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Jul 6, 2018, 9 tweets

Time to talk about women's reproductive health and dispel a few myths. I'm not one for long threads, so bear with me here. I have a lot of thoughts on this.

The main thing I think gets lost in partisan rhetoric is that we ALL want there to be fewer abortions. But how?

2) Let's start with a universal truth.

🔥Making abortions illegal does not make them less common.🔥



Just in case you thought this was an American phenomena.

It's not.

Other countries have learned the hard way that punitive measures don't work.

Indeed, the rates of unsafe abortion in places where it is illegal are heartbreaking.
Clearly, making abortion illegal didn't do much for these countries.

So what can we do?


Unsurprisingly, @PPFA does a lot to PREVENT abortions. And yet, the right loves to attack them. In fact, the vast majority of PP's work is reproductive health & prevention.

Which begs the question... Why does the right attack PP?

Republicans LOVE abortion. I'm not even kidding. They love showing abhorrent pictures of dead babies to scare people into voting for them. Fear is their choice for #GOTV
Fear of:
They are ruled by fear.


While reading this @Slate article gave me hope, I have serious concerns. It's not 1990. The number of women who remember the days before #RoeVWade are fewer. I'm not sure the younger generation entirely understands the danger we are in.

But how DO we prevent abortions?
It might be a good idea now to look at what works. Colorado is leading the way here.

Which brings us to our current situation. Will the #GOP get rid of Roe V Wade with their last judge pick & lose their #GOTV incentive? Or will they do what they've always done and lie to their base while chipping away at #WomensRights ?
It's hard to know
Take no chances

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