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Choices are narrowing. Antiwhite or Prowhite? Globalist or Nationalist? Communist or Fascist?

Jun 12, 2018, 25 tweets

New thread on #WhiteGuilt. We've seen through these lies:

❌Migration has no affect on house prices, wages or hospital waiting lists

❌White race does not exist

❌Diversity is beneficial

❌ Multi-culturalism works

But there's one lie that's gaining not losing ground ...

Lie gaining ground is #Boomers are responsible for situation West is facing.

One generation, spanning 18 yrs, single handedly changed us from a thriving, affluent, dominant race with strong family values and flourishing communities into impoverished, powerless individuals? 🤔

This lie is gaining strength because too many whites have internalised the message white people are privileged, untrustworthy and evil.

White people are the cause of all that's wrong with the world.

White people don't deserve to exist.

So what do we do with that guilt? .....

....we find a group within the white race who can be made to own the guilt, and we off load it onto them.

Dialogue with an anti-boomer is a mirror image of dialogue with an anti-white.

❌Demonising an entire group

❌Based on received wisdom without any empirical evidence

❌Little interest in debate; either silence when challenged or resorting to familiar (anti-white) rhetoric


Anti-boomer white advocates 😳 include @Lauren_Southern @LaurenRoseUltra @thetolerantman @TaraMcCarthy444 followers just short of half million.

#OneWhiteRace - apparently not

#ItsOkToBeWhite - apparently not

#MostTreasuredPossessionInWorldisYourOwnPeople - not if you're white

For #boomers to be uniquely responsible we need to believe that right now only people aged 54 to 72 have power and influence. No one else.

10 yrs ago only those aged 44 to 62 had power.

20 yrs ago it was 34 to 52 yr olds

30 yrs ago 24 to 42 yr olds

40 yrs ago 14 to 32 yr olds

Creating inter-generational hate between whites is a very successful ploy.

Forbes is a global media company. #Global and #media should ring alarm bells. Perhaps?

So what might the reaction be among the red pilled to this article?


Duh, #boomer unearned privilege.

Now where have we heard that word before?




Another similarity rising from anti-white and boomer hate.

I used to be unaware of my race, now I'm proud to be white.

I used to be almost ashamed of my age, now I'm proud to be a boomer and somewhat chuffed by @thetolerantman's

#ItsOkToBeWhite ♥️

#WhiteGuilt is reason (some) whites hate boomers. Pure, unadulterated #cowardice is another.

All other races can wish violence and death on whites without much comeback. As we know whites do not have that privilege. Except if they target a subset of white people; the boomers.

Is this an amusing anti-boomer tweet? Seems 700 people think so. Let's modify one word, just a little and see:

Born to late to explore new lands

Born to early to explore the galaxy

Born just in time to watch the white race die off :)

Funny @WASPmafia?

White guilt & cowardice are reasons for publicly demonising boomers. Third, more sinister motivation is the desire to destroy trust between different generations of whites.

There can be no better example of this than New Statesman 'article'.⬇️


The headline reads "YouGov research on Brexit proves baby boomers hate their own children"

Wow, @JonnElledge must have some pretty powerful data to feel justified in quoting #YouGov and stating the research #proves boomers #hate their own children. 😳


Actually @JonnElledge has no evidence whatsoever. He's interpreted the data through his anti-boomer (or anti-white 🤔) mindset to arrive at a twisted & perverted 'conclusion' that he calls proof.

His additional gratuitous vilifiction of white boomers is extraordinary.⬇️


Data actually showed that, for Leave voters money was less important than other factors (immigration, culture, self-determination).

Boomers were more likely to hold this view than younger people.

Far from hating, Boomers were voting for a better future for their children. 🇬🇧

So @BrittPettibone is also #antiwhite and #antiboomer.

Brittany is promoting a book which portrays white #boomers as responsible for our dire situation. 😳

And what's this .... a boomer on the thread has been detected. Well let's just joke about him being melted down to glue.

By the way if anyone is wondering what Duke Reeder said to deserve to be melted down to glue.

He said he was a boomer.

Good on you @DukeReeder. ♥️

#If we want to survive we cannot afford to:
❌Write off an entire generation
❌Alienate an entire generation
❌Be gullible, superficial & unquestioning
❌Demonise white people
❌Destroy trust between whites
❌Be destructive
❌Distract ourselves from those who are responsible.

To survive & flourish:

♥️Question all anti-white narratives to find the lie

♥️Respect all generations; they're doing the best they can

♥️Support each other so we become stronger as individuals & as a group

♥️Focus on who is orchestrating this & actions we can take.

If it's not the boomers, who created this situation? Who's responsible? When did it start?

It started before boomers were even born; before WW2. Hitler came to power because the Marxists had control over Germany and were destroying it. Read this from Joseph Goebbels in 1936.

Hitler lost WW2 and apparently Churchill saved Britain. Does it feel like we were saved?

Hitler repeatedly called for peace. Under Hitler, Germany's indigenous people were flourishing. Churchill put a stop to that.

We need to unite; to stop pushing for another brothers war.

This breaks my heart. ❤️

No more brother wars.

.@Lauren_Southern is pushing the narrative that white people are responsible for the destruction of the white race.

We've a choice; agree with her or fight her. Staying silent means more and more young people will internalise this message.


#OneWhiteRace or not?

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