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Jul 21, 2018, 22 tweets


#FISA warrant application from Oct'16 for Carter Page released.

👉🏼calls Page a #Russian🇷🇺agent
👉🏼discloses Simpson/Steele ties w/"Candidate #2" (HRC)
👉🏼says #Russia coordinated w/Page & "perhaps others" to influence the election


🔥This is the *first* time that a #FISA application has EVER been released.🧐

The #FBI didn't mince words, initially identifying the target of the FISA application as, "Carter W. Page, a US person, and an agent of a foreign power, described in detail below." 2/



#FISA app alleges Page did "knowingly engage in clandestine intelligence activities"...involving "a violation of the CRIMINAL statutes of the US."

Page was "the subject of targeted recruitment by #Russia🇷🇺...undermine & influence the outcome" of the election. 3/

Page's #FISA warrant application discusses the WikiLeaks' release *stolen* #DNC emails. #Putin denied that #Russia🇷🇺was behind the hack (🙄), but the USIC was "confident" that #Russia hacked Democratic groups & "intended to interfere w/the US election process.🤬4/


🔥The #FISA warrant alleges #Russia's🇷🇺coordination w/Carter Page" [redacted] "to undermine and improperly and ILLEGALLY influence the 2016 Presidential election." 5/



As part of "The #Russian🇷🇺Government's Attempts to Influence the 2016 US Presidential Election," the #FBI alleges that #Russia's efforts "are being coordinated w/Page **and perhaps other individuals** associated w/Candidate #1's (@realDonaldTrump) campaign."🔥 6/

The #FBI describes Page's #Treason Tour to Moscow in July 2016 – in the midst of Trump's campaign (!) – where Page met w/at least 2 #Russian🇷🇺officials (Igor Sechin & Igor Diveykin), according to "Source #1" (Christopher Steele). 7/


BEFORE the election, in **Sept'16**, Michael @Isikoff reported on Page's Jul'16 #Treason Tour to Moscow, where he met w/Igor Sechin (head of #Rosneft) & Igor Diveykin (senior Kremlin official overseeing #Russian🇷🇺intel on the election). 8/


#FISA app says that "Source #1" (Steele) was hired by "identified US person" (Simpson) to "conduct research regarding Candidate #1's (Trump) ties w/#Russia🇷🇺," and that Simpson never disclosed to Steele the motivation for digging into Trump's ties w/Russia.🤔 9/


IMPORTANT: although Steele wasn't told the reasons for digging into Trump's ties w/#Russia🇷🇺, the #FBI **clearly** stated in the #FISA app that they believed Simpson was "looking for information that could be used to discredit [Trump's] campaign." 10/

The #FISA app says that, despite the reasons that Steele was hired to research Trump's ties w/#Russia🇷🇺, Steele previously had provided reliable info to the #FBI (on the #FIFA scandal), and his #TrumpRussia reporting was considered "credible."😎 11/

Despite Team🇷🇺Traitor's attempts to discredit Page's #FISA app, the court was AWARE that Simpson hired Steele to research Trump's ties w/#Russia likely in an attempt to find info to discredit Trump.

And the court still granted the warrant on Page.😎12/

The #FISA app describes Page's Jul'16 #Treason Tour, when he secretly met w/Sechin & discussed lifting #sanctions (as @isikoff reported in Sept'16), and also met w/Diveykin, who offered the possibility of giving Team🇷🇺Trump a dossier of #kompromat on Clinton.🤨 13/


#FISA app describes Team🇷🇺Trump's efforts to soften the @GOP platform on #Ukraine in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to "almost all [#Republican] foreign policy leaders," following Trump's "recent association w/several people sympathetic" to #Russia, including Page.🙄 14/


According to @isikoff's Sept'16 report, "certain members of Congress were 'taken aback' when briefed on [Page's] alleged meetings" w/Sechin & Diveykin & "viewed the meetings as a possible BACK CHANNEL to the #Russians."🙄

#FBI did NOT think that Steele was Isikoff's source.😉15/

🤣#FISA app notes that Trump's campaign tried to distance itself from Page after @isikoff's DAMNING Sept'16 (along w/other reports).

Team🇷🇺Trump refused to comment as to why Trump previously had called "Dr. Carter Page" his foreign policy advisor.🙄 16/


In Sept'16, Page sent the #FBI a letter👉🏼(falsely) claimed that he "did not meet this year w/any sanctioned official in #Russia🇷🇺."

According to @isikoff, Page's meets w/*sanctioned* Sechin & Diveykin in Jul'16 were "actively monitored."😎17/


Reminder: it is a #felony to LIE to the #FBI, regardless of whether or not one is under oath. However, given the other, much more serious CRIMES that Page allegedly committed, this is the least of his worries.😉 18/


The #FISA warrant concludes by alleging that Page "has been collaborating & conspiring w/the #Russian🇷🇺Government & was "knowingly engage(d) in clandestine intelligence activities."🔥 19/


In summary: the #FISA warrant is DAMNING for Team🇷🇺Trump & clearly shows that the court *knew* about possible political motivations for Steele's hire, yet STILL granted the warrant.😎

After several hours (on a Saturday night, no less!) of breaking this down, I'm done.👋🏼

If you’re wondering why Carter Page hasn’t been arrested (yet), don’t worry. Mueller hasn’t (yet) unloaded #indictments of Team🇷🇺Traitor for national security-related crimes.

But he will soon.😎


Page’s #FISA warrant application, plus *three renewals* was over 400 pages long. There’s more to unpack, including #FBI providing the court w/more details about Steele that totally BLOW AWAY Nunes’ #FakeMemo.😎

For now, I must bid all of you adieu.😘

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