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Jul 10, 2018, 75 tweets


Trump is bringing back the US space program in a big way! Where did he first announce his Space Force plans? When he visited So. California 3/13/18.
Q already told us this on 12/23/18 in response to a question from SoCA...


Why do we need a #SpaceForce?
[i] Iridium Commumications satellites... they control our coms... 66 of them, though originally planned to be 77 which is the element number for Iridium (a platinum metal).

So Q posted about Space Force and also the last Iridium satellite launch was on 12/23/17. I remember seeing the strange glowing “clouds” (looked like a rocket/Missile exploded) over SoCal that night. It was a scary sight!

He also posted “Message sent.”

Did HRC/BO sell our secret space technology information (SAP’s)? Who did they sell our NASA space technology to (to line their own pockets)?

The next SpaceX 7th Iridium Next launch of 10 Iridium satellites will occur 7/20/18 again (same as 12/23/17) from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.…

The Iridium satellite does not just provide connectivity for phones/internet... but provides GPS and uplinks to boats, planes, AND vehicles! Think about what that would mean if a back door into their systems was sold...

Think Michael Hastings.
Think #LasVegasShooting witness.

And they continue to expand...…

Think Navy Ship crashes...

Think Military Aircraft crashes...

“Mess with the best, die like the rest.” is a quote from the 1995 movie HACKERS, wherein an EVIL insider programs an oil tanker to capsize in order to profit on the stock change of the company and blame it on Anonymous Hackers.

Who are the EVIL insiders?
Clowns Clowns Clowns!

While publicly Trump WH fights against the FBI, DOJ, former Obama WH and State Dept. officials... the REAL WAR going on is against the CIA.

The Revolution will not be televised.

Welcome to #WorldWarQ!

I’m not the only one who thinks the USS John S. McCain Crash was caused by a hack of their GPS guidance system...…

In-Q-Tel is the technology financing arm of the CIA. Though they do not publicly disclose all of the companies they help fund... I’m almost positive Iridium is one of them...

“Think Intel.” -Q

When Q put “Castle Arrival Good” and “Blue Metal” in a post on 6/12/18, then @POTUS_Scedule tweeted “Good to be back at the castle!” on 6/13/18, they were referring to this Iridium program that can bring down planes...

Blue Metal = Blue Iridium III

(@prayingmedic #Qproofs)

Did HRC/BO sell the SAP technology/ backdoor entry to Iridium satellite control to China? Q suggest so...

On 5/17/18, #Qanon posted a picture of a NASA shuttle “x2” and a picture of Las Vegas “LV_remove.”

There is an underground massive data center in Henderson, NV (very close to Las Vegas).

Why is Henderson PD and Nevada DOJ involved in Bangkok hacker case?

The Lone Mountain Data Center of Henderson, NV has over 100,00 square feet of underground space.

#LasVegasShooting Stephen Paddock owned a house and a storage unit in Henderson, NV. His doctor was located there as well.

Husband and wife, witnesses of the 10/1/17 #LasVegasShooting died in a very suspicious car crash near their home in Temecula, CA on 10/16/17. They also owned a home and an industrial storage facility in Henderson, NV.…

Their storage unit was less than a mile from where the 10/14 FBI shooting/car crash occurred.

MSM reported it as just a car crash. 3 died. POL Anon reported seeing FBI at scene during shooting.…

Prior info thread:

Just came across the news of an explosion at a Titanium plant in Henderson, NV that occurred on 1/24/18. Check out Q’s 1/14/18 post about False Flags and Las Vegas...

Q’s post had a closing of TRUST.

Movie- THE TRUST- about the notoriously corrupt cops of Las Vegas...

Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET), where the explosion occurred, primarily deals with titanium production for the US aerospace industry!

The TIMET chemical plant that exploded was located at 181 N. Water Street.

Watch the Water.
WATER (Poisoning).
Plants need Water.

Confirmed #Qproof! TIMET chemical plant in Henderson, NV literally killed 10’s of Thousands of people!!!!

TIMET was sold to Precision Castparts Corp., the #1 AIR POLLUTER in the USA.

Precision Castparts Corp. was sold to Berkshire Hathaway (huge company led by Warren Buffet) in January 2016.

Paul Manafort’s Son-in-Law, who worked for Berkshire Hathaway, just took a plea deal in May 2018.

Plants need water.
It’s all connected.

Also in the same week of May 2018, Berkshire Hathaway reported unprecedented multi-Billion dollar losses, McCain’s health took a turn for the worse, Justify won the Kentucky Derby, and Stormy appeared on SNL to try to distract the masses...…

Back to #SpaceForce...
This whole Iridium satellite network reminds me of the movie GEOSTORM, where a net of satellites cover the planet and protect the World.

Or to ATTACK....

“RODS OF GOD” Space Weapons.

Yes, they are real:…

In February 2018, I believe that is what hit in Michigan causing a 2.0+ earthquake...

Sorry it was in January...

OWL = Orbital Weapons Launch

Then there is the CIA Spartan Missile Defense System...

