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President Trump calling out the liberal MSM who don’t want his accomplishments reported. #VoteRed #FakeNewsMedia
Excuse me, don’t do that. It’s rude. Stick with the script! #MAGA
Busted! You never think!
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#Anons ready?

#Memes ready?

Are you ready to see #arrests?
Are you ready to see #PAIN?
Are you ready to be part of #history?
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Inconclusive! Stop asking for an FBI investigative report. It’s merely a stall tactic and talking point of the Democrats and #FakeNewsMedia. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
Time to call them out so that they can stop pushing the #FBI narrative. #BrettKavanaugh has gone through several FBI investigations and nothing. This is a smear campaign of the left and complicit MSM. They hate the rule of law which Kavanaugh will uphold. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
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1/ Let's see if we can sum this whole #KavanaughAccuser issue up:
1. @realDonaldTrump gets to choose a 2nd #SCOTUS justice in his 1st term
2. @TheDemocrats announce they will do anything to stop #Kavanugh
3. On the eve of confirmation, a pink-pussy hat wearing, anti-Trump liberal accuses the nominee of a 36-year old 'assault' at some party that occurred at a time and place that she does not recall.
4. The accusation was withheld by @SenFeinstein for months.
5. The accuser's social media, and even her yearbook, was scrubbed from the internet PRIOR to the accusation being made public.
6. The accuser immediately hires a lawyer who, herself, is a member of the #Resistance
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Now that he has been exposed as a part of the deep state #RodRosenstein cries foul to reports he was seeking to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump. In fact, he says from dealing with the president there is no need. Why didn't #BobWoodward's book pick this up?
Where the heck is the AG Jeff Sessions? So you see if Sessions is fired Rosenstein has to go also.
Interesting how Sessions came out with a memo stating that in his dealings with the president he saw no need to remove him from office. This is contrary to what others in the deep swamp have been reporting about chaos in the White House. I see get rid of them all.
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1. #QAnon Ladies and Gentlemen: It has arrived!
Let it rain, let it rain, Good God Almighty, Glory Hallelujah, let it rain!…📁
"SEPT —–17—–
Do you believe in coincidences?
2. #QAnon Attention on deck.
Memes at the ready.
Lock on target.
Fire at will.
3. #QAnon thanks anons picking up on the "carpet bombs" occurring tonight, during the Emmy's red carpet event, as #Q'd foretold.

"Anons picked up on the 'carpet' bombs.
For you and you alone.
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Here we go again! Make it stop! Republicans should all lock rank behind #BrettKavanaugh and confirm him. So tired of the antics of the Democrats, Never Trumpers and MSM. What about #KeithEllison? Stop being selective in who you dish the dirt on. Foot! #ChristineBlaseyFord
#ChristineBlaseyFord is the white version of the '91 version of #AnitaHill. They both claim to be harmed many years after an alleged incident happened. They also claim they want to be anonymous yet always manage to step into the spotlight and find a voice. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
Why are these people able to get away with destroying the lives of others simply because they are miserable? Anita wasn't a good woman then and she isn't now. I always felt she actively participated in whatever it is she accused Justice Thomas of. This charade must not continue!
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This is so brilliant I just had to show it to you.

