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Jun 30, 2018, 18 tweets

(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread from June 29, 2018. #MAGA

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Below: The First Family departing for the first weekend at Bedminster, NJ, of Summer 2018. 😎☀️🍦🍦

(2) POTUS, FLOTUS, Barron, and Amalija boarding AF1 at Andrews for the flight to NJ for the weekend before the 4th of July. The Kushner family also travelled with them.

(3) Special topic thread:

(4) POTUS at a luncheon with GOP Congressional reps this week, on the day the SCOTUS travel ban decision was released.

(5) Hey media, don't mess with #TheExpert.

(6) Beautiful family. A well earned weekend break in NJ.

(7) POTUS and #TheExpert shortly before flying out of Joint Base Andrews yesterday.

(8) Leaving JBA, speaking to the press pool, and arriving in NJ.

(9) Various recent photos. Rally in Fargo, ND. Embroidered 45 on his shirt cuffs.

(10) POTUS seems to have a very warm relationship with the Portugese President. There were a lot of laughs shared during the public part of their Oval Office meeting.

(11) Wonderful signs outside the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA. Love always wins. The silent majority of Americans can see exactly what is happening. They're not stupid.

(12) Larry Kudlow returned to the White House 3 weeks after heart attack. Said "rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated."😉

Please Larry, encourage POTUS to lose a little weight. We need him around as long as possible. When Pence is POTUS, his support will be helpful.

(13) Trump's trusted inner circle are looking happier these days than they have in a long time. In general terms, they're going nowhere. If Kelly does complete this assignment soon, I'm confident his replacement will be just as good. Esp. if it's Mulvaney or Ayers.

(14) Great visit to DC by the King and Queen of Jordan this week. Never underestimate the importance of Senate relationships with allied leaders.

(15) POTUS at his lunch meeting with Congressional reps on the day the travel ban was upheld by SCOTUS.

The Left are using the slogan "Heart of ICE," but they don't realize there is no greater love than to serve as an LEO. Our ICE heroes love saving lives & protecting us.

(16) Melania Trump's second visit to a DHS site near the border, this time in Arizona.

Smart, compassionate and beautiful, as always. Best FLOTUS ever.

(17) POTUS joined Gov Scott Walker and others at a groundbreaking ceremony for the new $10-billion #FoxConn factory that will produce state-of-the-art flat-panel displays in Mount Pleasant, #Wisconsin.

(18) National Security Adviser, Ambassador John Bolton in Moscow last week. Bolton met with a group of British MPs on the way home. POTUS will meet with Putin in Helsinki this month, and make his first visit to the UK as President.

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