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Jul 31, 2018, 33 tweets

#IranProtests over economic mismanagement/suppression break out today in Isfahan with chants of "No to Gaza, no to Lebanon; my life for Iran" (Film via MEK activists in Shahpur District near the cargo terminal). #FreeIran2018 @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @nikkihaley @seanhannity

Isfahan's Bazaar on strike today. Merchants are angry at Iran regime's economic policies that have sent the national currency into freefall. (Film via MEK). Despite posturing by IRGC top brass the regime is very weak & unable to withstand #IranProtests. #FreeIran2018 @nikkihaley

#IranProtests today in Isfahan over unemployment, high prices, economic instability & power outages. Iran's truckers on strike began the demo. Bazaar merchants quickly joined in (Film via MEK activists in Shapur District) #FreeIran2018 @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @nikkihaley @ilo

#IranProtests today in Isfahan over economic instability. Chants of "No to Gaza, no to Lebanon; my life for Iran". Iran's beleaguered regime doesn't have popular support for its regional policies as it braces for imminent US sanctions (Film via MEK) #FreeIran2018 @realDonaldTrump

Shocking scene. Iran rgm's police in Shiraz today clamp down on #IranProtests, fire teargas in the face of this 7-year-old boy. As @Maryam_Rajavi says the only solution to the tyranny is to topple the regime #FreeIran2018 @realDonaldTrump @EricShawnTV @seanhannity @DonaldJTrumpJr

#IranProtests erupt in Karaj tonight. Chants: "The nation is forced to beg while the leader lives like God" "Today's a day of mourning. The Iranian ppl's money is under the [mullahs'] cloak". (Film via MEK activists in Iran) #FreeIran2018 @nikkihaley @SecPompeo @realDonaldTrump

In #IranProtests in Karaj tonight, angry chants against Iran regime's economic failures: "Unemployment and inflation are plaguing the lives of our ppl". Mullahs must answer for wasting Iran's wealth on terror. (Video via MEK) #FreeIran2018 @SecPompeo @nikkihaley @realDonaldTrump

#IranProtests in Karaj turn political tonight with a call for taking up arms & ppl chanting "The mullahs must get lost." Video via MEK. Iran's regime is unable to control the fallout from the collapse of its economy. Support #FreeIran2018. @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @seanhannity

"As long as the dictator is in power the uprising will continue" - Chants tonight in #IranProtests in Karaj take aim at Iran rgm's Supreme Leader. MEK sources have sent videos of similar political protests in Isfahan & Shiraz too #FreeIran2018 @FoxNews @WSJ @realDailyWire @POTUS

Today's #IranProtests over the state of Iran's economy have turned completely political. In Karaj tonight there are chants for an end to the mullahs' rule: "Death to the dictator" "Dread the day we take up arms" (Video via MEK) Support #FreeIran2018. @GMarquis45 @seanhannity @WSJ

Chants of "Death to the dictator" can be clearly heard in #IranProtests in Karaj tonight. (Video via MEK activists in Iran). It's clear Iranians don't support the regime's policies & want #IranRegimeChange. #FreeIran2018 @GMarquis45 @SebGorka @dbongino @HeyTammyBruce @seanhannity

#IranProtests tonight in Karaj. Chants of "Death to Khamenei" can be heard. Police fire teargas to disperse protesters. (Video via MEK activists in Gohardasht District). Just 6 days to go until US sanctions against the rgm start. #FreeIran2018 @hughhewitt @SebGorka @gatewaypundit

#IranProtests Day 2 in Isfahan's Shahpur District, ppl urged to join in. Similar protests rocked Shiraz & Karaj last night w/ chants against Khamenei. @Maryam_Rajavi called it the voice of Iran's oppressed ppl that foils rgm’s conspiracies & heralds dawn of freedom. #FreeIran2018

Police are desperately trying to hold back angry ppl on day 2 of #IranProtests in Isfahan's Shapur District. Police loudspeaker is ordering ppl to keep calm & stay back, but ppl are refusing to comply. @Maryam_Rajavi says Iran ppl's uprising heralds dawn of freedom. #FreeIran2018

Day 2 of #IranProtests in Isfahan's Shapur District. Protesters set tires ablaze to evade arrest, bringing traffic on Khomeini Highway to a halt (video via MEK activists). Last night ppl chanted for end to mullahs' regime. Support #FreeIran2018. @realDonaldTrump @nikkihaley @USUN

"Khamenei shame on you. Let go of our country" Angry chants against Iran rgm's Supreme Leader in #IranProtests today in Isfahan (film via MEK). What began Tuesday as a protest over high prices has turned into a call for regime change in 24 hrs #FreeIran2018 @SecPompeo @nikkihaley

#IranProtests, Isfahan, Aug 1: Shots fired as armed police attack protesters. Brave ppl defend themselves & scare off their oppressors by throwing stones. Regime uses teargas. Iran's 3rd largest city is much like a war zone today (Film via MEK activists) #FreeIran2018 @nikkihaley