People making audition tapes for fake news.
I hope this becomes a trend. I would love to see more videos like this for the next two months. Please around your family and friends together and make one of these. The more ridiculous to the better!
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Think of healthy news media as society's immune system, protecting citizens through the truth. When it's compromised, opportunistic harm comes to the host society that trusted it to protect and sound the alarm when danger's nigh. Our #FakeNewsMedia today is a perfect HIV analog.
But the #FakeNewsMedia prove even more insidious. When truth systems employ adjunct and outboard supplements to assist healthy news media, they are targeted by enemy agents conspiring to shut down communication lines by reclassifying valuable data as artificial or synthetic.
Alternative and citizen/civilian journalism platforms, guerrilla grand juries and (pro)social media work to surround and neutralize #FakeNews pathogens much like white blood cells surround and neutralize disease. We are the antidote to the disease mechanism called #FakeNews.
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1. #QAnon asks "How do you inflict MAX PAIN / DAMAGE" to those with treasonous intent upon our nation? Answer:"Drop [daily] carpet bombs" and get them running before dropping/releasing the MOAB.
2. #QAnon…
They 1st targeted Sessions and Flynn for immediate recusal/removal.
If Sessions weren't a threat why was he the primary target?
Sessions Senate CONF vote? (52-47)
Rosenstein Senate CONF vote? (94-6 )
3. #QAnon Sarah link: "The template for leak campaign.. traced to Obama admin.. which made press reliant on ..fav leaks from gov officials.."an echo chamber” newly minted experts, social media validators.. an offensive op..early successes included Flynn and Sessions..#Q
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1. #QAnon No Name gone - Now McCabe leads. Feds've been using grand jury to investigate McCabe for mos for misleading re his media leaks. McCabe docs subpoenaed by Goodlatte in March were reviewed for no grand jury info, Huber #Q……
2. #QAnon @realDonaldTrump tweet 11/88/17: right-click to save the pic, the file name starts w/"DOITQ"...& ends w/"Q".
"1/Billion Coincidence?
Enjoy the show tonight.

3. #QAnon'd posted @POTUS's 2018 proclamation declaring Sep National Emergency Preparedness Month; now #Q posts this. D5 avalanche coming. Last Nov Q told us they could use Emergency Broadcast System to comm directly, bypassing #FakeNewsMedia
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It’s the hypocrisy that the media thinks we can’t see that’s offensive.

That’s the greatest insult to ordinary people not the tone of ⁦@realDonaldTrump…
2/ Hypocrisy of Liberals & #FakeNewsMedia chiding Conservatives/Republicans about the laudable goal of civility— doesn’t not apply to them.

They disarm conservatives/Republicans while they go on a rampage of incivility.

We must understand that fact.…
3/ recall all the civility talk by the liberals and liberal media around John McCain death. Lecturing conservatives and republicans.

Ya then there’s this.

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QDrops August 30, 2018

Today we start off with on #FakeNewsMedia, polls,

questions for Q, NoName and denials about the Clinton

hack. Let see where the day takes us. So, let’s just jump

right into it.





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We now know the liberal MSM wants to impeach the president simply because he called their bluff and won the election. Democrats will impeach him if they gain control of the house. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #FakeNewsMedia
Patriots expose the left. The liberal MSM the henchmen arm of the Democratic party is poisoning Americans. They refuse to report anything good about this administration. Many people are unaware that the world has not come to an end or our booming economy. Educate them. #VoteRed
Do not doubt the liberal MSM will demand Democrats and never Trumpers like Mitt Romney impeach President Trump. They want to preserve their way of life. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
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Attention liberal MSM her name is #MollieTibbetts. She isn't just some girl from Iowa. She had a family and will not be going back home to them. Furthermore, don't compare her murder to ILLEGAL aliens held at the border. Their families had a choice. Her's didn't.
@Dr_CMGreer as a black woman you should know what it is like for someone to be dismissive. Look at the blacks killed in Chicago on a daily basis and nothing is done. Empty promises. Shame on you! Let's hope you and yours never experience this type of loss. #MollieTibbetts
Her family will never be able to see her reach her full potential. They will never be able to see her accomplishments in life. All that could have been & was ended the moment Obama, Democrats, Liberals & #FakeNewsMedia decided to push against border walls. Blood on their hands.
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He said earlier he acted on his own. Now face with more time in prison and to reduce the time he says he acted "in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office." They will all lie when squeezed. #MichaelCohenPleaDeal
No Russian Collusion but now the stakes just got higher. Our president will need prayers to get through this. The opposition is determined to take him out by any means necessary. #MAGA
The left and MSM smell blood in the water and are circling an attack.
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What the New York Times and other MSM won't point out about the #NYTimes article, "Mr. McGahn cautioned to investigators that he never saw Mr. Trump go beyond his legal authorities, though the limits of executive power are murky."
All of this from the #NYTimes' article. Maggie Haberman writes with a slant for approval of her low informational readers. Don't be fooled by the pen.
Now the #FakeNewsMedia & cohorts are doing all it can to make Trump jaded over McGahn cooperating with Mueller. Now, mind you the president gave the ok for McGahn to speak with Mueller without any conditions. That said how the heck is McGahn going against Trump? #FAKENEWS folks.
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1/ Let’s speak the truth

We know @JustinTrudeau no idea what’s happening on files he’s coached to read a script. ADMITTED he’s ceremonial leader.

