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#SanePatrioticAmericans🗽 4Democracy, domestic & foreign 2B rescued & thrive the #GrievouslyOffensivePoliTricksterz KKKrime syndicate has 2B euthanized & abolished. Then 4the subsequent 100 yrs., it's operatives & their spawn MUST B banned frm affecting public policy in any way.
@wildweezle @10MinutesaDay4U @Aprylsmithts @DinaSaS69 @GomesChantel @LockeShiny @Carmenr1Carmen @DenbrotS @fenrir_71 @Mschade2020 @teenytinyflame @TaggartRehnn @holachola @impinkestgirl @RobertVosFrere @BJSquirrel @BeverlyBednarc1 @eronel35 @DavidGr78574965 3. #SPA🗽THREAD👆👇Russia's been attacking US democracy enrolling US citizens as Russian agents: 2deny free & fair elections; hand them codes & access 2US power grid; alter foreign & domestic policies 2bankrupt the nation culturally & lower🌎standing, but the murder board👆 was4
@wildweezle @10MinutesaDay4U @Aprylsmithts @DinaSaS69 @GomesChantel @LockeShiny @Carmenr1Carmen @DenbrotS @fenrir_71 @Mschade2020 @teenytinyflame @TaggartRehnn @holachola @impinkestgirl @RobertVosFrere @BJSquirrel @BeverlyBednarc1 @eronel35 @DavidGr78574965 4.#SPA🗽THREAD👆👇indoctrination & training of a more outwardly polished, smart, amoral twin of #MostUnfit2BePotus - 2lie convincingly 2the public (not the Senate they know he's KKKorrupt, slimy & KKKompromised) so #RepubRussians can go on #GrabbingOfPower in their #MediaPolitics
@wildweezle @10MinutesaDay4U @Aprylsmithts @DinaSaS69 @GomesChantel @LockeShiny @Carmenr1Carmen @DenbrotS @fenrir_71 @Mschade2020 @teenytinyflame @TaggartRehnn @holachola @impinkestgirl @RobertVosFrere @BJSquirrel @BeverlyBednarc1 @eronel35 @DavidGr78574965 5. EVERY #SanePatrioticAmerican🗽 SHOULD B disgusted at the past 10 yrs⏫reveals as the #HardFactTruth of the GOP: a crime syndicate that's BEEN posing as a political entity 4the advancement of this multi-racial & multicultural democracy.I

👆the 1thing that's NOT #DeludeDespot's
@wildweezle @10MinutesaDay4U @Aprylsmithts @DinaSaS69 @GomesChantel @LockeShiny @Carmenr1Carmen @DenbrotS @fenrir_71 @Mschade2020 @teenytinyflame @TaggartRehnn @holachola @impinkestgirl @RobertVosFrere @BJSquirrel @BeverlyBednarc1 @eronel35 @DavidGr78574965 6. #SPA🗽 fault. #pootusIllegitimus & his ilk (deviants & crooks) have long been flocking2 & populating the #WhiteSheetsAndHood camouflage of bigotry, sexism, White patriarchal elitism 4a wealth & power monopoly. Their quirk allowed them 2👀the REAL goal & methods 4same behind
@wildweezle @10MinutesaDay4U @Aprylsmithts @DinaSaS69 @GomesChantel @LockeShiny @Carmenr1Carmen @DenbrotS @fenrir_71 @Mschade2020 @teenytinyflame @TaggartRehnn @holachola @impinkestgirl @RobertVosFrere @BJSquirrel @BeverlyBednarc1 @eronel35 @DavidGr78574965 @motherof2wolves @ginadem @Sbuttsie @crpswarrior1 @TheRealJTIII @AlisonR61423986 @SkiBuni @DemocracyJourno @Ruetheday852 @amstlgirl @iche_me @AprilDRyan @sachie2018 @costareports @rmontanez3rd 8. Really ponder what👆means; a body of 'experts' hired & paid by 326M ppl 2make our lives present & future: environmnt, education, criminal justice, nutrition; medical, infrastructure, amenities, finance, etc now & future, B life sustaining & enhancing best - R focused on murder
@wildweezle @10MinutesaDay4U @Aprylsmithts @DinaSaS69 @GomesChantel @LockeShiny @Carmenr1Carmen @DenbrotS @fenrir_71 @Mschade2020 @teenytinyflame @TaggartRehnn @holachola @impinkestgirl @RobertVosFrere @BJSquirrel @BeverlyBednarc1 @eronel35 @DavidGr78574965 @motherof2wolves @ginadem @Sbuttsie @crpswarrior1 @TheRealJTIII @AlisonR61423986 @SkiBuni @DemocracyJourno @Ruetheday852 @amstlgirl @iche_me @AprilDRyan @sachie2018 @costareports @rmontanez3rd 9. #SPA🗽 of the character & reputation of 1👩who's alleged a crime affecting her physically & psychologically by a👨who's own reputation only shines➕VELY in proximal endorsement of his agenda (💡his demeanor w/father of Parkland school shooting); Y & how is👆good 4 democracy?
@wildweezle @10MinutesaDay4U @Aprylsmithts @DinaSaS69 @GomesChantel @LockeShiny @Carmenr1Carmen @DenbrotS @fenrir_71 @Mschade2020 @teenytinyflame @TaggartRehnn @holachola @impinkestgirl @RobertVosFrere @BJSquirrel @BeverlyBednarc1 @eronel35 @DavidGr78574965 @motherof2wolves @ginadem @Sbuttsie @crpswarrior1 @TheRealJTIII @AlisonR61423986 @SkiBuni @DemocracyJourno @Ruetheday852 @amstlgirl @iche_me @AprilDRyan @sachie2018 @costareports @rmontanez3rd 11. #SPA🗽 Y's a female body the object of GOPz pleasure & oppression 2the point they endorse pornography as a 4profit industry, & dabble w/intra- & extra-martial titillating sexploits, but when exposed - women providing👆access 4their wealth & power jones thru sex, R 'sluts'?

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