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#IBelieveHer Over the years, I’ve experienced more sexual harassment than I can remember. I was lucky enough to escape sexual assaults on two separate occasions. Like many survivors, the display put on by Kavanaugh and the GOP has caused painful memories to resurface-Long Thread
1. I’ve chosen to tell the story of one of my assaults. It’s an experience that is similar in some ways to the truth so bravely told by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford about her alleged assault by Brett Kavanaugh. Markedly, the trauma of coming forward only to be slapped with disbelief
2. I didn’t fear for my life. My attacker wasn’t drunk with an accomplice. My father taught me some fighting skills. So though he could easily overpower me, I felt my attacker would stop when he realized I could hurt him. He was a bully, but vain, cowardly and full of himself.
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I just woke up from the worst dream

This witch was making a speech where she said all victims of assault who petition Congress r paid actors & lib interest groups
She berated them for daring to question a spoiled white boy’s right to get whatever he wanted after he had a tantrum
Then millions of trolls went online to demand we all prove that we’ve been assaulted
They gaslighted us over how memory works & about who the real victims are

They demanded evidence but our own eyewitness testimony & years of pain didn’t count

All while shouting about values
They bought into wild conspiracy theories about why we came forward while demanding that anything we said had to be proven w/ corroborating contemporaneous evidence. Something they didn’t seem to need to believe the conspiracies

And as we cried, they mocked us and laughed at us
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My (probably unpopular) take on #SNL's #KavanaughHearing skit:

I understand that it's important to take a break from all the despair. I understand that comedy can serve as a much needed pressure release valve. Certainly I make jokes. I laugh at other's jokes and 1/
often feel a sense of community because of it. Less alone in seeing the absurdity - the frustrating, rage-inducing absurdity of where we are.

Having said that, I didn't laugh at #MattDamon's impression. Not because Damon has made some really telling and shitty comments 2/
about #MeToo (although the idea that doing this send up might rehabilitate his rep better than any lukewarm apology is insult to injury). But because I couldn't help but imagine how #DrFord would react to it. Beyond that and more importantly from a societal perspective, 3/
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Isn't that what you wanted..People to follow you 🤔#MeToo solidarity right?
Apparently they don't #IBelieveHer 🎭 heartbroken, I assure you..
I'm hurt, is it right to call someone crazy for wanting to make friends🤔
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This should NOT be framed as a He Said, She Said
Whys the @GOP rushing to dismiss what SHE SAID. Fords allegations are supported by the fact that Kavanaugh,in his & Judges own words,seemed to have an alcohol & party culture. Its disturbing to look at ALL we already know..THREAD👇
👉Kavanaugh says 'What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep'
👉The potential witness during the attempted rape refuses to testify & wrote a Memoir called 'Wasted'
👉Why are the GOP hiding 90% of Kavanaughs documents
👉It appears he already Perjured himself
👉Kavanaughs email after a "boys boat trip" mentions 'blacking out' & cautioned confidentiality-WHY?
👉Judges memoir is corroborated by Brett Kavanaughs own disturbing Yearbook entries
👉GOP indicate that even if Brett DID attempt to rape Dr Ford he should still be confirmed
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#WhyIDidntReport "I just don't think anyone would have believed me" and NO ONE DID the press continues to disrespect Juanita Broaddrick, how many times does she need to tell everyone she was RAPED BY @BillClinton for her to be taken seriously? @TheDemocrats are sick #METOO
You know the story @washingtonpost remember how everyone judged her because she couldn't remember the exact date? Hmmmm #ChristineBlaseyFord…
When @atensnut told her story @latimes said "it was fishy" and asked the question, maybe it was actually consensual sex because she was just trying to get back at her husband. In fact they broke down all the reasons not to believe her.…
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I have known men of great character from Georgetown Prep. My son is named after one, another is my daughter’s Godfather. I would trust those men with my life. 1/

