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Aug 10, 2018, 15 tweets

We start this thread with a bit of a funny. Avenatti tweets out a pic posted by Q the night before & asks who he is...interesting, right? Wait, it gets better, we've uncovered another interesting story here. Waiting on WaPo could prove futile, their schtick that day? #FakeNews

In order to tell our story on the man in the pic though, we have to go back a few years... To the Gotti trial of all places. Wait, who is Gotti calling a punk? The book should have been titled "The Deep State Crime Syndicate" ... just saying.

Back to the man in the pic... actually, this one was much easier than the one of John Key in the last one. His story though...whew...He was never accepted by the NY Mafia... so he joined the Albanian Mafia...the one OUR gov't prefers to work with. #MadeMan vs #RemadeMan here

So now that we've identified the man, now what? Well... check out the timing of the tweets, the news pushed out about Avenatti, and ask yourself... Why is Trump saying #EnemyOfThePeople when referring to the #FakeNews... it all ties in with what we have here.

Remember those missiles? How about that tweet by Avenatti? Q says to start the clock... Notice Avenatti's particular expertise... yea, you got it... Under Turley's tutelage, he learned all things FISA. Coincidence? Well no... there aren't any these days.

#Basta is Italian for ENOUGH (inflection intended) and #FightClub equally has meaning... look at the rules, notice numbers 1&2... Gotti's rules BTW. So, it looks like Alite is supplying the feed (info) to Avenatti, a spook (CIA)... interesting.

And where is the media as all this is happening? Obsessing over Cohen... smh... so yesterday now, don't you think? Oh wait, #OldNews BTW: where's Stormy? Oh yea, she was apprehended in Chicago on a "related Human Trafficking investigation"... you don't say.

Of course, there's also this from WaPo… they didn't even bother to photoshop out the shoes, but hey, we all wear suits with lapel pins on a golf course, right? Too funny. #ThesePeopleAreStupid

Is it any wonder Q reminds us both the Q Team & Trump are in the Time's 25 most influential people on the internet? Thought you might like the quote from Rockefeller…dark days of journalistic malfeasance is almost over...the light of truth is all but a foregone conclusion now.

Just remember, they wrote their own case against them... it's called the Journalistic Code of Ethics... and what do they say first and foremost? "Seek the truth and report on it" hmmm... and what happens when you don't live up to your own code? Read what Duty of Care means.

That reminds me... the act of war committed by the FVEY coalition... Interesting connections here, and a bit of musing. Q said some time ago that May was neutralized... Who's next?

We really think Trudeau may be too... look at Trump's face... that's not the look of a man just pissed over trade, do you think? He look's positively disgusted at having to be in this fool's presence... so, what do you think, are Canada's FVEY complicities being dealt with?

Oh yea, we're told No Name is back in the news.... interesting photo Q used though, it actually comes from a 2008 campaign rally photo, Palin was cut out of the drop, take a look. Eh, what's that all about Q... election fraud? 'bout time...

Oh, we must be getting really close now... the media is on a tear! Oh wait... #FISA... did you happen to see the Justice OIG tweet about the "important service" whistleblowers provide the gov't? Imagine that... time for the release of those 20 redacted pages, don't ya think?

Have to end this thread, it too is getting long... but before I stop, please, remember, perps are all around us... help eradicate this INhumanity from within our midst here on twitter and other social media sites... Our defenseless children are depending on us.

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