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Jun 4, 2018, 10 tweets

1- Let's talk #CEMEX
The following work is not just mine, but a compilation of: @CoreysDigs @ScottAnthonyUSA @RebelPilled @NCDM18 @SolAdentro @cornholio74 @Patriot_17 @412Anon87 @MissRepresentU @The_War_Economy @WenjaminBalton & countless other anons that are doing research.

2-The story took off last night, but apparently has been going on for a couple of days. The group that called themselves ‘VOP Alpha Co - Team Pulaski’ (facebook.com/VOP-Alpha-Co-T…), a group of veterans with different backgrounds & experience, dedicated to help other veterans

3-...are the ones that brought all this out to light.
They have been live streaming videos from the area, and #Facebook keeps taking them down.
What happened? VOP was in the area looking for homeless vets they could help.

4-Somewhere along the I-19 and Valencia, the saw some type of lightning that didn’t seem to belong there & went for a closer inspection. They came across a property owned by Cemex Construction Materials South, LCC.
But they could have also been tipped off about the site

5-There seemed to have been a couple of people there, that originally threatened VOP, but upon refusal, they left on horse and VOP was free to investigate the area. The US vet. Group found what seemed to be an underground bunker, and a set of tunnels containing disturbing items.

6-Among those items: ‘rape trees‘ (breitbart.com/texas/2016/04/… ), children’s toys, condoms, hair dye, ropes and food was discovered. They also found hairbrushes and dug on the ground, until the smell of cadaver was so strong they couldn’t carry on

7-View the videos from this articles to get a better understanding of what's happening:



8-Vop obviously contacted the police & federal authorities & requested their help as well as sniffer dogs to help uncover the truth & recover bodies (if any). Authorities refusing to cooperate & have blocked access to concerned citizens that want to bring food supplies to VOP.

9-#MSM is also reporting this to be #FakeNews & saying that #VOP is just making all this up for the sake of publicity. VOP took to #8chan to spread the word and ever since anons all over the world have been helping to uncover what the media won’t tell you.

10-Why is the media not telling you? Because they are all in the #DNC’s pockets




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