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Jul 3, 2018, 9 tweets

Next week President Trump will announce his second Supreme Court Justice pick.

Think this doesn’t affect your day-to-day life?

Think again.

Here’s #WhatsAtStake and how our lives and our democracy could be negatively impacted for generations to come. #SCOTUS

1. Simply put, the Supreme Court interprets the Constitution, which involves every aspect of our lives—how we conduct ourselves in society and boundaries for individuals and the government. Trump will surely nominate someone who aligns with his alt-right ideology. #WhatsAtStake

2. Women’s health. It’s not just about reproductive freedom!! It’s access to birth control, equal insurance pricing, equal access to care, and protection in the workplace. #WhatsAtStake

2. Voting rights. The @gop already made our elections unfair. From ID requirements to gerrymandering, to felon reenfranchisement, to vulnerable voting machines. It all matters. #WhatsAtStake

3. Healthcare. Did you ever have acne? High blood pressure? Depression? Cancer? A c-section? Anxiety? The Supreme Court will decide if you can be denied or charged more for insurance for #preexistingconditions. #WhatsAtStake

4. Education & information: should your tax dollars fund religious schools through vouchers, taking money out of public schools? Should #netneutrality give way to big business? It’s #WhatsAtStake. They can choose who has access to what criminally furthering the economic divide.

5. Gun Violence Prevention-do you believe communities can limit the type or number of firearms available for sale? Should the next Trayvon Martin’s killer just walk free? Do you believe the NRA should be able to buy gun-favoring policy with Russian money? #WhatsAtStake #NoRA

6. Immigration. Do you want children kidnapped & caged in our country? Do you believe all people deserve to seek asylum and protection in their quest for the American Dream? Do you believe in banning people from certain countries entirely?#WhatsAtStake.

7. These critical issues and so many more are #WhatsAtStake with Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee. Call your senators today. Demand they support only nominees who stand on the right side of history and reflect the values of the American people. (202)224-3121

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