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Host of The Protectors® Podcast Retired Fed LEO & US Army Vet (OIF). Author of Unwavering.

Jul 13, 2018, 8 tweets

ME: Obama era #whistleblower; suspect questions on my bona fides; 18+ yr fed from BP to USCS/ICE & DOD Special Agent, ERO supervisor, ICE HQ staff/acting Unit Chief, & member of the DHS Human Smuggling Cell. 90’s enlisted US Army & a tour as an Infantry Captain to Iraq (05/06)

Thanks to a single tweet by @thereaIrosanne my story was brought to light. I’ve been a guest on several outlets talking about securing our Nation such as @foxandfriends @NRATV @DLoesch @OANN @opslens @CRTV @BFT_Podcast and interviewed by @KatiePavlich @townhallcom @NeilWMcCabe

I earned a B.S. in Law Enforcement, Master of Forensic Science, and a Doctorate of Strategic Security; all accredited. Thesis on Criminal Aliens & my dissertation is preventing Lone Wolf Jihad Attacks.

Thanks @PeteHegseth !!

The tweet by @therealroseanne that brought my story of Obama’s admin releasing kids to criminals...

Then the article by @KatiePavlich that pushed it to the forefront .. townhall.com/tipsheet/katie…

AND the next week an interview by @NeilWMcCabe on @OANN oann.com/whistleblower-…

Where my Fed career started...U.S border with Mexico.

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