@ChuckGrassley @SenFeinstein @JohnCornyn @SenWhitehouse @SenSasse @SenAmyKlobuchar @JeffFlake @SenKamalaHarris
A man either has character or he doesn’t. When one has character, power and wealth cannot diminish that. When one lacks character, power and wealth amplify the damage he leaves in his wake. 2/

@senorrinhatch @SenBooker @SenTedCruz @ChrisCoons @SenThomTillis @SenBlumenthal
I was sexually assaulted in the mid-80’s at the home of one of Kavanaugh’s schoolmates. The host of that party added his name to this letter to the Judiciary Committee attesting to Kavanaugh’s character. 3/


@LindseyGrahamSC @SenatorDurbin
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Sometimes I get caught up in a big moment and I later realize I was completely ignoring a huge part of it. I'm doing it with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's allegations against Kavanaugh. I've been ignoring the fact that Dr. Ford is an actual person.
There have been a lot of women with histories of sexual abuse in my life. There are a lot of them in every man's life but the truth is most men do not want to hear about it. It's a difficult subject to process emotionally for us and it's too easy to put our heads in the sand.
I'm a pretty good listener. If you listen to women you will hear stories of really shitty guys over and over and over. Sexual harassment, assault, rape, stalking, physical and mental abuse. At least half of every woman I've ever known has dealt with one of those.
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If Austin Monahan’s story is true:
Good man for defending your Mother and while everyone is innocent until proven guilty the accusations should be investigated. This isn’t blue wave/red wave, domestic abuse is always tiptoed around (see NFL) and it shouldn’t be.
WTF? Is this an #OpenSecret #KeithEllison 🤬
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If you’re a man and you have been tweeting in support of #Ibelieveher, here’s a simple concrete thing you can do to change things.
If you’re in a WhatsApp group like the one the Ulster Rugby lads had & someone says something like they did, mark their card. You don’t have to …
... go nuts, just "Lads, a bit of respect" will do it. Doing things like this is hard, and some will tell you to lighten up, or call you a faggot, or whatever.
You might even feel you have to leave the group - but do you really want to be friends with people like that?
As a man, this will cost you - you'll have to spend your time explaining this shit to people, and you may lose a few friends along the way.
But that price is an awful lot less than the one paid by any woman taking the witness stand and telling a court that she did not consent.
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Couldn't sleep last night.
Couldn't stop thinking about the sexual assault trail jury that I was on.
There was nowhere near the volume of evidence presented. No injury, internal or external, just her word against his
I watched the prosecution lawyer introduce the regret narrative
Considering, the jury all agreed that the victim's was the most convincing testimony. People believed her. Literally everyone on the jury. Likewise everyone believed that at best the accused was so drunk he had no idea what was going on, but he certainly wasn't telling the truth.
But still 8 said not guilty, inc all the women.
There was absolutely a sense in the jury that this was a drunken night that went wrong. That a verdict of guilty would be harsh on the wee lad who just wanted a ride. Everyone m/f could relate to an drunken advance that went wrong.
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I'm seeing a lot of tweets about the #Belfast verdict, and some of them are outright ridiculous. People are equating "not guilty" with "proven innocent" and calling the victim a liar. #Ibelieveher and I'm going to explain why, using my experience as a juror to inform you.
I was a juror on a trial a few years ago. The case was a restraining order breach. I'm not going to give many details, but we had a frightened victim on a screened witness stand telling us what had happened. Then we watched some CCTV showing a bit of what had happened.
I have no doubt that that victim was telling the truth, she was visibly terrified. I have no doubt that she had good reason to fear the defendant: the restraining order was granted for a reason and he was mocking her from the dock (this is probably why she asked to be screened).
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Verdict today is frustrating but not surprising.

The disparity between the estimated cases of rape and those actually reported is huge. The disparity between those reported and those successfully convicted is a gaping chasm.
From the offset a victim will be thinking of things like the public reaction to accusations of rape, particularly against people of power.
How they will be questioned in court, how it will be reported, whether the police will even believe them are an immediate dissuasion.
Those who do have the bravery to bring a case forward are bringing themselves into that arena where someone is being paid to prove that they are a liar using any means at their disposal.
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