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Jul 25, 2018, 42 tweets

!. #QAnon has ended his targeted [20] day silence because "Silence is Golden", and mirrors, disinformation are necessary to have #DeepState #Clowns incriminate themselves with their redactions, a bad "reflection" on themselves. #Q

2. "From Sea[grams] to shining Sea" 4 more arrests. An estimated 16,000 ppl paid as much as $3.4K for a "journey of personal discovery" into "NXIVM", whose unit “Dominus Obsequious Sororium,” branded women w irons & coerced them into sex slavery. #QAnon #Q…

3. #QAnon broke his [20] day Golden Silence with these words:

"From Sea to Shining Sea" (1682).

About 90 min later, in Kansas City, President Trump points to his ear with a listening gesture, then points to the speakers playing

"From Sea to Shining Sea"

#QProof #Qproofs

4. On the way over to the speech for which #QAnon'd foretold the gesture, President Trump'd stopped his motorcade to greet the wildly enthusiastic crowd of supporters and well wishers, #Patriots.

He saw the #PatriotsUnite,

5. #QAnon's

"Sea to Shining Sea" post was at 10:45AM EST.

The President's motorcade was at 11:45AM EST, & The President's

"Sea to Shining Sea" gesture was at ~12:15PM EST.


6. #QAnon:

Huber reports to Sessions through Rosenstein,
Huber reports [directly] to Rosenstein
(Note the [killbox], 1682)

Who has the server?

7. #QAnon:

Why does @POTUS continually refer to the server?
POTUS does not speculate.
Future proves past.
Who has it all?

8. #QAnon: The topics stated in the past are important for what "future BIG meaning?"

This is why the repeats are important. For example, "Think Twitter." Because those who are awake see, but, "Those asleep blind."

9. #QAnon:

#FakeNews is the [propaganda arm of #Democrats/#DeepState] and it is failing, especially failing in credibility.

Notice the

Silence is golden.

10. #QAnon: Comey has been referred by DeSantis, Biggs, Brat, Duncan, Gaetz, Dr. Gosar, Dr. Harris, Hice, Rokita, Tenny, & Dr. Yoho to DOJ Sessions, Huber & Wray at FBI for criminal violations of 18 USC 1505 & 1515B. #Q…

11. #QAnon: For disguising payments to Fusion GPS on mandatory Federal Election Commision disclosures, #Hillary Clinton has been referred by the same team for criminal violations of 53 USC 3221 & 130101. #Q

12. #QAnon: Loretta Lynch's referred by DeSantis, Biggs, Brat, Duncan, Gaetz, Dr. Gosar, Dr. Harris, Hice, Rokita, Tenny, & Dr. Yoho to Sessions, Huber & Wray FBI for criminal violations of 18 USC 1505 & 1515B for threatening reprisals against #U1 witness testimony #Q

13. #QAnon: McCabe's referred by same team to Sessions, Huber & Wray for potential criminal violations of 18 USC 1505, 1621 & 1001 for lack of candor in his accountability. Also Strzok, Page, & those promulgating FISA court deception & abuse #Q…

14. HuffPo hit piece on #Q:

"As conspiracies go, #QAnon isn’t even faintly plausible. It’s every conspiracy, all at once, an orchestra tune-up of theories."

They really ARE panicking...

15. #QAnon FOIA requests like those from @JudicialWatch) are only granted if info's not classified. @POTUS declassifies (section 5.2), eg Carter Page FISA app. Redacted due to ongoing (Huber) investigations. Napolitano asks if Huber is an "undercover SC".

16. In other words, #QAnon points out that the Carter Page FISA application was released in redacted form because some of the information pertains to ongoing investigations and/or potential Grand Jury matters under the direction of John Huber. #WWG1WGA #Q

17. #WalkAwayMovement: Frantic hit pieces on #Qanon phenomenon:

"All for baseless conspiracy?
Enjoy show!
Something BIG about to DROP.
#Q"… (14., above)………

18. #QAnon NBC tries to shame those who have #Q merchandise for sale on Amazon, so, get yours here:……

19. In response to an anon who added another hit piece to #Q's list - a video by MSNBC, #QAnon observes that the lies pushed by today's MSM are much like the propaganda pushed by the NAZIs:

20. #QAnon notes that "There's no greater [current] threat to the American people than the #FakeNewsMedia #ControlledMSM. Study Nazism", (The National Socialist German Worker's Party).…

"Compare/contrast ANTIFA."
Push for REBIRTH.…

21. #QAnon confirms @POTUS's #Qproof.


22. #QAnon tells us we are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the Old Guard, and that power will return to The People. It took several decades, at least, to get us here, and the destruction of the OLD GUARD is a big job. #Q

23. #QAnon responds to fans greeting the President's motorcade on his way to making the #QProof:

"We saw you!
God bless Patriots!

24. Notice in the above vid (23.), fans are holding up a sign for the President's motorcade which says, "Honk for Q MAGA". A motorcade vehicle honks.

25. #QAnon Conspiracy theorist or coincidence theorist?

Or, no theories.
Just observations.

26. #QAnon as to the Fed: "We will never again be under their control.
#Q" "Future proves past", as one of the biggest #Qproofs to date (next to North Korea)!……

27. #QAnon tells us

"Happy days ahead, Patriot"s!

28. #QAnon It seems "R" (Ranon)'s a LARP.. "There is only #Q".

29. #QAnon notes prayer for Divine guidance made every day in the Oval Office, and reminder, that we owe it to our country, to ourselves, and to our children, to stand with our United States Constitution.

"We stand with you.
The time is now.

30. #QAnon:

To all Americans, please pray.

31. #QAnon reminds of Declaration of Indepence from Britain: It is the Right of the People to ... to institute new Government.. organizing its powers.. most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. #Q

32. #QAnon DOW jumped 140 pts upon hearing that EU blinked, & concessions were made to have ZERO tariffs trade with EU, thanks to @POTUS. After such an enormous announcement what question(s) were shouted @POTUS? "MSM DOES NOT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE". #Q

33. #QAnon: The days of our leaders lining their pockets at the expense of the American taxpayer are over.
Recent example.…

34. #QAnon replies to anons that we'll soon know why FaceBook stock dropped over 20% 7/25/18. #Q said on Mar 9 that some social media platforms will "collapse under own weight of illegal activities." The Pentagon's "Lifelog" spy program ended same day FB started.

35. #QAnon Did No Name go to UK to plot w/#Strzok, Page, Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Lynch, HRC, BC, Hussein +22 to stop @POTUS & pin the "election meddling" on Putin? Servers + Seth Rich murder + Assange = Truth. UK desperate to stop Assange. No Name to be back in news. #Q

36. #QAnon Wonder why Putin & Trump may seem to think the phony Witch Hunt hoax'll be over by next first of next year, re Putin's WH visit?

Was No Name in the redacted portion of FISA application?

When did No Name travel to the UK?

37. #QAnon "retweets" an anon's notion that No Name was redacted in the FISA application. #Q

38. #QAnon "What if the UK gov worked hand-in-hand w/ the Hussein admin to sabotage the 2016 election?
Data collection.

"What if intel masked penetration(s) to frame Russia?
Why does the UK gov desperately want JA?"

39. #QAnon

"Something BIG is about to drop.

40. #QAnon Freedom Caucus moving to impeach Rosenstein. We shall see.

"Relevant today.
News unlocks.

41. Most recent prior #QAnon thread is here:

42. @threadreaderapp please unroll this latest #QAnon thread here:

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