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Jul 28, 2018, 13 tweets

Let's revisit some of the "technical stuff" in this article.

This article is bringing a lot of controversy and some are saying it is sensationalist.


Let's start with what we know.
21 states were "breached", but what does that mean?

That means that 21 states had information stolen.

This could be information on IP addresses, server names, server types, documents, data about users on the network or confidential information.

Remember, these are usually not single instances, and once they've gained access to the system, the hacker has the opportunity to mosey around
They have the time to find where data are stored, files that may contain passwords, there's no green sign that says "You've been hacked"

The indictment file of the 12 Russian hackers states that they were in long enough that they were able to copy the entire server system.

Let me repeat that, they were able to copy all of the servers and bring up copies in a separate area to examine at their leisure.

If they could copy all the DNC & DCCC servers why couldn't they do that with the state voter registration servers?

Last year at DEF CON (@defcon) the voter village was able to hack into voting machines with ease, too easy for my taste.

Of all the states that were hacked, GA was the one that had not only their voter registration & voter rolls, but the votes as well
A person checking for vulnerabilities & found 15 Gb of unsecured files. One w/passwords for the central election server.

Let me say that again, one file had the passwords for logging into the CENTRAL ELECTION SERVER!
This trove of documents also contained software that verified a voter's eligibility to vote & way to download the entire database of 6.7 million registered voters.

These files were openly accessible to the public for so long, Google had the files cached.

Lamb alerted the Center's executive director and was told that he needed to be quiet or be "crushed" by the politicians.

Six months later (in Feb 2017) the systems were still not secured.

We have no idea if votes were changed because there was no post election audit AND the machines used in GA are DREs without a paper trail. They all keep insisting that the votes weren't changed, I would say, prove it.

So, you're telling me that these hackers had access to all the voting systems in GA, and didn't do anything?

You really believe that? These are people who were hell bent on destroying our way of life.

If you believe that, there's a nice bridge in Brooklyn that I've got for sale

It's been two years since these hackers were working like crazy to get Donald elected. Now they're at it again, but the @HouseGop CUT the funding for election security. The threat is as real as it was two years ago, and they CUT funding.

Last night it was reported that Claire McCaskill was targeted by hackers. Same MO as when the DNC and DCCC were hacked. Spear Phishing using tiny URLs & capturing passwords of unsuspecting users. The reports speak of at least two other campaigns attacked

It is obvious that we are "on our own" and that the @HouseGOP & @SenateGOP have zero intention of doing anything about this. There is a solution, that is to turn out in such huge numbers that we beat the gerrymandering, suppression and hacking

You have a voice, use it!

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