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Jul 29, 2018, 19 tweets

1. Media Blackout on Conservative Voices now in Effect for Midterms…

The gig is up on mainstream & social media. It’s not about algorithms, not about Facebook’s sanctimonious ‘Community Standards’.

2. It’s not even about both Facebook & Twitter suddenly nosediving at the same time on the stock market.

It’s about MSM & social media working in sync w/Dems to regain power in Midterm elections by keeping the masses from ever getting anywhere close to the truth.

3. Celebrating downward spiral of Facebook/Twitter is perfect diversion to keep people from knowing they can no longer find the truth on the ’Net.

Even if social media giants are losing billions, they’ll still be around for Midterms/more than likely straight thru 2020 Prez race.

4. The “News” is no longer the citizens for surfing because the “News” is now being painstakingly planted.

Diversions by adult entertainers, lawyers secretly recording their own clients, Mueller’s Special Counsel probing a non-existent collusion btween Pres, Trump & Russia are

5. the diversions to keep people from knowing the Media Blackout curtain has been dropped on the ‘net.

A myriad of lesser diversions keep popping up daily, incl the loon who took a pick axe to Donald Trump’s Hollywood star, Hillary showing up for a televised interview sporting

6. what one commenter described as the swiped shower curtain from Motel 6.

Forget about the Dems new ‘For the People’ slogan because It’s ‘Midterm Victory or Bust’ for desperate Dems who have lost well over a 1,000 seats since 2010. Entire state assemblies have been flipped

7. from blue to red. Ditto for state governorships.

Gone like the wind are Conservatives who had their own voice when a digitalized Barack Hussein Obama came into power in 2008, roughly dividing country 50-50. Conservatives had a voice in 2010, when midterms left Dems in

8. the dust & had a voice again in 2012/14.

But outcome of 2016 which easily handed Trump the presidency left the masses in a much different territory. ‘Hating Donald Trump’ has become both the Dem order & News of the Day blocking out what some editors still call “the News”.

9. News stories reported on, written up & posted on conservative news sites are no longer showing up online & are being buried alive by search engines.

You can prove it to yourself w/a simple Google search:
Google recent top stories on former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

10. No Fox listing can be found in the first 6 pages of general results & No listings for Fox in the first 4 pages of search news results.

Although it varies from browser 2 browser/device to device, In general search results & News results, CNN typically commands the top spot.

11. This status combined w/CNN being the chief television network broadcast at most airports shows the kind of clout CNN owns even after it’s having been roundly called out as ‘Fake News King’. (See Images Below)

It’s not your overactive imagination that finds you arriving at

12. the conclusion that the conservative voice is being suppressed.

“A new report by the Media Research Center (MRC) documents how the major social media sites—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube—& the Google search engine suppress conservative speech in a “clear effort to censor the

13. conservative worldview from the public conversation.” (CNSNews, 4/16/18)

“When asked about this censorship by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on April 10, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg testified that his company “& the tech industry are located in Silicon Valley, which is extremely left-

14. leaning place,” & added that he did not know whether content from liberal groups, such as Planned Parenthood/, had ever been restricted on Facebook.”

Zuckerberg pretended not to know in the face of the masses knowing.

“These multi-billion dollar online media

15. companies, which reach more than 1.8 billion people worldwide, have declared war on the conservative movement, states MRC report, & “conservatives are losing—badly.” If “the right doesn’t fight,” states the report, “it is doomed—online and off. This is more than just a free

16. speech battle. It is a struggle for the future of our nation & our world.” (CNS News)


The only way to fight the media blackout is to go directly to the conservative news sites of your

17. choice and send them out on your personal email accounts. Talk the substance of the Conservative stories up among family & friends.

Hold that pattern until Facebook and Twitter go belly up.

18. Given both social media giants seem as interested in left wing politics as they are in making money, that could take an infernally long time.

Should be simple for truth finders to find/disseminate news b/c they’re the ONLY stories being suppressed by political social media

19. Blow the whistle! Pass the word, and when it comes to fighting the social media- endorsed Democrats, NEVER GIVE UP!


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