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At 4pm UK time, an independent review of @savechildrenuk will report. Here’s what @irinnews reported earlier this year.
#MeToo #AidToo #TimesUp…
In a @savechildrenuk press release, responding to one of several leaks about its handling of #MeToo, review lead Suzanne Shale (@ethicsconsult) said "past events may have caused distress to staff" and "we will listen to those accounts very carefully..."
The March statement, was in response to earlier reviews that had found problems in the NGO's "culture" and "failures" in the way it handled cases of sexual harassment and misconduct:…
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My #MeToo story is the most harrowing account of my life. I was harrased for months continuesly by @i_saurabhkumar of @FinancialXpress in 2016. I had informed FE who hired him any way. Here is my story:
I have spoken of this before and publicly as well but never in such detail. Seeing other women giving detailed accounts has given me the push I needed to to finally show each and everything this fucking vile man did to me.
I am tweeting this anonymously for various reasons which include fear of legal trouble and also just more trauma of people asking questions about it.
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It is very, very tough for women to remember accounts of when they were touched inappropriately; a ‘harmless’ hug that looks OK but makes them alone cringe.
I was 8, maybe 9. I was sleeping. My mom was supervising a recording session for her documentary. Felt a man in priestly robes feel up my privates and I woke up. Told her ‘that uncle is bad’. This was in the studio called Santhome Communications that still exists.
Maybe I was 10/11, December Music Festival, ‘respectable mama’ whose name I dont remember kept pinching my thigh throughout a concert.
I heard more gross stories of Sabha secretaries.
In retrospect, a lot of children weren’t safe around some adults.
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Dear women out there
I don't know if I can do much but I want to help.
If any woman in the jurisdiction of Bombay High Court has faced sexual harassment at the workplace and wants to sue please contact me. I will not charge my fees and appear for you in your case.
Thank you everyone who's shown such great support and encouragement! I'm more motivated than ever and I will do my best to help whoever I can.
Another thing, if you see/know of someone being harassed, do not think twice before helping that person in whatever way you can. Please!
My friends and I are working on a write up about how we, as friends, family or colleagues, in our daily lives can be sensitive, listen to and help victims of sexual harassment. We will be talking to counselors, therapists, NGO workers, lawyers and doctors. Any help is appreciated
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I’m not blacking out. Fuck you. I don’t have to black out to be ignored. I’m black and a woman and not the right kind . I’m a specific kind of ignored anywho
I’m mitigated by oodles of privilege and Yet the constant reminder I have is two things : I’m a frigging ELEMENTAL force and that’s a REQUIREMENT
We did this already. And we’ve learned nothing . We are doing rallying cries and calls to action with no discussion that 53% of white women are fighting us
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As you are saying this, Debra, media outlets are still having a field day with male survivor Jimmy Bennett for even *daring* to come forward about being allegedly assaulted by Asia Argento.
What is with y’all and lying about the believability of male/non-women survivors? Like patriarchy doesn’t also chew them up and spit them out for being ~weak enough~ to be assaulted???? Hmm? What gives?
This ~superior victim~ thing that White women have going on is not the wave and it is precisely the thing that keeps undermining the efforts of #MeToo/#TimesUp and tbh, y’all need to let that shit go because if it that isn’t base narcissism, IDK what is.
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Senator Lindsey Graham cited his experience as a judge today,in angry comments after Dr Blase Ford's testimony. He didn't mention he was kicked off that job; Military Appeals Court said it was unconsitutional to be both.… #WHPDaily #Indivisible #AltGov #Law
.@LindseyGrahamSC with neither the Facts nor the Law on his side, pounds the table in angry #Kavanaugh Hearing rant, sanctimoniously citing ethics while ignoring his past ethical lapse trying to be a JAG judge & MOC at the same time… cc .@tribelaw .@RWPUSA
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Im going to talk BTS and K-Pop and #metoo and #TimesUp and the American music industry and how all of its related in a few...
So after all that noise all day, we need to get to a problem that is just as worse - the acceptance of BTS and K-Pop as a bromide from all the changing metrics in the American music industry and its issues. It's only going to create more headache.
The American Music Industry and the rest of the entertainment industry in the last several years put their bank on the Hallu Movement - a way of seeing popular culture and technology via Korean sensibilities.
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For women in the US:
1/6 are survivors of attempted rape
1/3 (54M)are survivors of sexual violence
77% don’t report
1.9% falsely accuse

I stand with a “Trinity” of brave, heroic survivors who spoke up:
Christine Blasey Ford
Deborah Ramirez
Julie Swetnick

It took me a decade of denial to realize what it was. I blamed myself & believed the lie–victims are weak. The SOL passed– I wanted the memory erased. It was tucked away safe til #MeToo

#WhyIDidntReport was validated when I told 3: 1 a trusted “ally” & he didn’t believe my word.
If this has been triggering for you in any way—please reach out
Nat’l Sexual Assault Hotline:

@RAINN has an excellent thread on resources on self care for survivors or how to support them.

