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I posted the tweet below last night after work👇
I didn’t expect it to get the reaction it received because to me it just represented a hard day but not out of the ordinary. In fact I’ve had much worse..

I’ve been reliving my own event since Dr Ford came forward. My event 25 yrs ago was so similar & I understand better #WhyIDidntReport
I just told my family about it in the last few weeks but I won’t discuss it here. Instead I want you to see everyday life for a woman..
In my last job the CEO was a spoiled rich guy. He wanted to create a “fun” culture for the staff & regularly took us all out for drinks. One night there were about 40 of us at a bar & I talked to my colleagues when he came up & put his arm around my waist & his hand🤚on my a__
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My 19-year-old cousin sister has been living in Delhi for 3 months, and she has been molested 7 times. If you think it doesn't get worse, you don't know Delhi.
She told me of this breed of molesters who travel on route 544 plying from South Ex specifically because that bus carries young girls on their way to college - Kamala Nehru and Gargi. Who regularly and repeatedly do things that makes her eyes sting with tears to even repeat.
She raised an alarm and threw out a guy one time, and he was on the bus again, the very next day. These are not coincidences or one-off incidents. These are sickening individuals who travel on that bus with the sole purpose of harassing young girls trying to get an education.
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In the past few days and weeks I've seen a whole lot of you post your #MeToo moments and your stories of #WhyIDidntReport. Most of you have been women, but there have been a few men who have posted their stories too. Each of your stories made me feel sadness and rage.
I am so sorry that these things have happened to you; I am further sorry that our entire society is, still, stacked against you, refusing to believe you or even when it does believe you, refusing to do anything to stop this from happening to anyone else.

I've refrained from commenting on any individual story because it felt too personal of a thing for you to have posted for me to be able to add anything meaningful to the conversation. I have never experienced anything like this, or even close to this.

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. @Sen_JoeManchin I was sexually assaulted 12 years ago at age 20. The day it happened, I felt so strong and free because I was 1 year, to the day, cancer free. I went out that night with a group I knew and trusted to celebrate my strength and survival..
@Sen_JoeManchin He said we were all moving from the bar to his apartment for a party. I trusted him and drove him there. He slipped something in a drink for me. I felt myself becoming numb, and tried to run from the apartment. He took my keys and threw them.
I was taught growing up that "No means no." I pushed back, I said no, I SCREAMED no. He assured me that I wanted it. I panicked in my mind, I screamed, but I had no strength against him. I went to a different place in my mind in order to endure what was happening to me.
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A challenge for men.

Engage your male friends, family, colleagues about the Ford/Kavanaugh hearings.

Ask what they thought. Remain neutral. Listen.

Do they sympathize w Kavanaugh? Express doubts of 35yo allegations? Wonder why it's relevant to his nomination?


It's important to push back because our culture is at stake.

It's not just about if the GOP will confirm a judge who will vote against Roe, LGBTQ rights, and healthcare.

All of that is massively important, but it's out of our hands.

We're at a pivotal moment in rape culture.
What's rape culture, you ask?

Blaming survivors. Putting their characters on trial. "Boys will be boys."

Raising our daughters to be agreeable and our sons to be aggressive.

The false belief that good men don't do bad things.

If you're a man, you benefit from all of this.
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[thread] @MichaelRCaputo loses his shyte on CNN saying that all men need to be afraid of false allegations. To that I say b.s. Only 2% of allegations turn out to be false. If you raise your sons right, you have nothing to worry about. I #BelieveSurvivors… MAAN statistics at Stanford
~50% of sexual assaults go unreported…
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Wow. I watch @PhillyD every single day and no story has ever pissed me off to the point of commenting like today’s story on

I want to take a chance to add to the conversation of #WhyIDidntReport from the perspective of someone who did. A thread:
Within a week of being attacked, I worked up the courage to tell my parents. They then encouraged and helped me report to the police.

I went to the station hopeful. I had an appointment with a Sheriff. I had texts from not 1, but all 3 of the perps insinuating what has happened.
I was interviewed maybe 6 separate times to test the consistency and validly of my story.

The Sheriff who was conducting the investigation told me they 100% believed this happened (because it did)

However, I was also quickly told there wasn’t enough evidence for an arrest yet.
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For women in the US:
1/6 are survivors of attempted rape
1/3 (54M)are survivors of sexual violence
77% don’t report
1.9% falsely accuse

I stand with a “Trinity” of brave, heroic survivors who spoke up:
Christine Blasey Ford
Deborah Ramirez
Julie Swetnick

It took me a decade of denial to realize what it was. I blamed myself & believed the lie–victims are weak. The SOL passed– I wanted the memory erased. It was tucked away safe til #MeToo

#WhyIDidntReport was validated when I told 3: 1 a trusted “ally” & he didn’t believe my word.
If this has been triggering for you in any way—please reach out
Nat’l Sexual Assault Hotline:

@RAINN has an excellent thread on resources on self care for survivors or how to support them.

