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Jul 12, 2018, 11 tweets

Another #Amesbury / #Skripal thread

1/ You must read the superb series of articles on Amesbury and Skripal written by Rob Slane at the Blogmire. He leaves no doubt that the government has got it wrong

I want to look at one possibility that's not covered

2/ In part 3 Rob draws on a Daily Mail report about the Skripal's visit to an Italian restaurant.


After a 20 min wait for his meal Skripal becomes agitated and wants to leave. Rob speculates that it's because he has to go and meet someone. But who?

3/ Now let's look back at The Sun's report about Amesbury. Particularly about where drug dealers leave stashes.

It's done in the local parks. Where did Skripal go, agitated, after his lunch? The park.

Soon after he's suffering all the signs of Fentanyl overdose.

4/ Drawing this together it seems highly likely that Skripal was a drug addict.

He was agitated because he was going to miss his rendezvous with his dealer.

Do we have a lead on who that may be? Yes we do. The people with the red bag.

5/ In part 2 of Rob's series, he highlights the CCTV pictures that at one point the media were touting as pictures of Yulia and Sergei Skripal. They were walking towards the bench where they were found just minutes later

Rob points out these are not the Skripals. Two odd things:

a) They appear to be wearing white gloves
b) One is carrying a red bag

A red bag later turns up at the feet of Yulia Skripal while she's slumped on the bench. The police (with no protective clothing) take it way as evidence. It's never mentioned by them again.

7/ It's more than a possibility that the elderly looking couple with the red bag, are either dealers, or passing on Fentanyl to the Skripals.

Them both being drug users explains Yulia and Sergei's reluctance to make statements after recovering. It's not something to boast about

8/ Were the Russian media hinting about Skripal's drug use? CNN reporting of Russia First story on Skripal's poisoning mentions "traitors" slipping into drug addiction..



9 (edit):

A consultant at Salisbury hospital says there was no Novichok poisoning. For those that don't know the UK medical hierarchy; a consultant is the most senior doctor.

So why do the media keep saying Novichok? Mark Urban of the BBC shares an ...

10/ .. interesting link with Pablo Miller, Skripal's MI6 handler (also an employee of Orbis Business Solutions. The UK media are following a D-Notice, not to mention Miller by name). spinwatch.org/index.php/issu…

They were commissioned together into the same regiment. Brothers in arms

11/ #Russiagate watchers will know Orbis who created the Trump "Dirty Dossier".

That report was written in the Russian style, with the names CAPITALISED, but Steele and Miller are English.

Could it be that the "Steele dossier", is actually the "Skripal dossier"?

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