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Aug 5, 2018, 33 tweets

QDrops For Sunday August 5, 2018

See Something Say Something Edition!

#QAnon has certainly gone mainstream in the past 4

days that’s for sure. Stay positive! Stay vigilant! This is a

battle of Good v Evil! Good will win!

Q Drops can be found at qanon.pub

Q Proofs can be found at qproofs.com





There is a reason why we needed to go mainstream prior

to the EVIDENCE being dropped.

You have more than you know.




What does [20] mean?

20 pages that are redacted and/or missing?

QDrops with D5

What does D5 mean?

D5 Avalanche - Most Sever Avalanche?

(D5) (D = 4) 4+5 = 45 = Trump?

(D5) 5 QDrops with D5?

(D5) = 5 Dems that signed?

Fellow Patriots:

What you are about to learn should not only scare you,

but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom].

The information that will become public will further

demonstrate the criminal & corrupt [pure evil] abuse of

power that the Hussein

administration undertook in joint efforts w/ domestic and

foreign dignitaries. The snowball has begun rolling - there

is no stopping it now. D5.

Stay the course and trust the plan.

Protective measures are in place.

Remain BRAVE.

We knew this day would come.

United We Stand (WW).



Conspiracy no more.


Be aware of your surroundings.

See something.

Say something.


See Something.

Say Something.


Anon Dig

See Something

Say Something


See Something

Say Something



QAnon Code Of Ethics

Stay Vigilant

The Next Phase Will Bring Justice

Friday’s News Blast

.@ KingJames is a great family man, incredible ballplayer,

gives back to his community and isn’t afraid to speak his

mind. He’s a world class athlete and a class act. We need

more like him in the world.

Re: Robert Byrd KKK Member

“From my first day in the Senate, I sought out out his
guidance, and he was always generous with his time and
wisdom...And as Secretary if State, I continued to rely on
his advice and counsel.”

- Hillary Clinton 2008




Senator Robert Carlyle Byrd (born Cornelius Calvin Sale

Jr.; November 20, 1917 – June 28, 2010) served as a

United States Senator from West Virginia from 1959 to

2010. served as a U.S. Representative from 1953 until

1959. He was the longest-serving Senator in US history.

Byrd, a DEMOCRAT, was a Klans member who later

stated about joining the KKK "the greatest mistake I ever

made." Byrd was a recruiter and leader of his local

chapter, that he founded in the 1940’s and became top

“Exalted Cyclops.”

Although Byrd became one of the highest ranking

Democratic leadership, Byrd filibustered against the 1964

Civil Rights Act and supported the Vietnam War, but later

renounced racism and segregation, and spoke in

opposition to the Iraq War. Byrd died in 2010.


Trip update.


Trip update confirmed.


New trip code !A6yxsPKia shows no books as of yet.

The Anons found out how to find the books linked to the

trip code. You actually have to type in -

trip code !A6yxsPKia. to get the results. Below are the

three books that are linked.

I don’t have much to say about Lebron James because I

don’t follow basketball however I have noticed him and

that he occult tendencies. Illuminati symbols and

gestures just don’t hold well with me. Below are a few

examples of this symbolism.

Here is an article about the Boule Society which is

basically a take on Skull & Bones, like at Yale, however its

members are the Black Elite with approximately with

5000 + members.


Want to know what has taken place and /or been exposed

as The Plan is taking place? We can see results

happening every single day. We just need to continue to

put the pieces of the puzzle together and #TrustThePlan

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