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Aug 4, 2018, 74 tweets

Fact: if this tweet were about any other race, this person would be removed from twitter.

endless hate on twitter

"Why do you keep replying with this article to justify your racism?"

something is really wrong with this.... imagine hating an entire group of people just because of the color of their skin!

so.... he hates himself? 🤔
That's not healthy....

Why so much hate, BuzzFeed?
...and here I thought you were the good guys...

Why does Kristina Kage think this is funny?

"Hey Teri, I’d love to know what else he could have possibly meant..?"
"Clothes, eggs, favorite sport team jersey? It’s fun for some people to light the match and watch the fireworks."

Does he speak to his mother in that tone? 🤨

I do not recall ever hearing this young man's record playing at the discotheque....

Thor is verified on twitter.
Thor encourages racism against white people.
Thor draws naked people.
Thor sells QAnon shirts.
Don't be like Thor.


Editor at BuzzFeed news

IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit Media Matters who wields the bluest of blue checkmarks and creator of Correct The Record™ seems to be making a cracker joke here.
Really David??? #racism

Some advanced search methods you can use on twitter
h/t @Autisticated…

Huge collage of #VerifiedHate 1/2

Huge collage of #VerifiedHate 2/2

Video from HBO about "white thoughts" being a virus and how you can get rid of them.
What could they have possibly meant by this, and how did they convince Jon Hamm to sign on???
243 upvotes / 1800 downvotes

Why did HBO create this video about getting rid of whiteness? Seems rather racist and hateful....

Twitter = #VerifiedHate <---- .pngs of these images

"explicit, systemic, overt anti-white hatred"
He's correct, that's exactly what this is. Anyone who says this is a joke has not seen the evidence. Scroll through #VerifiedHate and see the hundreds of documented, archived, 100% undeniably legitimate tweets by Verified users.

Yea... we're not pointing out #VerifiedHate because it's disgusting atrocious behavior that needs to be resolved, it must be that we seek revenge for based water filter man....

The SPLC is Tracking #VerifiedHate and Ignoring How Ironic That Is

lololol now David is trying to say we were the ones harassing people.
Inconceivable shock!
DAVID!!!!!!!!!!! #VerifiedHate…

Of all people, journalists should be the ones who stand by their word. Quite the coincidence sending out this tutorial this week. Almonds far from stationary
Journalism Org Sends Out Tutorial Explaining How to Delete Offensive Tweets…

Always remember to archive anything that is important to you. Screenshots can be easily faked #VerifiedHate


"account is conspiring to detract from legitimate concerns the Twitter user community is voicing over hate speech, death threats, uncivil discourse, harassment and platform abuse by some verified and anti-Trump users on Twitter"

4Chan is an anonymous image board. Anyone can post anything at any time. I don't know who made a thread on there. Do not let them try to discredit our work by screeching about 4chan. I'm sure it's on a bevy of websites, that's completely irrelevant!

David Brock/Share Blue/CTR has already written an article trying to defend #VerifiedHate. MSM is worried because these tweets are all archived and legitimate. Now they are trying to fix it by destroying the evidence

CENSORED! Left wing hypocrisy! #VerifiedHate

Images for #VerifiedHate uploaded here, 252 examples of verified accounts proclaiming hatred, all archived and demonstrably authentic…

absolutely brazen #VerifiedHate.
A tweet like this from a verified user about any other race would be met with widespread outrage, and his verified status would be revoked.

"You are a hideous blight on humanity.
Please go extinct immediately."
g o
e x t i n c t

handy tutorial for verifying the authenticity of every tweet in #VerifiedHate------>

What did they ever do to him? #VerifiedHate

Mountains of #VerifiedHate on Twitter, truly sad to see.

