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Oct 5, 2018 24 tweets 8 min read
Ok, so Flynn's sentencing is now extended to the 18th of Dec. Could Q have meant that Flynn provided testimony before the Council of Tribunals against McCain? IDK... but I sure can't wait to see this good man finally cleared once and for all! In 2216 we're reminded that Trudeau has issues, big issues...
Oct 5, 2018 32 tweets 11 min read
Starting with 2237, Q links to a Carter article talking about, seems behind closed doors, Brennan's ma Russia narrative was roundly disputed. While we ponder the reality that Brennan forced a narrative, Trump has another rally. For those who vigilantly braved the liberal lunacy, Trump had a special message.
Sep 26, 2018 11 tweets 4 min read
Confronted with reality in 2226. What do we know? Highly placed folks w/in the DOJ/FBI/CIA/DOS up to and including the WH actively worked to undermine our Constitution resisting the American people by going after Candidate->President Trump. Now Baker has turned state's evidence. Let's talk about Baker for a moment. He's the guy who "resigned" Dec 2017. He was investigated by DOJ on suspicion of sharing classified information with reporters but wasn't charged. He then joined Brookings to write for Lawfare, its blog focused on national security law.
Sep 26, 2018 14 tweets 7 min read
2212 is a graphic by @intheMatrixxx highlighting a tweet by @realDonaldTrump and drop by Q showing the Dem playbook for disparaging (fake stories too) RR then threatening Trump should he be fired. Context: the FISA WILL be released as soon as Kavanaugh IS confirmed. #PanicInDc 2213, POTUS is secure in the whitehouse.
Sep 26, 2018 24 tweets 9 min read
I started the show on the 24th with an attempt at a meme... what do you think? What about this one?
Sep 26, 2018 22 tweets 10 min read
Starting the 2nd half of the show from the 17th. beginning with 2184 pointing to a Solomon report about how the FBI never found proof of collusion before Mueller was appointed. We knew this, but, it's worth remembering this is exactly why the FBI leaked false info to the press. 2185 reminds us Martin's attempt at playing Snowden for the C_A failed. Look at what he took! DYK he STILL hasn't been sentenced? These articles are from 2017 and we can find nothing related to a sentencing... how much you wanna bet he's spilling everything on everyone! #HugeFail
Sep 25, 2018 25 tweets 13 min read
We started the show on the 17th with a vid of Weiner deleting files... he didn't really... bet the dems wish he had though. Still the vid is funny. News last week was all about a Presidential FEMA alert that had to be pushed back to the 3rd of Oct. 2172 proves that alert will happen after the Kavanaugh confirmatino and the FISA release. Best guesses so far include a national alert notifying Americans about the real storm...
Sep 25, 2018 16 tweets 8 min read
Now this is interesting... isn't #Winning great? All I can say is this... you have better vote wisely in EVERY election from here on forward. This team isn't doing all of this so you can rest on your laurels. YOU MUST retake your role in OUR government. Your vote today determines our children's future.
Sep 25, 2018 26 tweets 11 min read
Starting on the show from the 10th. It begins with an "Op ed" from the NYT. I found no other copy online. HInt: this isn't about the piece, it's about a "go signal" in an effort to muddy the elections in favor of the Dems. Expect more, much more over the next couple of months. Props for trying though... Notice how quickly it died. "These people are stupid!"
Sep 25, 2018 15 tweets 7 min read
Starting a new thread, still from the show on the 5th. It begins with a giggle as I add yet another one to the list of notable resignations... for what it's worth, Rahm Emanuel had better be one of those held accountable for INTENTIONAL acts... just saying. Then there's Chelsea... "like mother, like daughter"
Sep 25, 2018 24 tweets 10 min read
Starting with the show from September 5th... boy this seems like it's been eons now, doesn't it? Still, there's no denying "eyes on Lindsay, eyes on" In 2083 Q says it will be a week to remember... looking back, how about a month? It's now the 25th, Kavanaugh still isn't confirmed and the DECLAS of the FISA won't happen until then. Checking Craigs list... "victim" #4 must be answering the call right about now.
Sep 12, 2018 20 tweets 8 min read
It does no good to tell a story of pain and suffering if we can't also tell the story of a targeted operation to rid our world of such evil. We know Q has all the information... that should bring some level of comfort... but please, remember, WE are also Q... get the word out! Marty Torrey has friends... and they aren't the type you would honor with a seat at your dinner table. Nor should you...
