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💁🏽‍♀️Sane, Smart, Sassy R€j€©+¡0n of GOPutin-AllWrong💰Donors-ShitHoleDotard Inc., Grabb¡ng Of Power PoliTricks frm Gutless Gang Of P¡$$ants ¶ut¡n$G0P!!
Sep 19, 2018 126 tweets 1307 min read
#SanePatrioticAmericans🗽 4Democracy, domestic & foreign 2B rescued & thrive the #GrievouslyOffensivePoliTricksterz KKKrime syndicate has 2B euthanized & abolished. Then 4the subsequent 100 yrs., it's operatives & their spawn MUST B banned frm affecting public policy in any way. 2.#SPA🗽THREAD👆👇 @wildweezle @10MinutesaDay4U @Aprylsmithts @DinaSaS69 @GomesChantel @LockeShiny @Carmenr1Carmen @DenbrotS @fenrir_71 @Mschade2020 @teenytinyflame @TaggartRehnn @holachola @impinkestgirl @RobertVosFrere @BJSquirrel @BeverlyBednarc1 @eronel35 @DavidGr78574965