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Aug 30, 2018 13 tweets 5 min read
I am sure many of you have seen the video from @NowThisNews.

I wanted to break down what is discussed in the video for non-technical people.
The video features hackers at the DEF CON 26 Voter Village.
The voting machines are ES&S & in use in 24 states.
The machines used at DEF CON's voter village were all purchased off of eBay.

The machine highlighted in the video is an ES&S 650 scanner.

Aug 3, 2018 15 tweets 6 min read
I just read this article on companies that provide voter services for states and it is worse than I thought it would be.

Spoiler Alert: I am going to break this article down bit by bit and explain why things are "bad".

fivethirtyeight.com/features/russi… The election system is decentralized. Each state runs their own elections and the federal government can't tell the states how to run their elections. There's no centralized system for someone to break into, no one way to run an election so the diversity can be a strength.
Jul 28, 2018 13 tweets 6 min read
Let's revisit some of the "technical stuff" in this article.

This article is bringing a lot of controversy and some are saying it is sensationalist.

theroot.com/evidence-shows… Let's start with what we know.
21 states were "breached", but what does that mean?

That means that 21 states had information stolen.

This could be information on IP addresses, server names, server types, documents, data about users on the network or confidential information.
Jun 2, 2018 15 tweets 7 min read
Very important thread!!

We have Nazi’s running for office, we need to call these people out and shine light on their atrocious behavior. Arthur Jones is running for congress in Illinois on the Republican ticket.

Ol’ Art has been around a while. He was part of the American Nazi party & is running on white supremacist ideas.

This is who the @GOP is running on their ticket in IL-3

Mar 24, 2018 25 tweets 7 min read
Did you know that our country is very close to a Constitutional Convention? Quietly our republican controlled state governments are one by one voting to call a Constitutional Convention. Back when the country was founded we did try to have a government that was a confederation of states, it failed miserably. The Articles of Confederation were ammended in 1787 and our union was completed.
Mar 22, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read
John Bolton was seen entering the White House (AKA the Kremlin II) today
Donald is supposedly considering him a replacement for National Security Adviser.
This is the same man who made this video for the NRA, for the Russians.

Once again, National Security Adviser is the position that Donald is considering for John Bolton.
The same extreme whackadoodle that is a #FauxNews Commentator.
In 2001 he derailed a conference in Geneva on biological weapons.
Feb 16, 2018 24 tweets 6 min read
On 9/27/2006 tragedy struck a small mountain town in Baily, CO. A gunman entered the Platte Canyon High School & held seven girls hostage.

He ultimately shot and killed one of the girls, Emily Keyes. During the time she was being held hostage she sent the following text messages to her parents:
"I love you guys" and "I love u guys. k?"
Feb 12, 2018 18 tweets 6 min read
15 months after the 2016 election & the Russians are still able to affect our elections. What has this administration done about it? They have designated our election systems as critical infrastructure ... that's it, that's as far as they've gotten
eac.gov/election-offic… They haven't done a thing to ensure states have paper ballots, paper backup to electronic voting machines, or improve election audits.
We have the DHS finally admitting that indeed states (plural) voter roles were successfully hacked by the Russians.
Jan 28, 2018 26 tweets 8 min read
This is why we need paper ballots, plain and simple.

As an IT professional, I understood most of what they are doing. This is frightening & should alarm everyone.

Let me explain why:
<Thread> The fact that we do not have an agency that oversees electronic voting machines is ridiculous and just as scary that these “white hat” hackers are able to take control of these machines and their databases within minutes.

Jan 25, 2018 65 tweets 17 min read
If I were to ask you to tell me the greater number of sexual misconduct charges against a political party since 1980 (Republican vs. Democrat) at the Federal level (President, Senate & House) which would you say?
<Thread> You might be surprised at the answer
Of the 59 cases since 1980 that have resulted in disciplinary action, resign or retire, 41 of them were from one party.

That party is ....
Jan 13, 2018 14 tweets 4 min read
I have a fear, a fear that our balance of power is horribly unbalanced.

A fear that we may need to do something drastic to have our representatives hear us.

To let the leadership in congress know that we are dead serious and we mean business.

<Thread> I sit at my job and think, how can these people ignore the horrific things that are happening in our country? How can they sit idly by and think nothing is wrong?

How can they ignore the mockery Donald is making of the most respected position in the world?
Dec 1, 2017 14 tweets 9 min read
Today #FlynnFlipped! Yay!

These are a few observations about this whole process.

First let's talk about waaaay back in December of 2015.
Flynn (along with Ms. Stein) attended a gala for the 10th anniversary or RT
At this point, Flynn was already part of Donald's inner circle
/1 Notice who is sitting at the left of Flynn? Putin. I wonder how Flyn scored such a honored position? Maybe because he was part of Donald's inner circle?
Sep 21, 2017 21 tweets 3 min read
Fair warning, full rant coming.
<Begin rant>

There were many times during Donald's campaign when I thought.. ... holy crap is there a huge number of BS stories about Clinton & conspiracies. I pretty much pretty much figured that the ...