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gunted, feased, and felted. 404 GANG
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Sep 27, 2018 12 tweets 5 min read
not a single penny Hadron Collider was a mistake
Sep 15, 2018 52 tweets 14 min read
Ominous VHS kot Soundcloud rapper kot
Sep 13, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
Brazilian ‘Art Exhibition’ Promotes and Normalizes Pedophilia
Children frolicking with naked man.
“The child wanted to participate and under her mother’s guidance and supervision, she is seen on all fours going around the adult man's naked body"
HANS Wagnar Schwartz
humans have no words to adequately convey my utter unprecedented shock
Sep 13, 2018 11 tweets 5 min read
ITT: We talk about Facebook censoring images and videos
"Many of our third-party fact-checking partners have expertise evaluating photos and videos and are trained in visual verification techniques, such as reverse image searching"
wow sounds l33t af… "Facebook spent 10 months building image recognition tech to analyze and tag photos with descriptions of their contents – and it’s pretty damn accurate."
Sep 2, 2018 37 tweets 13 min read
I'm to the left off-camera, but I'll never forget that night 4. ?????
Aug 29, 2018 5 tweets 3 min read
“We are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views,” Brian Amerige, a senior Facebook engineer, wrote
Dozens at Facebook Unite to Challenge Its ‘Intolerant’ Liberal Culture
#WednesdayWisdom Since the post went up, more than 100 Facebook employees have joined Mr. Amerige to form an online group called FB’ers for Political Diversity
Aug 27, 2018 9 tweets 3 min read
After the knife murder at the Chemnitz city festival, the situation threatens to escalate, reports the newspaper Bild. After the break-up of the Chemnitz city festival, about 1000 demonstrators march through the city on Sunday evening.
“Wir sind das Volk”
Germans are finally waking up...
25 stab wounds of Peace™
AUGUST 26, 2018
Aug 26, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
Star Citizen fascinates me. They have raised nearly $200 million dollars. Ppl have spent tens of thousands on bitmaps of spaceships that don't even exist in-game. Heads will roll by the time this is over
Imagine telling your wife that you spent $25k on a picture of a spaceship that **MIGHT** one day exist — in a video game 😐
Aug 25, 2018 10 tweets 3 min read
aahahhahahahaahahhahahhaha this timeline is a mess and we need a full reset. What is even happening anymore? society in death throes
Aug 4, 2018 74 tweets 49 min read
Fact: if this tweet were about any other race, this person would be removed from twitter. endless hate on twitter
Aug 1, 2018 9 tweets 3 min read
Can anyone identify him?
#TrumpTampa any leads?
Jul 29, 2018 11 tweets 5 min read
#MakeAnExcuseIn4Words 👀
Jul 23, 2018 71 tweets 25 min read
earlier show from one of the Rick & Morty creators, Justin Roiland.... features naked children and other degenerate filth-----> Dan Harmon Deletes Twitter Account After His 2009 Video Featuring Baby Doll Rape Resurfaces
(archive not working)
(it's happening)…
Jul 21, 2018 14 tweets 4 min read
😐 😬
Jul 20, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
Dogs can't be in a band #WhatIThoughtWhenIWas18 H I G H
Jul 13, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
the comment got me 👀 #FridayFeeling
Jul 8, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
let's just go home everybody, this man has put us in our place and we won't be able to offer a sufficient rebuttal. We're out-gunned here, and too far behind to catch up. I can't believe we got caught napping and allowed ourselves to be so thoroughly and publicly BTFO WEW
Jul 2, 2018 8 tweets 4 min read
Advanced #DogRight training exercise.
First we get them walking, then we get them tweeting Life is easier than people make it out to be, the answers are often right in-front of your face #DogRight
Jul 2, 2018 13 tweets 4 min read
sfx kot no care about your rules
Jul 2, 2018 8 tweets 5 min read
Is this real life? #CanadaDay The kind of behavior that demands respect from both your peers & elders. Serious biz.
Apr 8, 2018 20 tweets 8 min read
What all the Ricky bs was about:

"Researchers and practitioners should increase their awareness of the points of ideological convergence and divergence between these groups and leverage them to more effectively disrupt their efforts." New Snowden Doc Reveals How GCHQ/NSA Use The Internet To 'Manipulate, Deceive And Destroy Reputations'