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Sep 27, 2018 261 tweets >60 min read
1/ #RepublicanSexualPredators @RealDonaldTrump is accused of sexual assault by multiple women. He is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl and bragged of walking in on underage girls at pageant.… 2/ #RepublicanSexualPredators Judge Roy Moore is accused of sexual assault and dating underage women.…
Sep 25, 2018 23 tweets 3 min read
I am getting exhausted by the stupidity of the RW talking points regarding Kavanaugh. Let's consider the main ones. 1/ The Kavanaugh Didn't Do It But It Happened argument. Variations include the doppelganger theory raised by ethically deficient mutants. He was not a stranger so this is not mistaken identification. It's either = or. Own your misogyny, haters 2/
Sep 25, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
What change in the algorithms made Black Twitter disappear? I follow many people who suddenly aren't showing up even though I read a lot of my timeline. They can't all be on a break? @YesSirJames, @eclecticbrotha, @BravenakBlog @AngryBlackLady @marcushjohnson No, I looked, they are all tweeting. What the hell?
Sep 25, 2018 4 tweets 3 min read
If you've been following a #GOPSexualPredators thread that broke, I'm sorry. I suck at threading, I guess. To put them all together, though, here are the four Moments
1 - 50… If you've been following a #GOPSexualPredators thread that broke, I'm sorry. I suck at threading, I guess. To put them all together, though, here are the four Moments
Sep 25, 2018 5 tweets 3 min read
#RepublicanSexualPredators Part One: 1 - 50
Because I suck at threads and I keep breaking this one, I have compiled these moments.… #RepublicanSexualPredators Part Two: 51-100
Because I suck at threads and I keep breaking this one, I have compiled these moments.…
Sep 23, 2018 80 tweets 23 min read
113/ Republican Judge Donald Thompson from Oklahoma, was found guilty on four counts of indecent exposure after using a penis pump while presiding over court cases.… 114/ Ohio GOP Caucus lawyer Stephen Linne - "Naked Photographer" a moniker suggesting his snapping pics of women in the nude was harmless. It was not.…
Sep 20, 2018 82 tweets 23 min read
30/ This one is really upsetting. Anti-gay activist Earl Kimmerling fostered 50 kids. One was to be adopted by a gay man, so he & wife adopted her to stop gay adoption then he raped her. 40 years in prison.… 31/ This is now contested, though he confessed. Republican Party leader and Sheriff's Deputy convicted of molesting his children. I just have a hard time believing a deputy made a false confession.…
Sep 19, 2018 31 tweets 10 min read
The @GOP is the official party of sexual predators. Of course, there is the #PredatorInChief @RealDonaldTrump who raped his wife, assaulted a minimum of 19 women and raped a 13-year-old according to her and a witness. They call him their leader. 1/ The @GOP is the official party of sexual predators. They continued to support child molesting Roy Moore for Senate, going so far as to argue that sex with 12-year-olds in in the Bible. 2/
Sep 16, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
Where I grew up in Minnesota, socialism is an everyday thing. It came of being too rural, too isolated, for corporate America to see us as a marker. So, no corporation wanted to run telephone lines, so the folks got together and formed a co-op phone company. There weren't diesel gas stations for the farmers, so they formed a co-op for gas and diesel. The grain elevator is a farmer's co-op. The electric company is owned by the city and the farmers get electric from the co-op. Natural gas is a co-op. We had a local grocery co-op store.
Sep 15, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
The other day I checked in on my racist sister's timeline & saw she posted a meme with a picture of a Black man's mugshot asking why the media did not cover this man murdering a white woman in Tulsa OK as much as Trayvon Martin. It's on Snopes, so I guess lots of people share it Anyway, looked up the case. The man was convicted & is serving 4 consecutive life sentences for the rape and murder of the white woman. Meanwhile, George Zimmermann was not even arrested until protest demanded it. He also walks free to this day. So, not the same.
Sep 15, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Men are pissing me off today. They all want the witness against Kavanaugh to come forward so they can have their morality play, but we know the end result will still be Republicans voting for Kavanaugh. They stuck with Trump and Roy Moore, they are not going to be diverted Even with video, they would not be diverted, but her life would be examined, every mistake amplified and in the end, she would be branded a liar by the RW propaganda machine, would get death threats and abuse, probably have to move and all for a set piece of drama for media
Sep 15, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Is this really a thing?…

Seriously? I say this because I grew up hauling water and using an outhouse since we had no running water. This means I think there's nothing romantic about "back to the earth" lifestyles or, to be honest about it, camping. If there's no toilet, it's not for me.
