle: Self-perception & Cognition: Toddler Narcs

I. Our own brains are out to get us
II. Dementia comes for us all
***III. Narcissism is an underlying feature/bug of consciousness***
IV. Try not look like a 40 year old vampire even if you are
This is gonna be a continuing series, because it’s complex. How we think about fashion is just one aspect of how we think and perceive. I’ve been working on this for a while. It’s foundational. Per usual, I’m just articulating what you already know.

End of repetitive content.
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Good morning from New York, and grab your raincoats.

More for what’s likely to go on inside the court for the Michael Cohen proceedings today than outside.

Look out for the live-feed soon and read the story below. 🔽
Let's get the jargon reminders out of the way so that you can refer to it quickly later.

Michael Avenatti has pro hac vice and intervention motions pending.

"Pro hac vice" = "for the occasion," as in to appear in federal court here, rather than California, where he's licensed.
Intervenor: A nonparty -- not a plaintiff or defendant -- who has an interest in the case.

Trump and the Trump Organization have been granted intervention so far.

Now, Avenatti wants it to be Stormy's turn.
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Classic example of disasters in not differentiating aadhaar authentication, eKYC, eSign, eMandate. Everything needs only one OTP and no knows what transaction happens in backend. @India_Stack will be happy because all they care is volumes not user interest. #Consent #Fraud
A simple way of fixing this mess, is to not allow signatures by just sharing OTP, but involve some bit of user action and adding friction to make sure signatures can't be made with just OTP. User can send a SMS from registered mobile with SIGN <OTP_SENT_TO_ENTITY> to get SIGNOTP
What this would mean is, while signing is still happening through the same set of APIs, it codifies user action, which reduces frauds like these. eSign still has more issues, but this is rudimentary.
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