I’m also here to listen. You’re not alone. #MeToo

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This year’s #TheRoot100 list of honorees is a reminder of the beauty and brilliance of blackness!

Honoring the best and brightest of black America continues to be a revolutionary act and we salute this year’s honorees:
No. 100: Reginald Dwayne Betts (@dwaynebetts)

Poetry fueled Betts' drive to succeed while he was incarcerated. It lead him to publish 2 books on poetry & graduate from Yale Law School w/ a 4.0

Betts was also awarded a Guggenheim fellowship for his poetry
No. 99: Lezli Levene Harvell (@DoctorLezli)

Harvell is bringing the spotlight to chefs of color thanks to her amazing Iconoclast Dinner Experience events! #TheRoot100
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⚖️Just how many Clinton accusers(*with proof)does it take to equal one Kavanaugh accuser(*without proof)??🔣
#ConfirmKavanaughNow ‼️…
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There is a disdain for women that is emanating from the U.S. Senate that has a pungent, rotten odor.…
There is misogyny in the U.S. Senate pure and simple, whether it’s trying to undercut the CAA Reform Act or the way that Dr. Blasey Ford is being treated. And women across the country know it when they see it.
It’s no mystery why @POTUS @SenateMajLdr & GOP @senjudiciary members don’t want Mark Judge, an admitted peeping Tom, misogynist, racist, & homophobe who pines for the days of Jim Crow & wants people w/diseases to stop trying to find cures, to testify.…
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The GOP aren’t hostile to Dr. Ford because they think she’s a liar. If they believed that, they would welcome an FBI investigation to clear his name.

They’re hostile towards her because they know she’s telling the truth.
Brett Kavanaugh is a predator.
That suits them. #BeAVoter
I’m sick of men’s opinions on how Dr. Ford is mistaken, or a liar. Men who haven’t met her, don’t know what happened.

They know she’s not lying. They think women should be expected to endure what she did as a right of passage. 🤮

The time for predators is over. #TimesUp
Please don’t be sick of hearing this, because it’s so important. You need to call you Senators and tell them to vote no on Kavanaugh. There are some key GOP wavering. Call volume must be high! #StopKavanaugh
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They never call theft hearsay.

There’s no discussion of he-said/she-said in Circumstantial murder cases- they lock innocent people up a LOT.

But in the group of crimes where women are harmed? When someone SHOULD be jailed?
No justice, not even the pretense Ever. We come forward, we are attacked, then assumed guilty. Forever.

Even if there’s a conviction.
They lock people up, without proof, all the time. It supposedly being hard to prove certain crimes? Not the issue.
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#SanePatrioticAmericans🗽 4Democracy, domestic & foreign 2B rescued & thrive the #GrievouslyOffensivePoliTricksterz KKKrime syndicate has 2B euthanized & abolished. Then 4the subsequent 100 yrs., it's operatives & their spawn MUST B banned frm affecting public policy in any way.
@wildweezle @10MinutesaDay4U @Aprylsmithts @DinaSaS69 @GomesChantel @LockeShiny @Carmenr1Carmen @DenbrotS @fenrir_71 @Mschade2020 @teenytinyflame @TaggartRehnn @holachola @impinkestgirl @RobertVosFrere @BJSquirrel @BeverlyBednarc1 @eronel35 @DavidGr78574965 3. #SPA🗽THREAD👆👇Russia's been attacking US democracy enrolling US citizens as Russian agents: 2deny free & fair elections; hand them codes & access 2US power grid; alter foreign & domestic policies 2bankrupt the nation culturally & lower🌎standing, but the murder board👆 was4
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It’s not ok if you’re drunk, or they are.
It’s not ok if you’re young, you’ll never be able to atone.
You must have consent.
It’s not, NOT ok to hold your hand over their mouth so they don’t scream.

Rape stains forever.

If you seat him, you foul the court.
We remember. #TimesUp
Tell your Senators that to seat Kavanaugh, accused of attempted rape, would destroy the court. They will ruin it’s credibility, and their own.
It’s go time. Call volume is crucial.
YOU MUST DO THIS. #StopKavanaugh
You know the drill. We need to GOP votes. Murkowski and Collins are our best bet. They accept calls from everyone.