Sep 14, 2018 12 tweets 7 min read
People think they are doing something new when they advocate for better elections. Here's @HillaryClinton in 2007, over a decade ago.… What's in @HillaryClinton's #CountEveryVoteAct?
1) paper receipts for voter verification that their vote is recorded correctly
2) Ability to correct vote if it was recorded incorrectly
3) Manual Audit trail with permanent paper records
Aug 9, 2018 9 tweets 2 min read
One reason I really dislike Bernie and the whole Bernie/Rose/DSA schtick is I support universal healthcare, affordable education with grants more than loans, a living wage, not just a higher minimum wage, and many other economic justice reforms. I believe in progressive taxation strong labor unions, market and banking regulations and environmental protection. I want universal pre-K, affordable childcare and a flourishing working economy. I want infrastructure investment and an activist government that works to foster the commonweal
Aug 7, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Bernie Sanders has a long history of diluting support for reform proposals by introducing a copycat bill with one or two differences in order to claim credit even though he did not originate the call for reform. 1/ Sometimes this is truly damaging as when he undercut the SAFE Banking Act by pushing his simplistic, poorly thought out Too Big To Fail, Too Big to Exist Act. It was simple, a slogan, and undercut real banking reform 2/
Aug 5, 2018 6 tweets 1 min read
Taking the bus back from the rally protesting the Proud Boys & Patriot Prayer fascists coming to Portland, I was the only passenger. The driver said something to the cops blocking the road about idiot duty. 1/ I assumed, wrongly, that he was talking about alt-right hatemongers, in part because he was a Black man. Then he said, "I don't have a problem with Nazis. After all, when Jesse Owens was in the Olympics, Hitler took a picture with him."And the president wouldn't shake his hand."
Jul 22, 2018 10 tweets 3 min read
Living in Oregon is wonderful most of the time, but it did put us up close and personal with the anti-gay, anti-choice evangelical fanatics who eagerly made common cause with Putin for the past twenty years. Scott Lively, the genocidal homophobe came to prominence here 1/ People like him have been connecting with Russian anti-gay extremists since the 90s during the heyday of anti-gay ballot measures in Oregon. There is an American professor Allan C. Carlson
who pushed the idea that Russia's population was falling because 2/
Jul 22, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
I am much more leery of Ocasio-Cortez now I learn she is on the board of Justice Democrats which is nothing but a scam set up by Cenk Uyger. Raised 1.8 million, donated $12,700 (so less than 1 percent) the rest was transferred to Brand New Congress - another Uyger scam The SEC took away Justice Democrats standing as a multi-candidate PAC because they did not give to enough candidates. Also, of that $12,700, a good chunk of it was for swag, t-shirts, etc. I searched contributions to Oregon Candidates from Justice Democrats and they received zip
Jul 21, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
So, irrational confessions time. @MichaelAvenatti looks so much like my RW asshole nephew who shaved a strip down my cat's back 30 some years ago, when I see him I instinctively feel hostile. I have to remind myself he is not my nephew. Every family has assholes who are just thuggish, mean fuckers. I have two nephews like that. We don't speak or communicate at all. My asshole nephew in Arkansas fucking joined the KKK. Seriously, of course his mother, my sister, is someone I have not spoken to since the 90s
Jul 21, 2018 4 tweets 3 min read
#PDX @portlandmercury #Oregonians - You know, if every one of us who rejects the white supremacist violent thugs like Proud Boys showed up on August 4th instead of relying on Antifa to do our job, we would win… Imagine if the largest number of people ever turn out, imagine if 75,000 like the number who showed up for Obama in 08 showed up. Do you think the Proud Boys would ever come back? No, they wouldn't. We could rid ourselves of this filth with nonviolence if we show up in numbers
Jul 21, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
I dislike Shaun King & do not think of him as a resistance leader or a journalist, but please don't make his stupidity about Bernie, Obama, & just about everything about being biracial. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad nearly all Black people get it & are working hard to save America Because White people are sure fucking up, but Shaun King is stupid because he can't separate fact from fiction, because he only sees facts that fit his preconceptions, not because he's x part white. Diamond & Silk are stupid, not because they're black, because they're stupid.