Sep 12, 2018 24 tweets 9 min read
Granted time to load the show from 9/3/18...Hope you enjoy this deck. We'll start with the "Silent Executioner"... remember Andy Wong, the AP guy who loaded the video dropped on the 4th of July? Was he behind this awesome pic? Can you imagine those in the room seeing this now? The "Key" to this story focuses on the server(s), the laptop, and Wikileaks as told by the "Mad Hatter and the "White Rabbit." Our goal is to answer the question as to who the white rabbits really are. Be prepared to "expand your thinking" here, as "everything has meaning."
Sep 9, 2018 25 tweets 9 min read
Had to start a new thread, didn't want the sky event cluttered with the ongoing FISA saga. So, who is Andrew Weissmann? An attorney on Mueller's team. An attorney with whom Ohr kept appraised of all that was going on regarding the dossier. Ohr is a federal witness too...remember? Ok, many seemed concerned with Trump's trolling...just laugh. He's BRILLIANT!!! What better way than to troll the media into supporting Sessions. Remember him? He needed Pence's vote to get confirmed. Now they fully support him simply because they hate Trump so much. Pathetic!
Sep 9, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
Starting this thread with a Champaign worthy event. The take down of FVEY's apparatus used to subvert our Constitution and ultimately commit an act of war on our nation. What a day it was! We watched JFK's dream to "splinter the CIA" happen in real time. It began with Snow White. Then came Corona and finally Big Bird. The full spying apparatus was taken off line. No servers, satellites, or reconnaissance for FVEY to use.
Sep 9, 2018 19 tweets 8 min read
Ok, so Q drops 1988 with a link to Hannity...1st, Otto... the family needs to sue the CIA and Deep State, NK did not control the outcome, the CIA did. Second...the dossier easily proven as fake... no investigation by Mueller needed into Trump...Deep State collusion is the crime. So what's this all the talk about Ohr not being interviewed by Mueller? Noise... Mueller wasn't investigating the FISA, the IG was. Note how many times Ohr was in fact interviewed... Which IG? The DOJ IG, Who Controls the DOJ? See, noise, he's officially a FEDERAL witness.
Sep 8, 2018 14 tweets 5 min read
Ok, back to Q... well, at least Q drops. In 1970, Q asked us to look up all plane incidents involving military aircraft... in 2018 so far, 13 our of 34 incidents worldwide were American military aircraft... guess you can now understand the intensity behind his opinion in 1965? In 1971, Q gets emphatic...what we're seeing is MUCH bigger than Watergate, it's frustrating when that comparrison is continually made. The fact that we're talking about it now is good, but this story should be kitchen table discussion across the country and it isn't. Maddening!
Sep 8, 2018 12 tweets 4 min read
FINALLY! Q has confirmed the "P" as Payseur… what a story there is too! The story begins with Marie Antoinette and King Louie the XV1 of France. The man we know as Daniel Payseur is actually Crown Prince Louis Charles, His story begins after her death, ending up with him changing his name and headed to the US with the help of King George III of England. The previous graphic tells only some of the story. Now for more.
Sep 8, 2018 10 tweets 4 min read
Remember this kid? I talked about him yesterday in this thread...

Might help to refresh yourself on the particulars as we move forward with this thread. He was used to provide cover for Clinton's treasonous act of selling SAP NatSec to the highest bidder. Snowden informed the Chinese of US was spying and Clinton disclosed WHO the operatives were...all were KILLED. Just like Benghazi, our country didn NOT have their back.
Sep 8, 2018 11 tweets 4 min read
Starting this with the obvious...Fake News is ingrained and has been for a very time. Many ask, how to tell the difference. Emotion is NOT news, truth is and is fact, facts are not emotional. Many of us have lost life long friends over this, together we are not isolated WWG1WGA No matter what you're looking at, ask yourself basic questions to ensure you have the whole story...Who, What, Where, When and Why thereby completely explaining the How? Questioning forces you to reason through what you see. You can do this, you are capable, believe in yourself.
Sep 7, 2018 21 tweets 7 min read
#1947... Here we review a bit of history... who is [Hassan Rouhani} and why is he in a kill box? Lets start by asking the obvious... how do two people go from nobody to 1st family in 19 years? Not without help, that's for sure.