In light of some recent comments, if you’re a constituent of Corker, Graham, or Flake, light them up. 👊
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Dear @SenatorCollins - I'll tell you why I waited to report a coworker who touched me inappropriately, and why reports of harassment and assault can have "odd timing". 1/12 #MeToo #Kavanaugh
At an event for a coworker who was leaving the company, I was chatting with a married male coworker. Suddenly his hand was up the back of my blouse, almost touching my bra.

I froze in shock for a second, then backed away, stammering "What are you doing?" 2/12 #TuesdayThoughts
He smiled and said "nothing". I walked away and joined some other coworkers. He stayed away from me after that.

I told my boyfriend about it, but decided not to report to HR for several reasons. 3/12 #RoyMoore
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Republican strategist on GOP plan for Kavanaugh: 'We need to ram this through as hard and fast as possible'…
Pun intended. 😷
GOP plows forward amid sexual misconduct allegations lodged at Brett Kavanaugh via @suntimes #DirtyOldMen #AmericanSociopath
Trump's Treatment of Women, Not Russia, Will Bring Him Down… #TimesUp
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I just want people to look at some replies to some tweets on #ChristineBlaseyFord. As a matter of fact click on the hashtag. Just see some of the shameful, despicable things being tweeted about her. THIS IS WHY MANY WOMEN DON'T WANT TO COME FORWARD AND REVEAL THEIR STORIES.
People like Kavanaugh, who commit these acts go on to lead their lives, to become highly respected in society while their victims live with their trauma. There is no pushing it off & denying it for the victims. That memory stays with them, they relive it, & deal with triggers.
In the meantime, people like Kavanaugh get to deny the existence of their acts, their privilege allows them to skate through, and shameful people both men & women stand by them and enable them to continue skating. This is what society does to victims & why they stay silent.
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When women are being attacked on Twitter, when sexism, racism, misogynoir are on full display, aimed squarely at well-respected colleagues, and men don’t stand up against it forcefully, WE NOTICE. It’s simultaneously not surprising and disappointing. You can fix that. Speak up.
Call out that bullshit. Liking and retweeting aren’t enough. You care about your reputation too much to join the fight? Well, your colleagues’ reputations are directly on the line. Consider why some men feel so emboldened to attack your female colleagues.
Time to walk the walk. #TimesUp on your silence. You’re here on Twitter. You have a platform. You have reach. Use it. Show your junior/female/BIPOC/queer/trans/etc. colleagues you get it and model for your white cishet male pals that they’ve got a responsibility in their power.
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We want more women and individuals from underrepresented groups to consider careers in STEM… we want a more diverse STEM workforce… we want to patch the leaky pipeline… we want more women and URM as professors and STEM researchers and role models. 1/5
But wanting isn't the same as doing. To do all this, we must ensure that the learning environments for all of our trainees are safe. We must foster a positive climate free from sexual harassment. Universities must strive to do better. But the NIH and NSF play a role as well. 2/5
Continued funding for PIs who sexually harass their subordinates and create a toxic learning environment is unacceptable. If you can’t commit to a healthy and safe climate for your trainees, then you should not be awarded resources that will enable you to continue 3/5
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I'm reading the grand jury report on sex abuse in Pennsylvania's Catholic Church so you don't have to. In sum, the Catholic Church shielded themselves by shaming, degrading, and discrediting survivors. This report is a reckoning. #TimesUP #MeToo THREAD…
All of the survivors were "brushed aside, in every part of the state by church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers and their institution above all." We've seen this dynamic in the Olympic Movement, non-Catholic churches, schools, and the corporate world. 2/
"We are going to shine a light on their conduct, because that is what victims deserve." Predatory organizations and predators themselves thrive on secrecy. One way to bring about positive change is to break the silence. Silence only benefits the oppressors. 3/
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If Austin Monahan’s story is true:
Good man for defending your Mother and while everyone is innocent until proven guilty the accusations should be investigated. This isn’t blue wave/red wave, domestic abuse is always tiptoed around (see NFL) and it shouldn’t be.
WTF? Is this an #OpenSecret #KeithEllison 🤬
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He presumably went on living the privileged life to which he was entitled. She repressed the memory and fled the city with her secret scars as soon as she could, never to return. @MeTooMVMT @AustinLinked @FeministAction @AustinTX_NOW @NotOnMyCampusUT @timesupnow #rapemustend
She was able to avoid being alone with him after that, but was too broken and ashamed to tell anyone. @Adoption_Austin @MeTooMVMT @AustinLinked @FeministAction @AustinTXNOW @NotOnMyCampusUT @acltv #rapemustend #rape #metoo #timesup
Afterward he told her that it had been his intention to impregnate her so that she would love him. @Adoption_Austin @MeTooMVMT @statesman @AustinLinked @FeministAction @AustinTXNOW @NotOnMyCampusUT #dna #rapemustend #rape #metoo #timesup
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