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Jul 15, 2018, 6 tweets

MSM: "We had no idea."
Me: "I wrote this June 30, 2016, so..."

Trump, Terror & Brexit…

When Trump was in the UK right after #Brexit, he spoke repeatedly about how the British had voted to "take their country back."
Trump reiterated that during his #TrumpUKVisit--he warned of the UK "Losing their culture."

We had a clear preview two years ago as I wrote here:

The claims no one knew Trump's intentions are false.

He trumpeted them everywhere he went. It was shocking, but fully evident. He talked about his intent to isolate America from the world--and demonized POC in every exchange.
#Brexit previewed how that racism impacted citizens.

When British citizens who were brown or immigrants began being assaulted and attacked in the days after the #Brexit vote, we saw what could happen here.

It has.

If you are still claiming you didn't know--you knew.

We all knew.

62M--including Democratic women and men voted for THIS. To "take back our country" from other Americans.

Don't repeat this in November when the #GOP has actual Nazis running for Congress. Actual Nazis.

Certainly, as I wrote then, #HillaryClinton knew. And queried if we wanted to give in to #Brexit-style fear-mongering and anti-immigrant fervor.

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