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Jun 30, 2018, 18 tweets

🚧 1.Let's take a little trip down memory lane @NancyPelosi @SenSchumer @SenGillibrand because it appears as though you may have a memory problem. In 2014 there were children in cages, 80% of which weren't even receiving adequate food and water #AbolishICE #WomenDisobey

2. 2014 Brian Williams reported on 52k children cramped into small facilities and while "taking children from Mothers" is never said listen closely when they say ADULTS are deported, kids stay? @NBCNews knows this and it was @RepMcCaul (R) that was worried #KeepFamiliesTogether

3. The @ACLU wrote to the Obama Admin in 2014 complaining children, including infants were starved, kept in "freezers" and sexually abused they included 116 confessions from children. #KeepFamiliesTogether…

4. In fact during the Obama administration no press was allowed to visit these facilities and @DHSgov could not say if the children would ever be reunited with family. @SenJohnMcCain and @JeffFlake know this well, why aren't they speaking up? #AbolishICE #WomenDisobey

5. Why hasn't @mitchellreports talked about reporting children weren't allowed to shower for up to ten days or even brush their teeth? Has @NBCNews lost this footage? Not to worry here is the link. #FamiliesBelongTogether…

6. #FlashbackFriday @laurawbush do you remember 2007 by chance? In your very own State of Texas children were held in a prison facility, they wore prison uniforms, were denied education and barely went outside. The children said they were traumatized #LauraBush @realDonaldTrump

7. What is this? In 2013 the Bishop was horrified that children were "being ripped away from their parents" and put in detention centers. Surely you remember this @SenWarren @TheDemocrats why didn't you write an op-ed @laurawbush #KeepFamiliesTogether #endfamilyseparation

8. 2013 must have been the year @realDonaldTrump borrowed @JoyAnnReid's time machine to make this policy or maybe @PressSec and @secNielsen did it! #Disrupt #nopeacenosleep right @RepMaxineWaters

9. #FunFact women were told is was no problem to cross if they had a child in 2014 but sometimes it didn't work so adults were deported and Obama admin kept the children Mothers were barely allowed to speak to them #KeepFamiliesTogether #FamiliesBelongTogether

10. Deporting parents and keeping kids was rampant in 2011, a report called "shattered families" counted 5100 children that were in foster care because their parents were not legal. Most never go their kids back. #KeepFamiliesTogether…

11. #WhereAreTheChidren we kept from parents in 2011 @SenFeinstein you seemed quite active with cause back then, does anyone know what happened to them? #KeepFamiliesTogether do you know @SenSchumer does anyone? #FamiliesBelongTogether

12. There was all kinds of madness completely ignored by every single Democrat for 8 years of Obama. How about the fraud caused by illegal immigration that has destroyed the lives of children that don't even know their identity is stolen yet?…

13. Obama's department was deporting people with asylum, one woman was kidnapped and raped because of a mistake but @womensmarch wasn't around then surely they would have protested? @ACLU…

14. What was the big solution? Mothers and children were just dropped off at bus stations, left to fend for themselves is that @TheDemocrats dream? The studies show that in 2014-2016 our public school system was crippled and forced to take these children, no paperwork.

15. Illegal immigrants were told in Spanish how to go on food stamps in 2013 and no one did anything about it, they also received health care, housing assistance and legal, no wonder they're so loyal.…

16. YES #MS13 recruited unaccompanied minors, yes they pretended to be younger to get into the States. All of this was okay to say before @realDonaldTrump became President, now it's racist? Now they are @NancyPelosi's sparks of light?…

17. There is a reason @BarackObama deported so many, the problem even got out of hand for him. IF you really want to #KeepFamiliesTogether and IF you're really worried about safety, there is only ONE WAY. #BuildThatWall #ProtectOurBorders #DefendICE

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