2nd night of #IranProtests in Karaj. Young ppl take to the streets chanting "Iranians enough is enough. Now show them some spine". (via MEK) Every person in Iran who sees these sights will know in their heart the rgm's days are numbered #FreeIran2018 @SecPompeo @nikkihaley @POTUS

Iran regime's storm-troopers try to stifle #IranProtests in Karaj tonight by attacking protesters. In ensuing clashes ppl set ablaze police motorcycles. (Film via MEK) The city's streets are restless tonight w/ chants of "Death to the dictator". Support #FreeIran2018 @USAdarFarsi

"What's happened to our money? It's been spent on the Bassij" - Chants during 2nd night of #IranProtests in Karaj (Film via MEK). Despite claims by the Echo Chamber Iran's ppl hate the regime & support sanctions against the suppressive IRGC & Bassij #FreeIran2018 @realDonaldTrump

Incredible chants of "Death to the dictator" & "The mullahs must get lost" tonight, 2nd night of #IranProtests in Karaj (Film via MEK network). The ppl of Iran want regime change. #FreeIran2018 @realDonaldTrump @EricShawnTV @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump @seanhannity @SebGorka

For 39 yrs Iran rgm's cronies taunted foreign/domestic enemies w/ chants of "Death to US” & “Death to MEK". Tonight in Karaj Iranians are chanting "Death to the dictator". Khamenei's time is up. #IranProtests #FreeIran2018 @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump @EricShawnTV

"40 years of slavery must be brought to an end" Brave chants tonight in #IranProtests in Karaj. Khomeini's regime has inflicted a generation of suffering on Iran's ppl. Now the nation is rising up for freedom. #FreeIran2018 (Video via MEK) @realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @nikkihaley

Chants of "The mullahs must get lost" on 3rd day of #IranProtests today in Shiraz (video via MEK network). Similar protests today rock Iran's major cities including Isfahan, Karaj, Mashhad, Shahin-Shahr & Tehran. #FreeIran2018 @GMarquis45 @PressSec @statedeptspox @mercedesschlapp

"Don't be afraid. We're all together." Brave protesters flock to the streets of Isfahan for a 3rd day of #IranProtests despite a crackdown by the regime. Iran's ppl seek an end to mullahs' rule (Film via MEK activists in Amir-Kabir Street) #FreeIran2018 @GMarquis45 @statedeptspox

Iran's ppl chant against the President in today's #IranProtests in Shiraz: "Rouhani shame on you. Let go of our country." (Film via MEK) Those who claim Iranians will rally behind the rgm because of sanctions are wrong. #FreeIran2018 @GMarquis45 @mercedesschlapp @POTUS @PressSec

Today, day 3 of #IranProtests, ppl in Shiraz chanting "The mullahs must get lost". The latest protests were triggered by the economic crisis, but it's clear Iran's ppl want an end to the regime. (video via MEK network) #FreeIran2018 @GMarquis45 @mercedesschlapp @POTUS @PressSec

Ppl in Isfahan's Shahpur district set tires ablaze to prevent Iran regime's storm troopers from attacking protesters. Situation in the city is extremely tense after 3 days of #IranProtests. Ppl no longer fear the rgm. (video via MEK network) #FreeIran2018 @GMarquis45 @seanhannity

In Shiraz on Day 3 of #IranProtests ppl chant: "The mullahs must get lost" "Suppression is ineffective" "This is the month … for the mullahs' overthrow" (Film via MEK) #FreeIran2018 @realDonaldTrump @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @GMarquis45 @PressSec @statedeptspox @mercedesschlapp

Update from Day 3 of #IranProtests: In Isfahan there are tires burning virtually every 100 meters on the main street. Watch & judge for yourself if things are normal as Iran's regime claims (Video via MEK activists in city's Shapur District) #FreeIran2018 @EricShawnTV @benshapiro

AUDIO: "August 2, 2018. This is not Syria, Palestine or Yemen. This is Isfahan." Iran's 3rd largest city has turned into a WAR-ZONE after 3 days of non-stop #IranProtests w/ chants for regime change (Video via MEK activists) #FreeIran2018 @realDonaldTrump @nikkihaley @EricShawnTV

Chants in #IranProtests in Ahvaz today: "Our enemy is right here. They're lying when they say it's America". Note to sanctions opponents: Iran's ppl blame the regime & no one else for the economic failure (Film via MEK) #FreeIran2018 @GMarquis45 @nikkihaley @RichardGrenell @POTUS

Isfahan has turned into a WAR ZONE. Day 3 of #IranProtests w/ chants against mullahs' rule. Ppl had to light fires to counter the burning effect of teargas. Anti-riot forces are desperately trying to put down the rallies. (Video via MEK network in Iran) #FreeIran2018 @nikkihaley

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