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Jul 19, 2018, 7 tweets

Yesterday, you took @BlueWaveCS🌊 candidate @lisa4congress from 10.4 to 10.7 followers! 🤯 Great job, #BlueWave!

#ThursdayThoughts #COTD @DrKimSchrier is running in #WA08.

She's at 3.8k followers.
Think we can get her to 4.2k?❤️

"My mother was a public elementary school teacher, my son is a public school student, and my entire education has been public, including college and medical school...Our children all deserve access to an excellent public education, regardless of zip code." --@DrKimSchrier

"When I was 16, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and learned what it meant to worry about health costs. All that time in doctors’ offices inspired me to become a pediatrician so I could treat children and help families navigate the healthcare system." -- @DrKimSchrier #COTD

"As a doctor and a woman, I trust women to make their own personal decisions about health and family planning." -- @DrKimSchrier @BlueWaveCS #COTD

"I am sickened by the separation of children from their parents at our southern border. Speaking as a pediatrician, this policy is not just inhumane and cruel – it is child abuse, and will have lasting effects on these young people."-- @DrKimSchrier @BlueWaveCS #COTD

"I hold @DinoRossiWA accountable for Trump’s dangerous policies. Rossi was a Trump delegate who fought to elect a president whose shortsighted, impulsive policies are directly hurting farmers and working families in our district." -- @DrKimSchrier @BlueWaveCS #COTD

"I cannot overstate how critical it is that we address Russian meddling in our elections. Trump is putting his own interests and his own pride above the interests of the entire United States. This is not a partisan issue. This is an American issue." -- @DrKimSchrier #COTD

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