I’m also here to listen. You’re not alone. #MeToo

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#MeToo 1) In my early 20's, a female cousin & I went 2 a small New Years Eve party @ a friends house. I had a drink & took a pill I was offered. (Stupid, I know.) I only weighed about 98 lbs & I became VERY inebriated. A mutual acquaintance showed up & tried 2 get me 2 have sex.
#MeToo 2) I never liked the guy & I let him know I was not interested. He dragged me 2 a bedroom & started undressing me. I kept protesting & saying, "No!" I managed 2 get up, button my shirt & return 2 the party. He followed, picked me up & carried me back 2 the bedroom.
#WhyIDidntReport I don't rememer every detail, but I know I did NOT want to have sex with him. I know I protested & told him "No!" repeatedly. He put my hand in his shorts, on his penis, which was quite large. I remember thinking, "Oh, God. I'm in trouble." Then I passed out.
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I feel odd doing this, but I think it is important. That is why I will continue, despite the sensation. I'll see how I go. I was administered a date rape drug at a social occasion. I was 31 at the time. Here is what happened and #WhyIDidntReport
Who boy, twitter. This feels weird. But okay. I was at a social occasion with a good friend, at the beach. We went to a weekend brunch. I had brunch, with came with a light mimosa, which I sipped at with my pancakes. I suddenly remember feeling...odd.
(Still feels very weird.) Things started to get dark, in a very specific way. I remember it was like a camera shutter. The outsides of the frame got dark and the center was all I had and that was getting smaller and smaller.
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I am getting exhausted by the stupidity of the RW talking points regarding Kavanaugh. Let's consider the main ones. 1/
The Kavanaugh Didn't Do It But It Happened argument. Variations include the doppelganger theory raised by ethically deficient mutants. He was not a stranger so this is not mistaken identification. It's either = or. Own your misogyny, haters 2/
The All Men Are Rapists When They're Young Argument - this is mostly coming from Republican women. For partisan purposes, they are calling their husbands, fathers, and sons rapists. Wow. 3/
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Kavanaugh vote the day following the hearing where Dr. Blasey and no other victims/witnesses will be permitted to testify?


If the vote is not immediately postponed following her testimony, we turn #WhyIDidntReport into #ImReportingNow.

How many of us need to come forward now to tear down this excuse of an argument? 50,000? 100,000?

#ImReportingNow because if you don't believe her, will you believe us?

No political aims, Republicans or Democrats all get the same treatment.
#ImReportingNow because I'm not going to lose anything else because of what he did to me, how he silenced me, and how it destroyed my career.
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1/ As Domestic Violence Awareness month is approaching and my feed is filled with the #Metoo and #WhyIDidntReport stories. I’m inspired to share a little of my own story.
I don’t remember exactly when the abuse started, mine or hers.
There are fuzzy memories of loud voices and her crying. There was always fear.
I must have been about 6 the first time he forced himself on me. I later learned that he told her he was drunk and thought that I was her.
3/ He was often drunk but his threats when it was over proved he knew exactly who I was. He said that he’d hurt her, I believed him. I’d seen the bruises and the way she shrank when he was near. He said that nobody would believe me.
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Seriously, this is horrific:
"Campaigners say victims are regularly advised that prosecutions will not be brought if they do not grant access to their personal data."…
Nope nope nope nope nope
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We’ve been thinking about the campaign #WhyIDidntReport today in our migrant women’s group. The women in the group have experienced so much violence, including sexual violence. Here are just some of the reasons they didn’t report:
1. A woman from a small migrant community: “because when the police got me an interpreter, they were my husband’s relative.”
2. “I never thought we could complain. If I don’t know rape os a crime, how can I report it? In my country it is not a crime.”
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@carolandmocha @JohnnyBlkshrt @Jamsy69 Mine brutal rape was in 1974. I still flinch when my gentle, loving, supportive husband raises his arm -to scratch or grab something overhead. I still won’t deadbolt the door when I’m inside -that’s how he trapped me. I still have nightmares -screaming with no sound.
@carolandmocha @JohnnyBlkshrt @Jamsy69 I was editor of our school paper and yearbook and I encouraged his poetry and art.
He was my best friend’s boyfriend and she knew he “liked” me.
She blamed me.
Why was I so nice to him?
He hanged himself a couple of years later but I’m sure he raped others.
@carolandmocha @JohnnyBlkshrt @Jamsy69 She asked what I was wearing. We were never friends after that.
It took years for me to trust anyone and still don’t trust easily. My now-husband asked “what the hell did he do to you?” but meant my ex. Took years to tell him about assault.

