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Jul 9, 2018, 11 tweets

Tucson update: The leader of Veterans on Patrol has been arrested.

He's been charged with criminal trespass, according to some online reports, but I have a call in to confirm this information.

I forgot to tag our gullible Q friends. #operationbackyardbrawl #QAnon #WhereAreTheChildren #pedogate #cemex @vets4childrescue

In recent weeks, Lewis has claimed that the courts have no jurisdiction over him. If he tries that in court, the judge assigned to his case will not be amused.

It looks like Lewis has been released on bail.

He's been getting some free sovereign citizen legal advice on Facebook.

Louis is out of jail and is reacting to his arrest by threatening people. At least one of the ranchers he is placing a target on is likely the person who is pressing the criminal trespass charges.

Read the post. It's menacing.

I'm going to store some of Lewis' comments here, since they'll possibly be deleted.

A couple more.

Local story on Lewis' criminal trespassing case say the sheriff's department arrested him during a traffic stop and that they are investigating additional crimes. kgun9.com/news/local-new…

Veterans on Patrol founder arrested for trespassing kvoa.com/story/38606491…

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