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Aug 12, 2018, 10 tweets

If Austin Monahan’s story is true:
Good man for defending your Mother and while everyone is innocent until proven guilty the accusations should be investigated. This isn’t blue wave/red wave, domestic abuse is always tiptoed around (see NFL) and it shouldn’t be.

Well this certainly adds credibility.
#KeithEllison #TimesUp

WTF? Is this an #OpenSecret #KeithEllison 🤬

This is insane, part of a message #KeithEllison sent @TheDemocrats better handle this immediately and the Monahan’s need to be protected! #TimesUP

#TimesUp Keith, zero tolerance for abusing women.

Can’t say she didn’t warn you. #Ibelieveher

We hear you @KarenMonahan01 🔥🙏 #Ibelieveher

So this isn't new for #KeithEllison this is from a debate in 2012 why didn't anyone say anything?? #Ibelieverher…

Apparently in the debate they kept cutting off the microphone, convenient. This would be a very good time for the Muslim community to speak out against #domesticabuse

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