(My old research thread on that)

POTUS signed a Bill for $4B re: Missile defense on 12/22/17, but it was overshadowed by the Tax Cut Bill signed the same day... on purpose I’m sure.

What else would Clowns use the Iridium satellite system for? Collecting and then routing a mirror of all of our communications data that runs through the satellite to a storage facility, like the 3 data centers underground in LAs Vegas?

Remember, LifeLog CIA program ended the day Facebook began...
Peter Thiel was one of the first private investors in Facebook. Thiel runs Palantir, highly funded by CIA’s In-Q-Tel. Want to bet Facebook was/is funded by CIA’s In-Q-Tel too?

(I’ll bet that’s why they killed MySpace)

In that movie GEOSTORM, it deals with Weather Warfare... one of their satellites meant for protection is hacked and turned into a weapon against the World...
#Geoengineering #WeatherWars

That’s a topic for another day... I only bring it up because Q posted about a WEATHER FF.

On 6/13/18:


On the day POTUS left the G7 to go to the NK Summit, 6/12/18, there was what our own military described as a “Mystery Object” over Washington State... there were some strange irregularities with POTUS re-fueling and his early return flight timing too...…

The 1996 ILLUMINATI card game has a card that states “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and “At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you... Have a nice day.”

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH refers to assassination attempts.

Q used the phrase once before on 4/4/18... in the same post that he talks about WATER poisoning...

Or this crazy windowless NSA building in NYC...

Some more great graphics done by other Anons relating to the “FF WEATHER ALERT”:

When NSA took over CIA operations as Q said, did rogue agents of CIA move their LifeLog/Facebook huge information database to China???

Remember when HRC said she wanted to become CEO of Facebook?

Do you remember when Facebook surveyed its users to ask if they condone pedophilia?


Remember when people filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook because they were illegally recording logging and storing all of your texts/phone calls?

Facebook LISTENS, RECORDS, and STORES Everything! 24/7/365

4/12/18-…"target="_new" title="archive" id="archive_today">📁
Study carefully.
IG (think Ray.Chandler).

Wow! Have you ever heard of the Facebook Building 8 Mind Reading Project???

This reminds me exactly of Google’s human brain/super computer project I read about years ago (in MySpace days)... they use actual human brains connected to computers. Not science fiction!

WTF?! 😳😳😳

Facebook’s 2017 F8 Conference topics:

“Building 8 project aiming to allow people to type straight from their brain and hear through their skin”

A brain-computer interface that allows people to communicate telepathically!…

Who wants to bet they will record every thought and memory and create a “Minority Report” style agency to monitor it, then require everyone to get chipped (mark of the Beast) in the name of Safety and Security?!

This is NOT a movie. This is real life!

There is an actual movie with this plot named ANON recently released (5/4/18 in Germany) by Netflix, which coincidentally films at the above mentioned 33 Thomas Street windowless building in NYC... and Anons are the enemy.

666 in Hebrew translates to WWW (World Wide Web), showing us the Mark of the Beast will connect us all.

This is a World Wide fight against EVIL!


Oh, and that Google brain-computer technology I researched years ago... it was developed as a partnership with Google/NASA!

Also, think THE MATRIX!

What is the Keystone?
The All Seeing Eye. (In the Sky)

Keystone = Iridium satellite network
[i] = Iridium

“All missle launches have stoped.”

Missing [i].
Missing [P].

“Follow the money, it’s the key.” -Q

I’m guessing DJT with MI/NSA has taken over these EVIL programs!

Another In-Q-Tel CIA project we know about-


Think the movie Paycheck or Minority Report.
Remember the Future?
Future proves Past.

Palantir is helping Trump MI (Military Intelligence) using an advanced AI system they named Palantir Metropolis to locate all of the corruption and financial crimes! Think 12/21/17 Executive Order...

Palantir Gotham is helping track down all the players involved in serious human rights violations... again think 12/21/17 Executive Order. This includes the pedophiles, the human/child traffickers, and the Satanic Ritual Abuse cults!

Think movie Batman: Gotham by Gaslight.

Peter Thiel is head of Palantir and head of Trump’s IOB (Intelligence Oversight Board). He is also a spy for Trump in the Bilderberg Group. He also helped finance the start up of Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

He is a good guy...




Harley Quinn- BANG BANG

(I always liked this Batman character- maybe because my middle name is Quinn ❤️)

Harley Quinn = Arkham Insane Asylum Doctor/Therapist

“The key = therapist.” -Q

The therapist uses #MKultra programming to break the patients mind and then control them...

Take a look at all of the mass shooters!
MK Ultra mind control slaves...

Remember James E. Holmes?!?!

Connection to my recent thread mentioning Holmes...


Palantir’s name is a JR Tolkien reference. Another relevant Tolkien reference is the Eye of Sauron...…

Eye of Sauron =
All Seeing Eye.
Eye of Providence.
Eye of RA.

Sauron is known as the NECROMANCER (black magic using dead bodies).

Iridium = Eyes in the SKY.

If you’ve managed to get this far...
ThanQ you PATRIOT!

Tell your friends/family about #WorldWarQ!


Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway at an HRC Rally 🤣🤣🤣

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