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I wonder: would the GOP be so keen on continuing to a vote with Kavanaugh if, in solidarity with Dr. Blasey, millions of American women who have been victims of previously unreported sexual assault stand up to do the same alongside her in solidarity?
Statutes of Limitations be damned:

There is no SOL on filing a police report, only on prosecution.

Every survivor can still file reports so law enforcement has the information, in the event future charges come forward against the perpetrator, or past charges need corroboration.
For those of us who are no longer in a position where we may be threatened by the assailant, for those of us who have enough distance between us and our assaults...

For those of us who shared #WhyIDidntReport ...
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The responses to the Kavanaugh allegations have brought out so many myths & fallacies in how America talks about sexual assault. ⁦@constancegrady⁩ & I broke down some of them…
Myth 1: sexual assault is just normal male behavior (boys will be boys, after all)
Myth 2: if it really happened, she would’ve reported it immediately (see #WhyIDidntReport for more on this)
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💣Incoming: Tomorrow💣

New allegation:

👉🏼Deborah Ramirez alleges that Kav dropped his pants and shoved his penis in her face when he was a freshman at Yale

👉🏼Within 48 hours another student was told about the incident & was "100% sure" he was told it was Kav.

Mark Judge’s former girlfriend Rasor “recalled that Judge had told her ashamedly of an incident that involved him and other boys taking turns having sex with a drunk woman.

Rasor said that Judge seemed to regard it as fully consensual. 🙄



@MichaelAvenatti’s e-mail sent moments ago to Mike Davis, Chief Counsel for Nominations for U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary:
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Whenever a friend discloses to me that they have been sexually assaulted (or someone they know has been sexually assaulted).... #whyididntreportit
I used to tell them, “First, I’m not a lawyer and you should probably talk to one.” Now, I tell them, “Ok, I am not your lawyer but I can give you some names of lawyers I trust.”
And, I immediately tell them what I have done in the past (and have done in the past), document, document, document! Even if this means telling someone else.
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I've tried to finish my 3 #WhyIDidntReport experiences. My 1st began abt 36 yrs ago.

After reading the new #RonanFarrow #MeToo Im unable to get beyond Kavanaughs & the WH reference to "35 yrs old". I am sobbing.

FUCK YOU OLD WHITE Bastards. U LITERALLY think ur above the law
I am sick to my stomach that somehow a woman's abuse or assault is only relevant on ur time table

This shit affects us for the rest of our lives. It's not a joke. It fucks up our minds

At 7 years old instead of being steadied to ride a bike, I was being steadied to ride a dick.
This abuse permeates all aspects of our lives, even when we aren't cognizant of it

America isn't made great by old, rich, perverted white guys telling the poor, kids, women or minorities "how America works".

I've never been more disgusted at the transparent hypocrisy each day.
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This should NOT be framed as a He Said, She Said
Whys the @GOP rushing to dismiss what SHE SAID. Fords allegations are supported by the fact that Kavanaugh,in his & Judges own words,seemed to have an alcohol & party culture. Its disturbing to look at ALL we already know..THREAD👇
👉Kavanaugh says 'What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep'
👉The potential witness during the attempted rape refuses to testify & wrote a Memoir called 'Wasted'
👉Why are the GOP hiding 90% of Kavanaughs documents
👉It appears he already Perjured himself
👉Kavanaughs email after a "boys boat trip" mentions 'blacking out' & cautioned confidentiality-WHY?
👉Judges memoir is corroborated by Brett Kavanaughs own disturbing Yearbook entries
👉GOP indicate that even if Brett DID attempt to rape Dr Ford he should still be confirmed
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FFS. @onthemedia just aired a long exchange of @JHockenberry's editor explaining JH couldn't really do damage to the women he sexually harassed since he's in a wheelchair!

Using #disability to excuse sexual harassment FOR WHICH JH WAS FIRED is outrageous. I'll explain why.
First, like @JHockenberry, I am also paralyzed and in a wheelchair. And myriad studies have shown women who are #disabled are more likely to be sexually harassed and assaulted than non-disabled women. There is, in fact, also, an entire porn culture around women in wheelchairs.
There is also a long, extended discourse about how #disabled men deserve/need sexual releases. (There is no such discourse about disabled women.) Hockenberry's editor claimed, while laughing, "he can't exactly leap up & grab someone."

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So I just did my #WhyIDidntReport tweet that took 20 minutes to type and 20 seconds to delete
If you ever doubt a woman for not coming forward you're part of the problem

There is so much shame and trauma it sucks your breath away
These are brave women.
Me? Not so much.
Thanks for all of the kind words everyone. I'm a bit overwhelmed. I guess all of this coming out has me a bit broken. I'm on edge, short tempered, crying at stupid tv shows but at the same time I'm so proud of all these women ... and your support, seriously y'all are amazing. ♡
If I missed you and haven’t acknowledged your support by a like or a comment please know I hear it, I see it, I feel it. We all do. Thank you so much. ❤️
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