@realDonaldTrump hands on & active on 100s of VERY IMPORTANT files - no script- just hard work—and #FakeNews chides his every word.
2/ no person I know can be so actively engaged, direct such transformative change with so many files and keep it together.
Look at @elonmusk - he’s falling apart and he’s got 1/1,000,000th of problems facing @realDonaldTrump

@JustinTrudeau does NOTHING gets a free ride from MSM
3/ .. And let’s not forget both Justin Trudeau (46) Elon Musk (47) young enough to be @POTUS sons.


If #FakeNewsMedia wasn’t gripped with such vile #TrumpDerangementSyndrome hate they’d see super human energy and great resilience.
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Listen up you leftwing nuts and #FakeNewsMedia, including # FakeNewsCNN, #OmarAmeen is the reason we say no to sanctuary cities, yes to travel bans and yes to #BuildTheWall and STFU to you. We MUST protect our borders!
He was a time bomb waiting to explode and one the #FBI would have missed. #BuildThatDamnWall!
I hate to even imagine the innocent lives that would have been lost. I hope some liberal judge doesn't let him walk as the dumb judge in New Mexico did. #JudgeSarahBackus
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How in the heck can Putin make President Trump's life any worse than it already is with the lies you folks in the #FakeNewsMedia tell? I wonder what will you do when Mueller's report turns up no collusion. What a day it will be. #FakeNewsMedia
President Trump has said #FakeNewsMedia, not all media. Now if they deem themselves to be fake thus an enemy of the state put the shoe on and wear it #FakeNewsMedia.
The MSM made a concerted effort to attack the president on their opinion page. Now the president is one person and they are many. Proof of collusion and an attempt to be part of the news cycle.
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Now that #JohnBrennan security clearance has been revoked #FakeNewsCNN is fit to be tied. The president can act as he sees fit under the Constitution, a law they want to change. Susan Rice and James Clapper should lose their clearances as well.
There are other experienced and professional former government servants this Administration can rely on for guidance. This is not an attempt to silence Brennan he will continue to talk and he is still on twitter.
#FakeNewsCNN just committed sedition on live TV. The FCC should investigate @jimsciutto. He literally asked member of Congress what their plans were to stop the president. Where is #JeffSessions
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Hey, boys and girls of the #FakeNewsMedia, mainly #FakeNewsCNN, the firing of #PeterStrzok, who along with his side chick #LisaPage worked to undermine the 2016 election before and after, is breaking news not some firing of a disgruntled employee. #VoteRedToSaveAmerica
He was fired because he was part of the deep state.
A suspension???? The FBI minions wanted a suspension but were overruled by David L. Bowdich, Deputy FBI Director. So the deep state in the FBI is still working against Trump.
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Finally, #PeterStrzok is fired by the FBI over anti-Trump text. What the hell took so long????
Strzok and a lot more should be fired #RodRosentein #JeffSessions #RobertMueller #BruceOhr just to name a few. And others from the Obama Administration should lose their clearance #SusanRice #JohnBrennan #JamesClapper
Strzok should now be charged with obstruction of justice. He is not above the law.
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There was little to no incident in Charlottesville, Va rally today because the police did their jobs unlike a year ago when the Mayor purposefully had law enforcement to stand down; #Charlottesville
The liberal MSM is making Antifa seem as though they are a peaceful law-abiding group. NOPE! They hid behind black scarfs like the Klan hiding behind white sheets. Both are EVIL and hate groups.
#FakeNewsCNN is gleefully reporting that the Antifa outnumbered other groups. And? They were there to create chaos. The left seems to embrace lawlessness.
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