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Jun 14, 2018, 22 tweets

Maybe it’s time we got @SpeakerRyan up to speed then, shall we? (THREAD)

First, there’s the $43,000 soundproof phone booth Pruitt had installed in his office – which btw violates federal spending laws. Maybe @EPAScottPruitt is trying to hide something?

Then we learned that Pruitt was renting DC condo owned by an energy lobbyist with dealings at the EPA - for $50 a night. What does $50 a night in DC usually get you? 👇

Don’t forget about his trip to Disneyland with an entourage of at least 20 people for his “security.” I’m sure they appreciated that trip.

Pruitt also enjoys the perks of first-class travel at taxpayer expense…

Remember those cronies Pruitt brought from Oklahoma and then gave exorbitant raises to?

#PollutingPruitt is harming our air, water & health while his political donors doing very well. GOP seems ok with this #CoughCough

And @SpeakerRyan, my House resolution suggesting Pruitt resign has over 140 cosponsors. You should know about that too! #BootPruitt @EnergyCommerce

Since you guys love talking about emails so much, don’t forget those two email addresses that Pruitt didn’t disclose.

Pruitt urged withdraw from #ParisAgreement and refuses to #ActOnClimate – I thought the EPA was supposed to protect the environment? What’s the opposite of Captain Planet?

And who needs experts on science boards when you’re besties with the industries you’re supposed to regulate?

I know this is a lot – believe me, I know – but stay with me….there’s more 😱 @RepHuffman @repblumenauer @RepMcEachin you may want to help @SpeakerRyan here

Pruitt has a penchant for reassigning staffers who don’t agree with his frivolous spending.

He abused his position to try get his wife with a fast food franchise. He settled for using his aides to get her a cushy legal job.

Pruitt also seems to want to #MakeAmericaSickAgain by delaying, weakening, even reversing Obama-era chemical safety precautions! @EnergyCommerce

Remember how former Rep. Schock (R) redecorated his office to look like Downton Abbey? Pruitt’s taken that to a whole other level.

Now he’s using his staff to get used beds and wasting money on custom made pens. Yep, $1,560 of taxpayer $ for 12 pens! GOP seems OK with this.

I wonder if while his staff was going out to get the used bed if they picked up the Ritz-Carlton moisturizing lotion he asked for also. At least it’d be fuel efficient. 🤔

It’s only 3pm @SpeakerRyan, so Pruitt’s got time for at least 4 more scandals today… #BootPruitt #TrumpsToxicTeam

Told you there'd be more! There's no way @SpeakerRyan can ignore the @nytimes report that EPA staffers felt pressured by Pruitt to help w/personal matters & get special favors for his family. #shocker…

Pruitt doesn't seem to hesitate to leverage his job at the @EPA into favors - as we've seen - including getting sold-out Rose Bowl tickets at a discount!

I joked yesterday, but with 11 hours left in the day WHO KNOWS what else will come out about Pruitt.

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