There are now 268 examples of verified Twitter users broadcasting hate.
Save And Share! #VerifiedHate 1 #VerifiedHate 2 #VerifiedHate 3

Punk Rock Frontman Jumps Off Stage, Attacks Trump Supporter In Middle Of Concert
Another example of #VerifiedHate. Many right leaning people have had their blue checks revoked for things they say. Did they ever beat anyone up?…

In response to a question about Jones, Dorsey said that “the most important thing for us is that we are consistent in applying our enforcement.”
....has Jack been on Twitter lately?!?? #VerifiedHate

This #VerifiedHate blatantly threatens violence. Yet it's still up and this person is still verified.

Verified Twitter users broadcasting hate with impunity #VerifiedHate Collage 1 #VerifiedHate Collage 2 #VerifiedHate Collage 3

Is Del Harvey, VP of Twitter Trust & Safety following Sarah Jeong? Does that explain everything? #VerifiedHate h/t @drewtw33ts for find

#VerifiedHate: Twitter Verifies Anti-White New York Times Reporter Sarah Jeong…

I wish we were running out of examples... endless #VerifiedHate here on twitter!

One of Microsoft's best and brightest.... #VerifiedHate

"Casual racism is more than a ‘harmless joke’ or comment. It often leads to subconscious discrimination, marginalises those who stand up and ultimately helps real racists in our community validate their views."
hmmmmmm.... #VerifiedHate…

some casual racism from this CNN commentator #VerifiedHate

Imagine growing up in 2018, constantly instructed by adults to hate yourself. Imagine when those instructions come from people in positions of social power, to whom other adults have given an official seal of approval - teachers, coaches, people you look up to. #VerifiedHate

Tim Pool talks about #VerifiedHate @Timcast

#VERIFIEDHATE Campaign shows the hypocrisy of the left…

#VerifiedHate When Death Threats Against The Marginalized Is OK…

Please save and share!!!!! #StopTheBias #VerifiedHate Collage 1 #VerifiedHate Collage 2 #VerifiedHate Collage 3 #VerifiedHate Collage 4

If Nancy Sinatra made this tweet about any other race, her account would be suspended and every MSM outlet would give it 24hr round the clock coverage. What actions is she alluding to here, to cause that change?
#VerifiedHate #StopTheBias

"it's just a joke, relax"
If it's just a joke then why would we get our accounts erased if we made this "joke" about any other race?
I don't see how free rein to insult white people achieves equality.
#VerifiedHate #StopTheBias

If this statement were made about any other race, this person would not only have their verified status revoked, but they would be banned from twitter.
Why does twitter allow open hatred as long as it's directed at white people?
#VerifiedHate #StopTheBias

#VerifiedHate (Quick Links) 👀
Everything you need to know----->…

Not only does Lester proclaim that white people are hated by black people, he predicts those black people will soon be killing the white people. Didn't Jack Dorsey say something about "healthy conversations"? What is this?
#VerifiedHate #StopTheBias

Twitter is the preferred platform of #VerifiedHate #StopTheBias

Children are deeply affected by #VerifiedHate.
Seeing official accounts condemning them and their families for the color of their skin crushes their self-esteem. They grow up hating themselves and do not develop the healthy self-image required to properly function in society

using verified hate search methods to find verified accounts tweeting about #VerifiedHate

Some upper-tier #VerifiedHate from Twitter. I'm fairly certain that if I were to tweet demanding someone be hanged, I would be quickly removed from the platform.
"healthy conversations"

New video from @Black_Pilled discussing the potency of strategically deployed language. If you don't blink you'll see our friend who was recently suspended. This is a powerful video #VerifiedHate #StopTheBias

"This article will prove (with hard evidence) the undeniable political bias and censorship on one of the worlds largest social media platforms."
Can't argue when he has full sauce and shows his work, 11/10
#VerifiedHate #StopTheBias…

Twitter said Tuesday that not even President Donald Trump is immune from being kicked off the platform if his tweets cross a line with abusive behavior.
But the 100's of examples of #VerifiedHate we've documented are perfectly fine…

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