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i keep circling around need for name-creation during this crisis, to safeguard our coherent survival. our existence is protected in some countries but name, definition, unique exclusivity destroyed by #transfascism, given over to biological males, to trendy-queer heterosexuals.
2./ mindless yet massively successful 'exclusionary is transphobic' propaganda, targeted exclusively against lesbian women by AGP males impossibly claiming our name & definition. the aggressive push of #cottonceiling sexual validation & rape culture is
relentlessly regurgitated.
3/ the transfascist agenda has declared that sexual orientation is merely an identity that may be coopted by anyone, using emotional terms like 'no gatekeeping! you are valid! no one gets to define you!' which promote individual social construction at expense of physical reality.
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to think some women are still so desperate for male approval that they see no consequences to women's collective future in actually handing over to males the agency and control over the word, definition, & material reality existence of women as the female biological sex. madness.
london, last night. #transfascist activists projected slogans onto ministry of justice, parliament, trafalgar square.

women will not allow our collective future to be under #transfascism.

thanks to @CorrectMorally for photo & tweet information, and to @underhandrea for meme.
FYI: @dazed teamed with nyc activist group called "the illuminator."…
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"an ‘inclusive definition of woman’..." starting point as "transwo/men are women."

fait accompli. false premise, grants false equivalency, puts women in false position of defending quotidian reality existence of the female biological sex.

4 words, sisters: TAKE TO THE STREETS.
organize to MARCH. we must shut this orwellian handmaid tale called #transfascism DOWN. women are at the precipice. if we submit to male agency over women's definition as other than adult human biological female, we give to men our entire future existence. this is deadly serious.
women, trollblock all TRA/MRA responds. do not engage. do not waste energies. do not allow ANY derails. #transfascists are immovable, they are impenetrable, & they are master 🔄 manipulators.

women cannot be severed from our material reality existence of female biological sex.
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