I am getting exhausted by the stupidity of the RW talking points regarding Kavanaugh. Let's consider the main ones. 1/
The Kavanaugh Didn't Do It But It Happened argument. Variations include the doppelganger theory raised by ethically deficient mutants. He was not a stranger so this is not mistaken identification. It's either = or. Own your misogyny, haters 2/
The All Men Are Rapists When They're Young Argument - this is mostly coming from Republican women. For partisan purposes, they are calling their husbands, fathers, and sons rapists. Wow. 3/
The It Was So Long Ago argument. The statue of limitations has not expired, so that argument has been decided and you lose. Brett Kavanaugh should have done his sexual assaults in NY. 4/
The He Said/She Said argument. Calling only two witnesses might give it that appearance, but it's they said, he said. 5/
The No-Corroborating-Evidence argument. Again, Senate won't allow testimony from corroborating witnesses and medical records for therapy and lie detector test are corroborating evidence 6/
The Women Are Opportunists Defense? Do you live in a cave without any access to the outside world? Who in their right might would challenge the RW propaganda machine, Russian troll farms, and Trump's bot army? 7/
The It's a Democratic Smear Defense. They would drop the -ic because they're petty like that. If it were orchestrated, they would have come out together and never through The Intercept. 8/
The 'We Just Want a FAir Process" Canard: Women want an investigation, Republicans do not. So who wants a fair process? 9/
The "Kavanaugh Is an Ethical Man" Defense - He had stolen documents, did not report it to FBI, and used the documents. 10/
The "Kavanaugh Respects Women" Defense - see what he did to 17-year-old Jane Doe and get back to me. 11/
The "Kavanaugh Is an Honest Man" Defense = We all saw him lying to the Senate under oath. Why he's not getting it for contempt of Congress or perjury? Well, we know why. 12/
The "It's not the FBI's Job" argument - Well, hell, why are they investigating other nominees for other positions as we speak? 13/
The "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" Malarkey. It's not a jury, he's not facing prison. This is not a hearing to take away his liberty, it's a hearing about giving him power. The absolute lowest standard should be not a sexual predator. Hi, Clarence. 14/
The "Kavanaugh Was a Virgin" defense - See his yearbook and the disgusting Renate Alumnus claim. He's like the scum that sticks to the walls of a septic tank. 15/
The "65 Women" defense - hell, even the woman in the TV ad has jumped ship. They didn't know what they were signing, only a few remain with Rapey O'Kavanaugh 16/
His 'Alibi Calendar" - because sexual predators aways note their crimes in their diary 17/
The "Best Friend Says It Didn't Happen" defense - the best friend won't testify under oath. 18/
The "We Don't Have Time to Draw This Out" defense - Merrick Garland, you fuckers. 19/19
The "They're Coming Out of the Woodwork" defense since there are now four accusers. It always takes one to have the guts to speak up before others find their courage because the power balance is stacked so high against the accusers. 20/20
The "Why would any reasonable person continue to hang around people like this?" because people believe it won't happen to them until it does. 21/
The "I have a difficult time believing any person would continue to go to ten parties over a two-year period where women were routinely gang raped and not report it." #WhyIDidntReport 22/
The "Even if it's all true, does it disqualify him?" defense. YES, IT DISQUALIFIES HIM. I think this is a variation of the all boys rape defense since he seems to think it does not put Kavanaugh apart from the main. 23/

• • •

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